Scratches on plate glass windows

Pilot Point, TX(Zone 7b)

I posted this on the Handyman forum, but thought posting on this forum also might help. I have 7 - 4' x 8' plate glass windows that had brick mortar on them when our house was built. The clean up crew evidently dry scraped the mortar off which left lots of scratches. I complained to our builder who knocked several hundred dollars off the cost of construction and told me that compounds could be bought that would make the scratches disappear. NOT. I should have demanded that all the windows be replaced before we moved in, but things came up and I didn't do that. Now we'll be selling the house and those scratched windows will surely cause concern for any buyer. Does anyone know if there really is a compound that will make the scratches disappear? I've pretty much accepted that fact that I'll have to replace all these windows before the house goes on the market, but would like to avoid this cost if possible.

Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7a)

Just a thought but would one of those auto windshield repair places
be able to do such a repair job? Wouldn't hurt to ask.

Tamesis, Antioquia, Colombia(Zone 12a)

Although polishing glass is possible, I doubt it can be done on the installed windows, that is for less than you can replace the glass....
I'm sorry to say, but you did not work out a good deal with your builder. He should have replaced those windows for you.
Same thing happened to a friend of mine (as a contractor), he ended up having to replace all the windows in this commercial building at an out of pocket cost of over $10K. All because an unskilled worker he hired who said he knew what he was doing....

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