Holiday Cactus General Discussion Part #5

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

We came from here

I thought it was time to move in the event someone is still on dial up. We have been busy discussing our Holiday Cactus and I must admit we have gone off topic a few times when the regulars had questions about other plants, soils, etc. This is fine with me as long as you have tried the other forums available for the particular plants/problems you want to talk about. Lengthy discussions about other subjects may just turn off the people who really only care about discussing the Holiday Cactus. No one will be turned away without first us trying to help you, so don't hesitate to at least ask your question.

Dave's Garden has so many wonderful members who have so much to share. If we all work together and share our information, think how happy our plants will be. :0

Welcome and enjoy your visit. And, please come back again.

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annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Here are some useful links and info on Holiday Cactus

Our Holiday Cactus Forum Continues to grow. Below are links to our first 4 threads.
Part 1
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Part 4
What is a Holiday Cactus?

There are three main types of Holiday cactus: Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. All are called Holiday Cacti but each is slightly different in its parentage, form, flower, bloom time and cultural requirements. Schlumbergera and Zygocactus are one and the same. Breeders from Australia and Canada call them Zygocactus. In the threads here we also call them "schlums", "zygos" or just "cc "s . We also chat about their close relatives, epiphyllums or "epis" for short and other houseplants we love and propagate as for most of us "cc"s are houseplants that spend the summer outdoors.


"Recognition and Culture of the Holiday Cacti" by Paul Brunelle

"Will the Real CC Please Stand Up?"

comparison of leaves

zygo or schlumbergera?


-Zygocactus (Schlumbergera) A Comprehensive and Practical Guide by Mark Cobia

--Christmas Cactus - The Genus Schlumbergera And Its Hybrids by A. J. S. McMillan and J. F. Horobin.

-Epiphyllum and Epiphyllum 2 by Frank Supplie
--Easter Cactus

Care/Growing of Thanksgiving/Christmas Cactus

Care/Growing of Easter Cactus

Articles on CC:

Getting CC to bloom:


Pruning and repotting:


Growing from seed:

Helpful Sites

Commercial Production:


The Cactus and Succulent Society of America

Sources of plants:


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annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)


Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a) are an angel, thanks so much. I was wondering if you would continue that info. I think this is a good little thread and it is people like you that make it great. Thanks again. JB

I can not believe that after four almost five years, I finally learned how to move a thread. But, that is as far as I go. LOL.

Time for dessert. Hugs to all you cactus crazies.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Just to answer your question on "Apricot" or "Salmon" color CC's--to me they are interchangeable.

The close-up of my Salmon/Apricot CC is at the very top of the Post#4 we just left.
To save you the time--here are some pictures of it.


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Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

I made the move! yea

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Gita that is a beautiful color and a beautiful flower. In fact, I think it is the prettiest of all the colors. Then I am more of the what I call Fall colors than I am the pinks and whites. I just love that plant. I do hope the cuttings you gave me continue to grow and bloom the way yours does. You have some of the most beautiful plants I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing those. You must have the perfect location for them in your house.

Are there anymore salmon flowers out there. Don't you love that little piink tip on the end of the (what is that part called? I am having a senior moment.) Anyhow, now I have to go look that up. Oh Crap. See you all later. JB

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I have many a small cutting rooted of this CC. I cut the whole plant back after it bloomed
and am rooting many of the ends. Of course--I sent you some too.
I hope they grow well for you. This CC outshines all the others as the growth is more
upright and very strong. You can see that in the 3rd picture above.

I do not know the variety name of this one--nor do I remember where I bought it.

I know I will bring some to Holly's Swap. Gita

Would you like some cuttings from my Swedish Ivy?

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Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Beautiful swedish ivy there GIta. Isn't that one also called Creeping Charlie? I use to have a large one but lost it to a cold snap.

