whos growing lettuce?

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

i started lettuce about 2 1/2 weeks ago.. i use bales of straw..in a square u shape.. cover with
plexiglass and in front.. front faces south..
they are doing great.. if temps stay "warmish" i should get to pick some in couple weeks !!!
yea !!!
i'll start another crop end of march ..
by may..i can plant out without protection..
i love having a HUGE salad.. would cost couple $$$ for just one of my biggie
salads.. plus..i know what ive put on my lettuce..
ive been watering with 1/2 solution of alfalfa meal tea.. lettuce seems to
appreciate it..
anyone else (especially in colder areas) start lettuce yet???

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Have started some leaf lettuce, spinach and chard indoors a couple weeks ago. Today was first time out during the day to harden off. Now that the snow has finally melted off my garden area (saw my first garlic sprouts today), I will prep a spot to plant them out, and a plastic cover to help protect them.

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Yes, I have. But I'm not in a colder zone. Especially this winter I'm not!

I have to be careful about which fertilizers I use. If it is something my dogs think would be good to roll/dig in, then I'm sunk. I have discovered that they won't touch row covers. So I just covers the fertilized seed beds and that does seem to help. Since I have chickens, I use composted chicken litter and then make sure I cover all with the row covers. I've been getting pretty good results that way.

Last year, when we had a much colder winter, another Dave's Gardener and I tried out the perforated plastic hoop covers shown here: http://www.territorialseed.com/product/1666
They really did work. When I did live up north I used straw bales and thought they were great.

We do eat a lot of lettuce and it is soooo much cheaper to grow it. And you can try out so many more varieties than found in the store.

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

i agree terri.. i dont know how many varieties of lettuce/spinach/mache i have..
it makes a great salad.. and like ya said.. way cheaper than what ya buy in the store..
i hear ya on animals.. my 2 cats are only house cats..but i let them roam around in the back when
im out gardening sometimes..when i can keep an eye on them..
and wouldnt ya know it.. they head right for the compost pile.. sigh..
my cats are long hair persians.. so they get a bath .. ??? maybe they do it on
purpose.. LOL

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

My grandma used to raise persians. They always had a goofy personality and were fun to play with!

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

lettuce is really popping..funny because the weather has gotten chilly.. sigh..again..
ive been using alfalfa meal made as a tea.. on it.. its responding well..YEA !!!
ya..my 2 persians they sure are interesting.. all cats are i guess.. as mine get older..
theve become less snobby..LOL.. one would seldom let me hold him..now hes at my
feet all the time..??? LOL go figure..

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