Dawg Howse iz smeel spring

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Everybodie, Iz think Mother Nature is coming. Iz smeel her but have not seen her yet
Come on and help me look for her

we came from here http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1234632/

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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

iz it timez for our momz to start diggin in de gardenz? Iz like to do dat, and helpz herz out.
Mr. B.

Havelock, Canada

Tanks fur da nue, fresh tred Auntie Sandy. We preeshiate it.

Latir Otis

Lyndonville, NY

I posted TWO spehsal nots for Otis and my frendz....and they keeps going POOF

Whats the heck.

Mom tooks me outsiders today, and it is warm....but windy, so I had to bring her back in before her eyes blewed out.

I had such a gooder time with all my friendz and now I am lownealee a gain....I misses you all...
Eggspeshally Otis.


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Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

Oops, I wroted this on the manly cats forum. Ize not a cat or a manly either

I, Harmony has to go to the vetspital next tuesday to get my knee fixed. It is subluxdid. Momze says they will make sure that any pain is controled. Dr B gonna clean & shine up me pearlies too.

Miss Harmony

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, Harmony, yu be gudder dan new when dem doktorz get thru with fixing yu. What yu mean itz a catz tread? Iz a dog, oh, iz see wat yuz sayin. Well iz wuz manly, but den my momz took me and got my manly partz chopped off. now her iz saying iz gettin pudgy, wat eber dat meanz. My yuman sister, well herz my momz grand kid, but iz call her my sister, de lastest time she waz her she called me porky, and hurted my feelerz.

Smoochies to my Quill, iz hope yu don't tink iz gettin fat. They just be morez to luv.

Mr. B.

Havelock, Canada

Harooooow ebberreebuddeez.

Winds blowin an wee gots sumb wite brayne chiggars tudae. Is dis da startin ob owr wintir?

I is missin ebberreebuddee sense I combed homb. Jethro ( mie bruddir) is bitin mie eers again and chewin on da hayre on mie leggs. Hee is a pest butts I is a lubbir notts a fiter. I will showz yue awl a pitchir ob him, I guess.

Dids yue awl notis datt I is nott usin zzzz (s) no morir. Izzy tottid me nott tue does that an shees berree smart. Shee is nott justid a beeooteeful fayse, ya no. I is thinkin dat kuz hir name is Izzy an shee has 2 zz (s) in hir naymne den dat leddir is speshal an I shuddint use itt soes muches.

Harmony - I will beez tinkin ob yue whin yue is gettin a nue fixid leg. It mustid bee gibbin yue payne an dat is not gud. Yue is gettin a nue smyle tue? Yowza. Yue is gonna hab tue close yur mowff whin yue smyle or da gleem iz gonna mayke ebberrebuddee blind. Wee (Mum) an mee is gonna hab a tok wiff dat man upstayres an ask fur him tue be shur tue tayke speshal kayre ob yue. Dat speshal man lubbs awl da aneemals on dis erth.

Izzy girl - I is missin yue sew much. I gotts reel gud memurees ob yue frum da get-tue-geddir an win I miss yue I klose mie eyes an membir reel hard. Dat getts me thru da tuff timbs.

Gotts tue goe an hab mie dinnir.

Heer is mie goofbawl bruddir Jethro. Hee still kinda hads dat nue dawg smell den. Mie Mum justid gaspid whin shee lukkid ober mie showldir at da pitchir. I is tinkin dat shee needs tue get hir flashee box off lokk an start takin pitchirs agin. Kumb tue tink ob it, I tink its Mums hue is on lokk kuz shee has bin hibirnaytin.

Latir frends

Schmooches an

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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Awww, I noz yu are a reel gud bruther to Jethro. Hez a nyse lookin yungster.

I had my momz worried 2 nitez ago. I sleeped for so long she tout dat iz wuz sick. Iz wuz just tired, cuz it wuz a pretty day and iz played outsiderz all day. hehe, momz wurry so muchez.

Smooches to my Quill.

