Bullfrog sighting!

Lewes, DE

It's March 1 and what do I see sitting at the edge of my pond? Not one, but two big bullfrogs! Spring's on the way! All the heavy rain we had yesterday must have awakened them. The azaleas are budding up and the moss is blooming. Way to go, Mother Nature!

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

Shoot. I thought Delaware was cold. I guess because you are next to the ocean you get warm breezes. but it's the Atlantic. Which is supposed to be cold. Hmmmmm.

Lewes, DE


Yes, Delaware is in the Northeast and has all four seasons. It's been a very mild winter here. We get our share of wicked weather such as nor'easters and blizzards, but generally our temperatures are more temperate as opposed to Carolyn22, for instance in Pennsylvania. My sister in Philadelphia has seen much more snow this winter than I have and I'm just 2.5 hours' drive south of her.

My boss likes to call this a "sweet spot" geographically and weather-wise.

I attached a photo of my pond after a heavy snowstorm in January 2010 just to show that we do get whacked once in a while. I lost 5 trees during that storm. The snow was so heavy it just bowed them over and they snapped.

Thumbnail by pondlove
(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

How pretty. Looks just like Alaska - five months out of twelve. lol. I have a 10' (and growing) snowpile in front of my living room window. D snowblows as best he can to avoid my gardens by the sidewalk and driveway but this year there wasn't much choice. One of my flower beds is under that mountain. We just got another dump yesterday. People are starting to shovel their roofs, especially those with flat roofs. We have lost a lot of trees this year also. Not in my yard as I have only evergreen, but around town and on the hillside.

Athens, PA

Pondlove -

Your sister in Phila has gotten more snow than we have in the Northeastern corner of Pa. You never can tell - usually Philly is warmer than we are and about a month ahead of us with the trees leafing out and flowers blooming.

It can stay like this as far as I am concerned - I am definitely not a snow bunny! -

Saw geese going north today! Wooo Hoooo!

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Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Its so warm here today had to put air conditioning on.

Hope I get to see those geese they are beautiful.

The sandhill cranes are out in pairs now and soon we should see some babies. They are so cute.

We usually have at least one pair make a nest around our canal which isn't good cause gators watch for them but the adults servive and often the baby. We are not supposed to but I feed them cracked corn out in our pasture. They are protected by federal and state law. We don't allow any hunting on our property and thats one reason. I've seen them in many developments right in front of peoples homes. They are usually friendly but I don't go near to them. They have a huge beak and I've seen them use it for defence.


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