I hope I don't get in trouble for going a little off topic, but it does concern a 'swap', lol If anyone is interested in joining my St. Patricks Day swap, here is the link:

I need to get on the stick and water the plants I have overwintering in the house. My cc's just seem to be 'setting there', sometimes putting out a new leaf or two. I hope this is normal. They are still in the little plastic pots I bought them in a year ago, but am afraid to transplant them to a larger one.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Crit- appreciate the invite- one of these years may be our year to just take of and wander LOL

Re the picture loading problem. It seems if your pictures are too "big" you may have problems. I had the same bombing out last night. By just doing two pics I got through. (Really frustrating to lose a post though)

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Just found this thread on pruning a cc after blooming . and what to do with a huge plant that leans and needs repotting.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Crit do not worry about getting into trouble for announcing something everyone may be interested in.
I wish I had the time I would love to learn more about the swaps. It sounds like it could be fun. One of these days I will take the time to learn and then hopefully have something to swap. Thanks for sharing that.
Cole, great information as always. Thanks to you too.
Gita, that is a lovely plant but I have no place to put it at this time. Thanks anyhow. I just love your cuttings you send and will recommend your plants to anyone. I wish I could keep mine nice and green as you do but in the greenhouse it is not possible. I wish I could control the sun and the heat better than I do now. Mine look pale and yet nothing is wrong with them, they will come back once they are in an environment they like without the bright sun.
It is raining here off and on but the temperature was to be warmer and I think it is cooler. Gosh darn weather. I turned up the heat in the house to 71 because the birds seemed chilly. I had it down to 69 and with no sunshine it is chilly.
I am looking for a sketch of a CC with the parts identified. I have a few but they do not have all the parts identified. Anyone know where I can get one. about you? I am searching but can not seem to find what I am looking for. Later, JB

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


If your plants are getting "pale' in your G-House it is, most likely, because they are getting
too much light. .Do you use a shade cloth over your G-House? That may help.
Many plants blanch out in too much sun...or "burn"--as in CC and Aloes. These are ALL
Jungle cactus--used to the shade of the high tree canopies. Direct sun will burn/kill them!
In the long run--it will not, really, hurt them. They just don't like it....and show it in many ways....

I have NO special places for my plants to spend the winter. They are scattered all over thew house--
by the windows and on shelves and on TV trays. Some send the winter under my seed lights.
These do the best.....By now--my seed light shelves are totally full of cuttings. Need to start
finding other places for them all. WHERE--OH--WHERE?????? My dilemma this time of year.

Just today--I went outside to un-pot my Brazilian Plume Flower and all the cuttings growing in the same pot
that I took of it last fall. I cut it back--and, on a whim, stuck all the cuttings in the same pot along the rim.
Well--they all rooted--and I learned a thing or two..This plant likes to be cut back!!!!
Then--all the cut back stems can be rooted..And--they all did!!!!
Re-potted them all--including Mama--and now have 10 more pots to share of this plant at the Swap at Holly's.

And so it goes here.....I have NO G-House--but I manage to make all my plants "happy".
Maybe less is more???? They all make it through the winter months and do well in the next year.
Believe me--I DO NOT do anything special. Actually--you could say I ignore my plants....even in watering....
Hence--the "Less is more" philosophy.
I have NO magic things I do to make my plants grow well. They just all do!

Thank you JB for your kind comments about my plants. Don't know what I can say why they all are OK at all times????


Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Gita, Yes I use a shade cloth and it is going to go up this weekend. Usually I do not have to use it in the winter, but this winter has been so sunny I can not keep them happy. Most of them are on lower shelves but they still get some sun and with this weather, too much water, I am sure. Must go and get ready for bed. I have to eat my Italian Ice and finish my wine. LOL... love you all. JB

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


On our visit to Jill's favorite Garden center--after the Seed Swap--I could not fail but notice that
all their out-of-bloom CC were sitting on the ground under the G-House tables.
Would this information help you????

Maybe they just like less light????? What do you think????


Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

I have CC in places no one should have them. LOL I am just running out of space. My own stupid fault. Later. JB

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Hugs to you JB! Like so many others I equate having a greenhouse with being able to grow any and all plants well and propagate them to my hearts own year round garden of eden, lush, relaxing, refreshing, limited only by my ability to acquire my starter or mother plants, with so much abundance that I would have plenty to share or a hobby business to indulge in....veggie starts, all of the annuals I'd ever want, tropicals, over wintering tender plants and on and on....

Secretly, I want to live in a greenhouse! ( Or, failing that undeneathe a blooming old fashioned lilac in a bed of lily of the valley, or amongst ancient moss covered rocks and ferns when the eastern woodland spring ephemerals bloom...or...) So, being short on funds but long on dreams, I sought and found work with small local growerers and lived/worked in their greenhouses. Learned lots and had much fun because I was not the one in charge/responsible for all of the fine tuning and daily decisions that mix together to spell thrive, survive or"unsaleable" for the resident plants. I was like their grandparent, I could go home and not have to do the day to day year in year out nurture!

So, I applaud you JB!

And, Gita, I know one of the secrets to your success with your indoor plants . I believe they are "happy" because you play
Barry Manilow albums for them!!!

Good weekend all. Judy

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


In your 1st paragraph you are describing MY house to a "T".

In your 2nd Paragraph--you are describing my work history. Strange that we have had parallel work lives.....

In your last sentence--you are WRRROONNNGGGG!!!! I hate Barry Manilow!
My music preferences span many countries and languages. Hardly anything from the USA.
well--maybe Christmas CD's....
I have beautiful, meaningful CD's with amazing music on them from Latvia.
My plants would not benefit from those, though.....They would not understand the words.......:o)

I just repotted the Brazilian Plume babies. Now I have 10 more pots to find a place for.
I also just potted up Ruby's Purple Passion plant. I cut back the plant I bought for her. Four more pots!!!

***doing an experiment here...It may just work!!! Trying to root all the leaves I removed from the
lower part of the stems. Believe it or not--they are perking up (rooting???).
Wouldn't it be amazing if they all grew? Ruby would have about 12 more PP plants!!! *****

I also took cuttings from a rambling Swedish Ivy pot (to have it grow bushier)--and that is 5 more 4" pots.
Bought 3 pots of beautiful Primroses at the Mars Grocery store. 3/$5. Amazing!
Two of the 3 pots have two different colored Primroses in it. Will divide those when I plant them out.
Have them on my DR table for now---...Only spot I could find.
It is too cold & windy outside to have them stay out there--even though they did last night. I forgot.....

Then--the whole seed growing thing is starting to venture into my pea brain....AAARRRGGGHHHH....
Of course--those trays will have priority on the light set-up. Then what do I do with all the stuff on it now?????
Whaaaaa....Whaaaaaaa.......Put me into a straight jacket!

JB--See? You are not the only one freaking out. Gotta give it to you, though, at your age doing
all you do--don't know how you manage! You da woman!!!!

Lots of jostling going on to make them all fit in--somewhere..... I go through this every year!

Wanna see something I made to take to the Seed Swap for the gift table? It never made it there....(see pic.).
Donner saw the picture and claimed it! I will gladly give it to her--as she is coming here next week
to take me out for a B-Day dinner. BIG one!!! Can you believe 75?????? Whaaaaa......
I will just pretend I don't know it! Who? ME????? NO WAY!!!!! When did THIS happen?????

OK! Gotta fix some grub for dinner and lunch tomorrow at work.
Will play some of those amazing Latvian CD's while doing it. Nothing much of interest on the TV
on Saturdays! Lots of Sports...Bah--Humbug!
Fish, rice and Broccoli. Yum!


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Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Then I made something else--and no one took it......Oh, well!
Next time I will bring a pair of gloves......

Do you "get" that there is all different nuts on all the perches?
I did remove the jelly Beans. Though it was a cute idea at the time--that they
are all sitting on eggs. NAH! Did not like it. Now there are just nuts with little red hats on them.

