Serama hatchlings with feathered legs???

Winter Springs, FL

I thought my rooster and hen were pure seramas but now I am unsure. I wanted to sell them as seramas but with the feathered legs I most likely can't right? Why would they have feathered legs? Are they truley mixed with something else or can a serama have feathered legs? I know it is not acceptable for show. They are in a cage by themselves so I know they are the parents. Any suggestions would be a big help. Dawn

Richmond, TX

Unfortunately our serious Serama experts have been absent recently. I've never had Seramas but I think they are usually clean legged. I doubt that yours would be difficult to sell, however, if they have all the other characteristics of a Serama - especially the tiny size and proud attitude.

Surely someone here more knowledgeable than I will have some advice for you.

Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

Yup.. you can sell them, and sell as Serama... but they will be dq'd if shown.. I'm sorry that happened to you. I had a champion Serama roo that had 2 tiny lil feathers on his legs. He never passed it to his get, so it wasn't a problem. There are many Serama sellers that have feathered legs mixed in with their flock, especially on ebay. (a couple years ago anyway)

Winter Springs, FL

I researched today and all I found was that they were acceptable as booted seramas just like the frizzle seramas. You know a new trait.

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Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

Well that's cool.. I didn't know that.. news to me!

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Ahhh, just catching up here! Booted Seramas are a new one to me! I know for a fact that American Seramas are actually Malaysian Seramas (true Seramas) and different bantam breeds mixed in. Usually they are mixed with Japanese bantams and or Silkies. some times you will get a throw back to the silkie gene in your babies although it has been generations. I had two from the same hatch that came out with silkied feathering and they were the first to sell . Unless you have a true Malasian , you never know what you will wind up with. thats why the different classes of Serama at shows.

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