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Crozet, VA

I wanted to write here and see if what I am thinking of doing has been tried by anyone here who would care to share their experience with me. I will check out other forums in a bit and see if there are other areas where I might post this same request.

I am finally in a position where I can financially afford to re-carpet my home. For anyone that has read my posts over the years they know that I am a big collector, glassware being one of my largest collections. I have three packed full china presses. Anyway......I have been looking at carpeting on line and then thinking things through. My main concern is the packing up of items I will need to do in preparation for having the carpeting laid.

I know that the rooms the installers are working in have to have every item of furniture out of them. Gosh, that is where I am getting stuck. In the past week or so I began thinking that I could possibly have it done on two different days, with some days or weeks in between in order to set the rooms back up and use the newly carpeted space for storing the furniture of the rooms the installers will be working on the second trip they make. I was thinking of having the great room done at one time and storing the furniture from those rooms in the bedrooms. Then have the installers come back and do the three bedrooms at a later time.

That still leaves loads of packing and moving of items all at once. I am now considering possibly making this as a do it yourself project, having hubby mainly do the work and installing the tile carpeting that some of the carpet sites are now offering. My question is whether anyone has used the tile carpeting and how is it working for you? My husband thinks there is more possibility of the seams showing and coming lose than there would be with single 12 ft. or 15 ft. wide pieces.

I would love to hear feed back from anyone who has taken this direction and hear your thoughts on it. Thanks for any and all replies.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Good quality tile carpet can look very nice. I've seen it used in some doctors' offices and some businesses. It would also be easier to move things around as you need to. One of the reasons I chose to install linoleum tiles in my house was because I was doing it all alone and would have to move the furniture around instead of carrying it outside so I could do a whole empty room. Wish I could afford hardwood. I installed hardwood in my foyer and I love it. It's easy to clean and every few years I sand it, restain it and seal it, and it looks as good as new again. Have you considered hardwood or ceramic tile instead of carpet? They're much easier to clean and maintain than carpet.

Moving stuff around is a good incentive to downsize collections too. Everytime I move furniture, I end up getting rid of stuff I didn't think I'd ever part with. It's getting easier and easier to let go of the sentimental attachments I have to things. Recently I sold a small corner china cabinet and got rid of all the glassware that was in it because it didn't match the glassware that I actually use. It's become very important that everything I keep be useful--not just decorative or sentimental, but actually a useful purpose. My small china cabinet was beautiful; my son used to hide in the bottom of it 25 yrs ago when he was small enough. But I decided it took up valuable space and really didn't serve me well. Surprisingly, when the people carried it out of her last week, I really didn't feel anything for it like I thought I would; I felt relief that it was something I wouldn't have to dust or move in the future. LOL

We want to see your floor when you get it done, Ruby. It's so exciting to have a new look to the house.

Crozet, VA

Hey there Nancy Ann. It has been a while since we have chatted. I am pretty much decided on the carpet because whenever I bring up the topic of types of flooring, John always has comments on why carpet is better. Try as I might at this second to remember his reasoning, I cannot, but I do know that I have agreed with his assessment at the time of the discussion.

What I am hearing and reading it that the tiles are used a lot now in the commercial buildings. One of the benefits is not having to replace whole carpets when a stain appears, but only having to replace the one damaged tile. I like that because being a person who constantly has a drink in my hand moving from room to room, there are always going to be spills. I can track by the condition of the current carpeting, Johns trail from the kitchen to the sofa where I patiently sit and wait for service each morning. hahaha There is also a lot of stains leading to the chair where he sits and has coffee each day too.

Anyway, this is still a ways down the road before any actual installation begins. But rest assured, I will post pictures when completed. I have been wanting this for over five years now. Oh yeah, I hear you on this also being an opportunity to downsize my collections a bit more. I am looking forward to sending yet more things out to another home. i am beginning to catch your vision, and will sometimes sit and look at every space which is now full and imagine how it will look when some of the do-dads are taken away. I am looking forward to it. Continue to wish me luck.

Thanks for your input.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

One of the great things about the tiles is that you can choose 2 or more coordinating colors/styles for your floor. You can make a "checkerboard" design or outline a rectangular area or spotlight an area with one color. I've seen offices where they've outlined a waiting room in, say, tan, with burgundy as the main floor cover. Then the connecting hallway is done in tan too. You can get really creative in how you do it.

When you're looking at the tiles, lay them out on the floor and see how the seams look. If you go with the checkerboard pattern, it won't matter as much as if you were to go with a solid-color pattern throughout.

Be sure to buy several extra tiles for replacing any that get damaged. And ask about the glue you'd be gluing them down with, if you're going to glue them. You may not have to glue them, depending on what you get. But some glues can be pretty strong for a few days and may run you out of the house. LOL

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

What a timely thread....we've been discussing doing the same thing for our family room cause 1/2 of our family room is our home office and moving all that stuff is going to be SUCH a nightmare.

I had ordered samples a few years ago from "Flor" which I think was the original carpet tile place and I wasn't really impressed with it because to me it is sooooo thin and I'd want a thicker carpet since we're on a slab foundation, having trouble finding a place that carries them so we can see them in person. Hubby was not impressed with the tiles they carry at home depot but he heard they are making thicker ones now....

Crozet, VA

I will most likely stay with a solid color BC. Reading what you said though I began thinking that I could possibly go with a lighter color and seven years later I know the areas which are the most worn, and possibly do a much darker color on those areas. I will have to give it some thought.

Jen, I haven't been carpet shopping yet either, so am not sure about the thickness of what the stores offer. I did read that tiles are all the rage for commercial spaces and that they do tend to be a much less thickness than I would want in the home too. I will have to see.

Heck, I still might end up biting the bullet and getting regular width carpeting installed and live in total uproar for a week or so while having it laid. It is still down the road, I won't be doing anything until the houseplants are outdoors for the summer. If I get some things done here this afternoon I might go carpet looking at either Saturday or Sunday.

It is now at least two hours later. When I wrote about needing to do things here, I got up and started on several things. My feet are hurting now and I thought this would be a good time to take a break and finish this message.

Anyway......I appreciate both of your input on this matter. I will update when there is something to update. Jen, the same as with you.....I look at all that needs to be done in terms of preparation and want to run and hide somewhere.

It will most likely be the last week of this month before I can start packing up things in order for the furniture to be moved. I have a feeling this is going to be a very major undertaking, whichever way I decide to go with it.


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