Can you find them all?
Brazil nut

Had to buy a bag of mixed nuts for $5 to do this. Loose nuts were long gone!

I LOVE doing silly crafts--or serious ones. Such a peaceful thing for the mind.

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annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Oh, Gita, I meant Neil Diamond!

I do think that music is profound in its effects on us and on plants, it's the universal language.

Wonder what songs our cc s like? They come from cloud forests so maybe heavenly choirs!

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

WOW..... you girls do SO MUCH, it is hard for me to think that any of you are over 50! I just hope that I can be doing as much as you all do when I am your age. With all my aches, pains, arthritis, etc., my body thinks it is 95! lol Hats off to you!

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I LOVE--LOVE---LOVE Neil Diamond! His songs "speak" to me....All the struggle about life
that he went through and, in his 7yr. hiatus wrote the most amazing songs.
If you can--find his double album called "Hot August Night". It was his come-back concert. LIVE!
I cry listening to a few of them. "Morningside" just kills me! OH! It is SOOO deep! "Cantalibre" is a close second....
The depth of his music and lyrics is unreal. You can feel the pain he has been through.

I have, like, 17 of his LP's. Would love to have them all on a CD. Lots of expense! Don't have the equipment---
But--somehow--it needs to be done.

What music would CC's like? Lets ask them! Maybe JB would know?


Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Here is my experiment with individual leaves of the Purple Passion plant
that I bought for Ruby.
The leaves sure seem to be perking up. I am hoping that means they "may" be rooting.
after all--this plant roots so easily--just like a Wandering Jew.

The 4" pots look a bit droopy--but I just did this today.


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Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Morning ladies, I must answer the music question first. I always have a radio on so the music the plants get is a variety and the birds in the breeding room always had Country Music on. LOL.. worked for me.

My personal favorite music was when of course the Big Band Music and Sinatra. But, as they all died and music changed, I really loved the songs Barry White used to sing before he died. Tony Bennet is about the only person still alive that I can listen to and understand the words etc. Most of the music , other than country, can I listen to and understand the words. Or, they say the same words over and over during the entire music. I believe it or not was a jitterbug in my younger days and loved to dance and listen to music. Now I find myself going back to my very old CDs when i want to relax and just listen. Neil Diamond does some really nice music, but as I said, no one really jumps out at me at this time in my life. I bet if old Blue Eyes came back I would pay attention. LOL.

I have put a link on my website for Dave's Garden Feedback. Just click on the Garden Watchdog logo and it will take you to the place where you can do it.
If I did business with any of you, I would appreciate you giving me some feedback...good or matter, just feedback so I can make improvements in my business this year when needed. It is very difficult for people to give you feedback that will show up on Garden Watchdog. Many people used to Dmail me with thanks and praise and it never shows up for the public to see. I feel it is imperative I know how people feel about my plants after shipping. I seldom sell to my forum friends but if I have sold to any of you, please give me some feedback. Ebay is different, they make it easier than DG,

Time to go Mass and pray for all of you. Be safe, stay well and do not blow away. Talk later.

Thomson, GA(Zone 8a)

Good morning everyone,

I have to say when i read all the post above i was just amazed !!!! Yall are quit a bunch!! I will be 42 in july & everyone of you run circles around me,you all manage to grow the most beautiful flowers and then still have the time to answer all of the questions that are asked on here,i know i could drive anyone crazy with questions.I'm with crit hats off to you all!!!

I to am interested in learning more about the plant trade.I don't have a lot of different plants but i am as bad with Hoya's as i am with cc's if i see one i have to buy it,something inside me just takes over.There are a couple of other plants that as time goes by i find myself being drawn to,epi's seem to be climbing the list fast.I got a catalog from logee's that says 49 new plants and they have some pretty epi's in it.