Mr. B

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Iz get the baddest momz there iz ,her iz bad and mean. Her left me all day and itz my birthday!!
Iz 7 ears old today, mean bad momz
Bad, bab momz, iz going to make her pay.

Iz ear the wheelbox, her iz back. Going to make her pay

Andre the sad

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Oh!!! OH!!! Momz not bad, her not mean, her sayz we are going to have a party and her had to get the food.

Oh iz good, look what her get for me a cupiecake and chicken bits.

Andre the happy dog

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Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Andre, don't let Corky see what you got, or he will want the same thing for his birthday Saturday...he will be four years old....hiz Momz is going to be a lot older on the same day.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Happy Early Birthday Aunt Melva and Corky


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, Andre iz sendin birfday wishez for you today. Iz been home all by myself today, but iz cudn't work de tappy board.

Happy early birfday Auntie Melva and corky. Goshes, seemz eberbuddy is habin dem birfdays. My momz sayz mine iz on Aprlee de 7th, de same day as her grand girlz birfday.

Oh, iz hope Iz get de cupcakie and de chicken, naw, iz want a cheezeburger dey is soooo good.

Mr. B.

Lyndonville, NY

Happy Birthdays to you Andre'....you dont look like you haz 7 ears....and I am rite beehind you with 6 ears...we hid them well. hahaha That cupicake looks so good....You enjoy yur night...tell Aunt Sandy you wants to cellebrates all week long!

Aunt Melva & Corky, My boys birthday is saturday too....him will be...19 ears old. Mom is gonna makes a kayke or sumthin for him. Sounds like Saturday is a birthday pardy day for ebberybody!!! Yippppeeee!

I gots all brushed out again and still wearin my purty bow.

I hope Otis likes it.


Thumbnail by DebbiesDaisy
Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Happy 7th Ear Andre.

Mom seys you wuz such a gud boy for not eating the kupikake until yur mom seyz OK.

I dont know if i cud wait dat long.

Guesses WHAT!! I gits to go to Wissygonsin wif momNdad tomowwy fer a few sleeps.


Havelock, Canada

Happee beelayted birffdae Andrew. I tink yue shud sellebrate in Wissigonsun tue. I is 4 eers old. It is gud dat wee gotts dawg of awl ages heer.

Dis tappy bored is not workin rite. Sheesh. Dis is takin mee forebbir.

Izzy girl - Yue look beeooteeful. Yure hare is sew shinee. Dat is a pinup pitchir fur shur. blush, blush.

I just gotts bakk frum gettin mie eers kleenid at da salon. I gotts to plae wiff a dog namid Stella tue. Dont worree Izzy girl. She is just a frend dat I met.

I gotts tue go kuz Jethro wont stop buggin me and teesin mee wiff a bone. He is a pest wiff mee sumbtimes.

Big hi fibes tue awl mie frends heer in dis heer dawghowse.

Smoochees fur Izzy girl.

Sniffs ya latir

Verona, ON

Andre wese is so sorry wese missed your birfday. Our mom has been neglectin us - alot. So wese hasn't been able to gets on here. Hopes you had a good day for your birfday. Did you gets special treats?

Quill sends smoochies to her Mr B.
S and Q

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

thankz everybidy for the birthday wishz
S and Q Momz gave me a cupcakie and some chicken bites.

Andre who is looking for the rest of the cupcakies

Lyndonville, NY

Yo' my dear Doggy frendz.....

Put yur paws together....and life up our Stormy & Quill, and our Aunt Dianne.
Stormy & Quill losted their Dad yesserday...he wents over the Bridge so he won't hurts no more.
It is so very sad, and they all needs us now.

Aunt Dianne, we is sending big paw hugs and puppy kisses, and to Stormy & Quill also (even the cats I spose)

Your lovin Izzybelle

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Havelock, Canada

Auntie Dianne, Stormy and Quill - Mie Mum and mee is so sorree tue heer yure sad news. Mum sayid tue tell yue all that we is sending owr condolences at this veree sad time. Yue are all in owr thoughts an prayers.

