SOLVED: what tree is it? fast growing tree

jakarta, Indonesia

hi all, i am newbie, i come from indonesia, than sorry for my English..

i've bee curious for months about this tree. I posted this tree to my regional plants forum, but till now there's no response. i thought this tree was growing so fast, than i had idea to so sort some picture within two years at the same scene, to know how fast it grow. oh yeah, this tree is wild, nobody was planting it.

I really want to know what tree is it... thanks all..

#1st picture: February 27, 2012.. tree about 12 meters high
#2nd picture: January 29, 2011.. tree about 4 meters high
#3rd picture: September 08, 2010.. tree about several centimeters high
#4 leaf picture
#5 seed picture

Thumbnail by Langit_Biru Thumbnail by Langit_Biru Thumbnail by Langit_Biru Thumbnail by Langit_Biru Thumbnail by Langit_Biru
Darwin, Australia

Looks like a Cecropia. Not sure which species, but two likely candidates are Cecropia pachystachya and Cecropia peltata.

Darwin, Australia

By the way, welcome to the Forum!

According to Wikipedia, the two species I mentioned are introduced invasives in Singapore, Malaysia and your region, the island of Java.

The following passage is copied and pasted directly from the Wikipedia page on Cecropia:

"The species Cecropia pachystachya and C. peltata are invasive species in Old World localities including Singapore, Cameroon, Java, Malaysia, Ivory Coast, French Polynesia and Hawaii. C. peltata has been nominated as one of the “100 of the World’s Worst Invasive Alien Species” by the Global Invasive Species Database.[10] C. peltata was introduced to the Singapore Botanic Gardens in 1902 and has spread widely throughout Singapore along with C. pachystachya which was introduced in the 1960s.[10] The species is successful as an invasive species because of its ability to pollinate without the need for pollinators, the possible preferential liking for its fruits by frugivorous birds, and its lack natural predators."

jakarta, Indonesia

oh .. thank you so much Darwiniensis.. i think you are right.. now i know what tree is it..

Nice forum.. i gonna like this forum..

Darwin, Australia

You're welcome!

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