Thomson, GA(Zone 8a)

I did have a question about my cc cutting's,got tied up in all the stuff you all seem to accomplish and totally forgot to ask.LOL

The cuttings i took back about the end of nov.-dec. have all rooted really really well.I rooted them differently than i had ever done before but i will be doing it this way from now on with a little fine tuning.I used the drain pan of an old 12 in.flower pot that i no longer use.I mixed half & half peat and vermiculite just damp,i only watered by misting them.I use the large bags from the produce department at the grocery store to put the cuttings in.As long as the bag has moisture on it i don't water,only mist when bag starts to dry out.I noticed a while back that all of the cuttings had roots coming out of the sections above the soil grabbing onto other pieces and all the cuttings were leaning the same way.I took them out of the bag and i have never seen anything like this.They were all attached & rooted into the soil from the sections above the soil and there is a net of roots covering the top layer of soil but they also rooted under the soil from the bottom of the cuttings as well.

It's not to early to go ahead & pot these up, is it because they have tons of roots but being in a drain tray i can't water them only mist, there's no drain holes.Tugging on the cutting and they don't budge they are rooted in good and strong.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

During this period of "calm" for some of us, it would be nice to learn more about the "trade" and the "swap" . I have never had time to sit and read all the rules, regs, etc. and will not take the time to do it. Is there someone on here that can give it to us in a nut shell and possibly help out?

Jo, that is great that you have found a way that works for you to root your cuttings. Remember the size of the pot when you transplant them is extremely important depending on how many you put in the pot.

The other day I was on a forum and I can not for the life of me remember which one, but one man was talking about how wrong we are about CC liking to be pot bound ...not only Cc, but many plants that the majority says love to be pot bound are incorrect. I wish I could remember where I saw it. I wanted to print it out and show it to you all for your comments and now I can not find out where it was. I was so surprised and I would love to know his credentials.How could so many of us be wrong all these years. LOL

Gita, what are your thoughts?

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Sure JB .... in a nutshell? I'll try. Plant swaps: usually these are trades with someone for plants they have you want and you have that they want. There is a 'raise my baby' swap where you send a 'baby' plant and they follow the growth of them. Also hosta swaps where you send 3 or more in return for 3 or more you do not have.

My swaps are "goodies swaps". You are assigned a specific person to send your box to. There is a link that has 'only' likes and dislikes on it to personalize your box to fit your buddy. In the St. Patricks Day swap, it is any kind of doo-dad for St. Patricks day or 'green' stuff, etc. Green can be items, green flower plants or seeds, bulbs, etc. You narrow it down by your buddies list. As example, for my buddy I am painting a "blaney stone" for her. Just a rock I found in the field and am going to paint on it. I also have a green watering globe, green travel mug, green gum, green apron w/sunflowers on it, green candle, some chocolates, etc. I'm in one right now that is a Windchime swap. Same deal, you are assigned a buddy and someone is assigned to you. You send a windchime to your buddy and you get one in return from the person who got your name. Some are a back and forth swap between 2 people and some are a random swap.

Does that help? If you have more questions or want more specifics, you can dmail me or if others are interested and it is OK, you can post them here! It really is a lot of fun.

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Just found this great site from North Dakota University where the Horticulturalist , Ron Smith will answer email questions on
christmas cactus and other plants!

Here is the link to some Q and A s :

Will be back later to share my thoughts on Jelinda and JB posts on ariel roots/propagation and my take on
"liking to be root bound".

Have a good day all!


Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I really do not know what to tell anyone about the "root bound" thing of CC's. Lets see if anyone else can.
I know some plants like to be root-bound---AV's, Spath, Aeglonemas--Cacti, etc....

I always thought CC's liked to be a bit tight--but I cannot tell you the source of that information.
One of those long-gone memories of something I learned or heard and always passed on....

If you uproot an older CC--their root system is rather shallow and minimal. Kind of...deep surface roots.
Deep pots would not work too well for these plants. Too much soil--too much moisture....

