Meetup in Memphis or Mississippi in March

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

How'd you like all that alliteration? LOL

A friend and I are planning on taking my new van for its first road trip about Mid March. She's not yet quite the plant fanatic I am, but when I get her to Dabney's in Memphis, she'll be hopelessly hooked, I'm sure. It's a good thing my new van is 2 ft longer than my old one, because we're going to need all the space we can get to haul home our treasures.

I was wondering if any of you want to meet in Memphis or Coldwater MS about mid-march? I know a lot of you are meeting in April. Unfortunately I'll be busy with a charity event so I won't get a chance to get away again until after June. So it's got to be now or never for me.

I have a few plants I can trade and may have more by mid march if the weather remains warm. I posted on the Plant Exchange Forum what I have to trade, so if you're interested, you can check that out.

Brandy and I are really excited about this road trip. We're eager to gather up all the plants "Pux" will hold. (My van is named Puxatawney Phil since I bought him on groundhog day. LOL) Those of you who have travelled with me before know that no matter how full I get the van, I can always fit in one more haul from one more nursery. And there's the luggage rack too. I can tie Brandy up there if I need her seat to haul a few more plants. LOL

We haven't settled on a date yet. We're waiting to see what the weather will be like, but we're planning for sometime around mid to late March, and probably on Mon or Wed. If you can get away to join us, let me know.

Pux on the left (bought on Groundhog Day, 2012), Casper (bought on Halloween in 1998) on the right. Now we call them "The Twins" - both are caravans and both are silver


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Ripley, MS

Congrats on the new van, I don't think I will be allowed to do much plant shopping this year. I go back to the doc next Tues to see if I can get out of the brace yet. The therapist said he figured the doc would write me for 6 more weeks of therapy, by the protocol in his book.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Sandra, I hope you're healing quickly. I hate to think you'll miss out on spring planting. It's just too exciting to buy and plant something new. I'm loading up on Hardy Hibiscus this year. I can't get enough of them. I just order about 10 new cultivars and I'm hoping to find some more at Dabney's this month.

Here's a nice white one with a pink blush called Chablis Vintage Hibiscus. It gets about 4 or 5 ft tall with dinnerplate blooms on a full bush. I really like it. It looks so delicate.

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Ripley, MS

I will probably only get a few annuals this year. I an getting 2. New grands this year too, Cayla in due in June and I am planning on keeping him when she goes back to work. Heather is due at the end of April, both are boys

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Sandra, congratulations on the new "seedlings". LOL

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I went to Memphis/MS Friday. I was a wee bit early for Dabney's. They said lots of people have been coming in because the nice weather has us all fooled. Many of the plants I wanted weren't ready for sale yet; they had just been potted or started from seed or cuttings. I still managed to snag a bunch of shrubs and a few unusual perennials, like the purple leafed "Postman's Pride" sedum.

Homestead Farms in Coldwater, MS had a lot more to offer. And I noticed that many of their prices were more reasonable than in the past. The perennials in black one-gallon pots were only $5 each. Other colored pots were more. I found lots of nice plants for my collection, including a "Silver Anniversary" butterfly bush for my wedding garden. It blooms white of course and the foliage has almost a silvery overlay on it, much like a lamb's ear plant (stachys).

The herbs of course are still just $1.25 per 4" pot and I got some more orange mint since I killed mine last year. I got several other herbs too, like the African blue basil, a few other basils, variegated thyme, variegated lemon thyme, and hot and spicy oregano. The plants are very tiny, like one sprig per container, but they'll grow. It saved me from having to order them for $5 or more each and paying shipping too.

I still managed to come home with a lot less money and a vanload of plants, including several different Joe Pye Weeds, butterfly bushes, hibiscus, purple beauty berries, white beauty berries, and some blueberry plants. But I'll be going back when I get a chance to get the other plants I wanted. None of the annuals or veggies were ready and I very much want some potato vines, coleus, veggies, more perennials and a few hostas. But until I can get back over there, I have enough work to keep me busy. When I do get to get back over there, I'll have a better idea of what else I have room for.

This van will definitely hold more plants than my old van, and it gets better gas mileage too. I also have a GPS system now too. Those of you who have ridden with me know I am "directionally challenged". The GPS is fantastic, but it's not completely accurate. After all the shopping, I wanted something to eat. I stopped in Hernando I think it was and wasn't "feeling" McD's or Burger King, so I consulted the GPS for the closest Sonic, craving their popcorn chicken. The GPS gave me step by step Auto Zone. It kept saying, "You have arrived at your destination." I did it 3 times, thinking I might have keyed something in wrong. But no, it kept leading me to this Auto Zone. For the life of me, I couldn't find a Sonic anywhere near it. The nearest one, it turned out, was 9 miles away. But it found all the plant places and that's way more important than popcorn chicken! LOL

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Ripley, MS

Yes, I think Homestead has some really good prices, glad you got to go and start getting some things. I am not even going to go in April either. They set the date for Heathers c-section for the 18th, so I might be needed here.
The gps systems are great----95% of the time. I am also directionally challenged!

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