Have Rare mix of over 20 kinds of poppies

Hi I Have Rare mix of over 20 kinds of poppies. There is everything from drama queen, to danish flag, peony, maximum afganastan pure white and many more! I would lke to trade for a few different things at a time due to postage but its not a must!

Admin note: this is the newest alias for Lisa Zivney, who signed up as gardenelf333 in May 2011, pompuplover in January 2011, summerflower in December 2010, snifers and jlzivney in July 2010, lljjz in March 2010, busterb123 in June 2008 and Ldrz in October 2005. We have disabled this newest account as well, Please do not engage in trades with this person, and please report any other aliases that you suspect are her, as we have not been able to permanently halt her from re-entering the site, and we have explained repeatedly to her why her accounts are banned when we are notified she has returned. Sigh....

Prosperity, SC(Zone 7b)

I'd sent you a SASE just to be able to try just a tensie bit of that poppy mix :O)

sure dmail me

Franklin, WI(Zone 5a)

Do you still have more left? I have an entire dorm sized refrigerator of seeds, what are you looking for?


*I'm also on a quest to find this one....


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