Otis an his Mum

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Mom has bin all leaky eyed da past few days since she read that der dad went over da bridge.
we'z all puttin' our paws together for Auntie Dianne.

I 'member when she sent me a nice card after my surgeries .... so i is sad for her.
We wuz glad to read [well - mom tole us] dat Stormy and Quill gots to spend time with der dad [W] before he went back to da people vet place.

lotsa hugs and puppy kisses


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Iz sending Stormy, Quill, and Auntie Dianne, big puppy kisses. My momz sayz dat de sure gonna miss der dad.

Mr. B

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

We is praying for comfort and piece for Auntie Dianna, Stormy & Quill in the loss of their daddy and husband. I think the cats are too.

Poodle & Maltipoo hugs and kisses being sent. Momzee is praying to for the family.

Weez so sorry for your loss.

Pookie and Harmony

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Auntie Dianne I iz sending you lots of Puppy kisses. Mom sez you really needs dem now. so do Stormy and Quill and da kitties. Plus sending you some of my strength to heps you get true dis bad time.

Love and puppy kisses
Your Fren

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Havelock, Canada

Happee Birthday tue Auntie Sheri. Pookey an Harmony - I is hopin dat yue ar reel gud fur yur Mum tudae an dat yue mite git sumb birfdae cake an icee creem.

Maybee we kin awl hav sumb? Pllllleese?

Yur frind Otis

Speshal snugglis an smoochee woochees fur Izzy girl frum mee

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

HAppy burfday Auntie Sherry! Hopes you all has a fun day!


Verona, ON

Happy Birfday Auntie Shari!! Wese will helps you blow out your candles iffin you want. Our mom lets us do that.Wese likes doing it cause sometimes our tongues slips and we gets a surprise taste of icing. Yummo!!

Our mom is bein pretty quiet but she sure appreciates that you all care and are thinkin of us.

S and Q

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Of courses wez care Auntie Dianne!

Sending youse some puppy kisses and doggie strength. Witch ims sure is better den moms! Arooo


Havelock, Canada

Auntie Dianne - Mie Mum wonts tue tolk tue yue heer fur a minit. I sayid it is okea

Dianne - Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers for strength and peace to settle in your broken heart. (((((((((Dianne)))))))).

Love and Hugs

dis is Otis
I is sending big slurpy dawgy kisses fur yue. Pooky an Harmony - yue gotts a big job tue due but yue wos sent tue Aunty Dianne tue comfirt hir and protect her. Gib hir lots an lots of lub and den gib her sumb more lub. She is needin yue both rite now.

latir frinds

Kenmore, NY(Zone 6a)

Stormy an Quill and Mrs. Dianne ~ we iz so sorree to hear of da sadness dat is surrownding you all. May you hab peace in your hearts berry soon.

Pookie an harmony, I hopez you gitz some ob da burffday cake! Happy Burffday to your mom!

yer fren Sssam

Thumbnail by smileymom343
Lyndonville, NY

Happy Birffday Aunt Shereee! Birthday hug.....

A very sad Izzy....who didn't gets no lovin sloppy kisses from Otis.

I haz been dumped.

TY....will you still loves me? I'll share my ball


Thumbnail by DebbiesDaisy
Havelock, Canada

Izzy girl - Yue is brakin mie big ole hart. Arooooo, Arooooo

I dids send you dis dismorning-

Speshal snugglis an smoochee woochees fur Izzy girl frum mee

Go bakk an luk at it whin I was wishin Auntie Sherie birfday wishes.
I did not dumps yue at awl. Whie is yue sayin yue has bin dumpid an battin yure beeuteeful brown eyes at mie frind Ty? Izzy girl. I am da saddist dawg in da hole wirld.

I still lubs yue an I am sindin yue a bazilleeon slurpy dawg kissis tue yue ebin if yue dontz lub mee aneemore. I gotts tue go kuz I kant see da tappee borid tue gud, I has tue manee teers in mie eyes.