My tiny rooted CC's from last year and this year are all still in their 1 1/2" -2" clay or plastic pots.
I am starting to think I should move them on to--perhaps--3" pots. Those poor things dry out every other day!
But--that is what clay pots DO! Prevents over watering.......
I may use my gazillion Yogurt cups I have saved for this purpose. Holes are all melted in the bottom already.
They are all about 2 1/2"-3" in size.
Space, of course, is at a premium in my house. Hopefully, after I re-pot them, they could, happily, live outside already.
Then again--when all this is done--I hope that there will be a lot of takers for all these.

What kind of pots do you use--JB? You wheel and deal in these plants. What works best for you?
After all--YOU are our resident expert on these! We all learn from you--and you from us...sometimes.....

Here are this past year's crop of CC' sections rooting.....


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Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

ROOTBOUND that may be in the Indoor Plant forum, in a thread by ' tapla.'

I've read through some of tapla's lengthy threads and I believe what he says. I have taken a few items of sick plants out of their pots and been amazed at the condition of the roots--which fully explained why the plant was sick.

If I can boil it down right- he claims that nothing likes to be potbound. However, a plant being potbound may make it more likely to bloom, or behave how we want it to, and less likely to root rot. If in doubt you should look for one of those really long tapla threads and read through.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Sally, that is exactly who it was. I remember because he reminded me of the "fish" with a similiar name.
Thank you so much. I really did read some of this things but when they get too lengthy I loose interest. I must go back there. thanks again.

He really blew me away with his lengthy comments about potbound plants and I have been thinking about it ever since. It completely throws out all the old time ways many of us did things before. That is why I wanted to know his credentials. Was he just someone who "thinks they know it all" or is he really truly someone we should be listening to. I was always one to say, if it works for you, do it. But, maybe that is not what we should be doing.....maybe it is time for change. I think he was in the Houseplants wasn't he? I am going to see if I can talk to him. Can't hurt to ask questions. Unless he is a Mr. Grumpy, he will be happy to talk to me. LOL. Later.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

The posts you all should read if you have not are the two sticky ones at the top of the Houseplant Forum by Tapia or Al. I love the way he talks about plants. It is almost like he thinks of them as living things with feelings. I love it. I have written him and just maybe I can ask him to visit our thread and answer some of our questions if you would all like that. We will see what he says when he replies to my dmail if he does.

I am always willing to learn and change things if it is best for my little babies. Maybe this is our opportunity to take advantage of some really good ideas. We will see.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Al send me this and I am sharing it with you in the event some of you have not seen his work. I am really impressed with some of the things he says. I need a month or so to read it all. Wow, he sure does like to write and it shows. Love it.

This is a thread that's been very active since 2005. It has over 2,500 posts to it. You might find it interesting:

Later, JB

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Al seems like the Real Deal on plant care and I beleive what he says. Thanks for the link

Thomson, GA(Zone 8a)

JB as soon as i read your post i knew you had to be talking about Al Tapla.He knows his stuff but you have to be up to his level to understand what he's talking about sometimes.A lot of you could probably follow him. I started reading some of what Al had wrote,and he does have a different way of looking at the whole idea of growing in pots.He has some of the most beautiful plants I've seen.For a while i read his post.But he started talking about potting mediums & fertilizer,i got a little (lots) lost.I would try to ask a question about what i didn't understand but he gets so caught up in his writing that i wouldn't understand what he wrote & then couldn't find the answer to my question,so i stopped reading it,It was just over my head.

Gita, all those babies you have planted with just one or a couple together,are your plans to let them grow like that and have that many potted cc's.I was wondering because i have rooted a few of different colors & wanted to make a pot with different colors in a pot.

What do yall recommend as far as potting up my babies? I have a shallow pot that's either an 8 or 10 in.pot.I thought they would be ok being well rooted & with new growth in this size pot because it's so shallow.The pot is the same size as the drain pan i rooted them in & the roots have made their way to the bottom of it,The pot I'm using is maybe a little more than half as deep as what they are rooting in.I don't think it will be to much soil.
Now for yall's thoughts: should i let then root longer or what??

