Amorph overload!

noonamah, Australia

While I was out driving yesterday I decided to take some photos of Amorphophallus paeoniifolius which is quite common around here.

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noonamah, Australia

That's not enough to OD on so here's some more

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noonamah, Australia

And finally, one of the plants was setting seed, which you don't see often.

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Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

very cool tropic!!! checked out where youre at in australia..
temps stay in a narrow range that right?
i bet alocasias do well there...???
lucky u !!!
im growing a hybrid of alocasia robusta..from lari ann..
it got over 5ft last summer.. hope to double that this summer
in noonamah.. i bet u could grow a giant.. and a true robusta..
sigh.. jealous..
do u have to watch for crocs???
again.. much thanks for the amorph pics!!!!

noonamah, Australia

The climate here is Equatorial Savanna, so basically hot wet wet season, then a distinct hot dry dry season. Nights are cooler in the dry season and humidity is lower during the day. So watering/irrigation has to make up the difference to grow plants from Equatorial Rainforest climates.

There's a problem here on my place for Alocasias. Friends can grow them quite large but I have some sort of pathogen in the soil which doesn't kill them but causes a rot in the tuber. The rot is slow so the plants keep going but stay small. Originally I brought in a lot of very large A. macrorrhizos from where I was growing them on another place. Within a couple of years they were all dwarfs. Now any Alocasia I get stays in a pot out of contact with the ground. And those that like to sit in water are okay as well. There's always some sort of 'serpent' around whichever paradise you're in.

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

bummer on the soil pathogen..:( where the A.robusta is truely a
tropical wondered if u could do well with it there..
ya.. here in utah we have an occasional rattlesnake..not in town
so much..but near the desert..or mts..for sure..
glad we dont have some 20' gater though.. LOL

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

tropic..?? have you grown any of the other "huge" amorphs.. similar to titanum..
i understand hewitti, gigus, decus-silvae can get huge as the famous titanum..
being ocd..and never wanting to say no to some new plant..LOL
i see hewitti, and titanum come up for sale on ebay often..
but not gigus, or decus-silvae..
if im reading correctly..these other 3 are similar in growing conditions as the
good compost,well draining soil.. warm,humid conditions.. ??
boy can ya say im hooked.. LOL

noonamah, Australia

The biggest I've grown so far are those paeoniifolius. Titanum will probably get taller than those soon. But all the rest are smaller species. He's a photo of a decus-silvae I saw in the Flecker Botanic Gardens in Cairns. It was growing in an amazingly small pot (for the size of the plant). I almost got a gigas a couple of years back but the seller decided against selling it.

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Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

wow.thats some stalk,height to that decus-salvae.. !!
and btw.. never tire of your pics hope you keep it up !!!! :)
im thinking my biggest konjac would be taller than they are..but i have them
in alot of sun..even though the stalk is really thick (relatively) and no burning
on the leaves..i have moved them to a spot that they get semi shade from 1pm on..
i think i heard them singin out there ..the next day..LOL
much thanks tropic!!!!!!

noonamah, Australia

I'm not sure but I don't think konjac is all that tall a grower. It gets a huge tuber, and the petiole/stalk gets thick. But overall I don't think that genetically it's geared to great heights. You'll need to get hold of some of those other species.

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

for sure tropic.. im thinking..maybe what i should do..
is have a dome put over my entire property.. have solar heating,humidity..
and i can just live in a tropic dome..but still live here..
i guess i'll have to make it pretty tall..with all my bananas..
and hopefully get titanum big too..

noonamah, Australia

Building a shade or green house is a double edged sword. You protect the plants but you reduce the light intensity. In reducing the light intensity you encourage the plants to grow taller. So then you have to have a taller shade/green house.

Provo, UT(Zone 5a) well said and concluded.:)
i consider myself a newbie with amorphs..and there is so much
im learning to make my ever growing collection happy campers..
i know the so called "easier to grow" species mostly from java.. i think im getting
a good handle on.. i know to get larger,less stressed plants i can provide with less
effort from me..
the 2nd groupings "more difficult to grow" species mostly from sumatra/borneo/indonesia
i know im going to be more challenged..
but that doesnt discourage me.. :) why would it to any of us garden enthusiasts..
i am so grateful to you tropic..and the many others that post your personal experiences,and
professional/academic learning on these facinating amorphs !!!
youve posted tropic your own frustrations with providing some of your amorphs a "happier"
environment by placing them in under shade cloths..only to have mother nature to throw
you a wild card.. sigh. :)
maybe thats why we are so thrilled and pleased with ourselves when we are sucessful despite
all that is put in our way to suceed..??? :)
another hot day today.. probably will hit 100F today.. no rain.. sigh :( fires everywhere
here in utah..

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