Sniff, sniff............Otis da saddist dawg

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Happy birfday to Auntie Sherie, Harmony and Pookie, yuz better hab given her a gud day.

Iz i too late for de birfday cake and icee cream? My dadz uzed to give me icee cream, but he haznt eat any lately, iz better ask him why he iz not eatin it.

Otiz, and izzy, iz tink dat yuz need sum counzeling to getz passed diz here mizunderstandin. Iz saw wif my bery own yez dat Otiz sended yu smoochiez, iz not takin sidez in diz here disagrement, but Izzy, yu bezt hab yur momz read dat to yu, az u are not readin gud.

Smoochies to my Quill girl.

Mr. B.

Lyndonville, NY

OHH Deer...I was a big misstake. I only saws this one

"dis is Otis
I is sending big slurpy dawgy kisses fur yue. Pooky an Harmony - yue gotts a big job tue due but yue wos sent tue Aunty Dianne tue comfirt hir and protect her. Gib hir lots an lots of lub and den gib her sumb more lub. She is needin yue both rite now"

and thought that was for Auntie Shereee Pooky and Harmony, I didn't sees the one above it. I didn't has my kontacts in yet...yeah, thats it.

Yur happier Izzy tail waggin .

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

We got to wash the birfday plates...mmm-mmm good. Momze has been singing and praising the Lord all day. Weez All happy when momz is happy.

Poodle hugs to all our friends,
Pookie , Harmony and ob cours Momz ;-D

Havelock, Canada

Izzy girl - Is wee okae den? I no dats yue is insekk ure bekause Ollie justid disappeered wiffout a word ob goodbuy but yue gotts tue no dat yue did nots due noffin tue mayke dat happin. I donts no da detayles butts I am sure dat yue didnt due noffin tue mayke Ollie disappear. Life is complikatid but I no dat yue gotts tue be pashent.

I will git obir mie hurtid feelins kus I no dat yue justid mayde a mistayke. Plees dont jump tue konklusions an luk fur a reebounds boyfrind. Look at Mr. B. an Quill. Dey is doin grayte wiff dis long distans romanse. Dis is stuff I wud lyke yue tue tink abouts. Yue need tue no dat I lub yue wiff da kynd ob lub dat is furebbir. No maddir what happins, I will always lub yue kause yue is Izzy girl.

I kant use da tappy borid fur long kus Mums has anuddir fisioderapee appoyntmint an I kant git hir tappy borid opin whin shee is gone.

Lub and big Otis slurrpy kissis tue yue Izzy girl

Tue da rest ob mie frinds - I am sindin yue a big hi fibe

Mums wonts tue git reddee tue goes tue Peterborrow soes I gots tue git dis finishid.

latir frinds and Izzy girl - mie lub

Lyndonville, NY

Otis...we iz just fine, I am sorree for my misunnerstanding. I shoods nebber have doubted you, and I haz green eyes with jealous heart.

Smoooches and tail wags,

Yur Izzy girl

Havelock, Canada

Izzy girl - Yue gotts beeooteeful brown eyes an I lub dem. I nebbir, ebbir wud luk at anuddir girlee dawg whin I no dat yue is in da wirld. I waytid fur yue fur so long. Ebin whin yue an Ollie wus courtin eech oddir. Yue is da ownlee girlee dawg in da wirld for mee - Otis.

Lub an slurrpee dawgee kisses. Mayke sure tue save sumb fur whin yue is feelin blue.

Otis - da happeeist boy dawgee kuz Izzy girl still lubs mee

Lyndonville, NY

OHHH Be still my heart....I think I just swoooned.

Verona, ON

Quill here my mom is too upsotted so shes said Ise could go on the tappyboard and tells you that our STormy boy went over the bridge and is going to meet up with our dad.

Mom is all leaky faced and I am starting to cry too.

Run free Stormy!


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