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

At my age I may not live long enough to read it all. LOL. I hope it helps someone.

It is raining here today and I am feeling crappy. Think maybe I will spend the day doing paperwork and rest a bit. Maybe I overdid it the past few days. Talk to you all later. JB

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Jo, I feel the same way. I think I ran across him a few years ago and found his information very informative if you do things that way. I lost interest in that forum when it got into the mixing medium etc. as you say. I do not have time or the place to do that. I am also too old. Many years ago I tried mixing medium, I got all sorts of stuff and stored it in my little barn. Not a year later, I had a rat chew his way into the barn and he dug into all the bales of good stuff I had, bags, etc. and it was all over the barn the next day. It took me days to clean it up and haul it away and that was the end of my mixing. Now I buy the big bags or bales of already professional mix or Miracle Grow soil and use it. If the plants do not like it, too bad. It is my way and that is what I can afford to do and have the time to do.

I do feel he is very informative but for me it is too involved. I like to keep it simple. LOL.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


What you see in those pictures is the testament to my obsession to propagate everything.....
I cannot help but do it! Do I think far enough ahead as to what I will do with all those "babies"? Nope!
The joy is in seeing something grow and "make it" from a single leaf of something.....

We have a Plant Swap coming up on May 19th at Holly and Ric's. You bet I will be taking a lot of these up to there--
and then begging people to take some.
Then--there is always work (HD) where people are so used to me bringing all kinds of plants for others.

To answer your question---NO! I do not think I would grow each one of those "babies" out to maturity with
just one or two segments. Since I only have about 3-4 different colors among all those starts--I would
probably plant several of them in--maybe--a 6" pot and let them grow. I think I will keep all one color in the same pot...
I have: The common fuchsia/white------Red-----and that awesome Salmon/Coral one.

I noticed this past Holiday season there was a "trend" for mixed colors of CC's in the same pot.
Not sure if I would like that...kind of "cosmic"....:o)

I also started a couple more colors from broken off pieces I p/u at HD and Lowes. One was a med. pink one.
Then there was one kind of white???....These are not doing all that well--as I do not know how long those
small sections laid around on the shelves before I took them.. None of them were "plump"....kind of dessicated....
We will see if any make it...

As to your question about rooting several in an 8" pot---go for it! After reading Tapla's article--there seems to be
no such thing as root-bound or too big a pot. IF I were you--I would go with no bigger than a 6" pot.

How many cuttings do you plan to put in the 8" pots? Surely--if you intend to have them all grow to maturity--you would not
put in more than 3-4 plants???? If you go 7 or 8--can you imagine how HUGE the mature plants will be when they are all grown?
And THEN--you will have to transplant all that in a bigger pot! NOT an easy chore.

As far as all my "babies"----I need to pot them up asap. I plan to use yogurt cups--which are about 2 1/2"-3" in size.
Whomever ends up with one of these can do what they wish with them. My goal is to pass on as healthy and
well-growing plants as I can--to anyone I give them to.
So far---So good from all the feedback I have gotten. Everyone has been happy.....

Good luck! Just plan to think ahead.......Gita

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Cleaning out my In-Box--deleting what is not important to save.
This sure is!

Need to relax a bit? De-stress a bit? Watch this amazing video. Breathe---relax---enjoy----!!!

Will any of you take ONLY 6 minutes to watch this and listen to the soft music?
AND--above all--enjoy the amazing scenery that goes along with it.

This is from a Web Site called "Andies Isle". I may have posted this before--but it sure feels great
seeing it again--and tha mazing music that comes along with it.


This is one of the most beautiful and meaningful streaming videos ever created.
Be sure your speakers are on. This is pushed by the BBC!
You can also bookmark the site of the person who created this--
She has many more videos for you to enjoy.
The link is below the You Tube video.
Can you imagine NBC, CBS or ABC doing this? WOW!

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