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Terrarium Questions :)

Buffalo, MN(Zone 4a)

I've been reading through this forum and looking at all the great photos that have been posted. There is some great information here! I have a 29 gal aquarium that has been empty since we went on vacation last summer and my grandkids took care of my fish ( I don't mean that the way it sounds.....but I came home to "fish soup"-though it wasn't really their fault, I think the heater malfunctioned). I'm thinking that a terrarium might be a better way to go this time around. I have a few questions before I decide what type of terrarium I should put together.

The aquarium light is one designed to provide enough light for aquarium plants (I don't remember the wattage). The aquarium is is about 18" high. There isn't much natural light (it's located across the room from the window). Would this be enough light for miniature african violets, ferns and sinningias? What about small orchids?

I saw a photo of a terrarium with mini tillandsias and small orchids (epiphytic plants) that looked really neat-do these plants really do OK in a terrarium? Do they need any special care?

My younger grandkids would really get a thrill out of seeing a frog or lizard in the terrarium, how much care is involved with a vivarium? I'm sure a critter could really do some damage to the plants....

That's all I can think of right now-any suggestions are very much appreciated.


South, TX

I am not sure about Tillandsia and lights. I give them light from the windows. I just bought a BUNCH more. I love them. Maybe others will know for sure about the light. I think the Tillandsia's like air flow and filtered light.

One thing you can try is in the 2nd picture. Cleopatra Episcia! I have five under bright lights, in terrariums. They LOVE IT! Some Episcia don't like bright lights but these love it and love humidity.

Thumbnail by Sallysblooms Thumbnail by Sallysblooms
Buffalo, MN(Zone 4a)

The Episcia is gorgeous :) What is the little green plant in the center?

South, TX

Just came up from the moss. Like a little fern.

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