My new visitor - woodland woodpecker ?

Pearisburg, VA(Zone 7a)

This guy is huge. He's been around several times and I believe we read he is a Woodland Woodpecker. He's huge!!! My poor other birds and tiny red headed woodpeckers hide when he's around. A beautiful bird so I wanted to share my pictures

Thumbnail by shihtzumom Thumbnail by shihtzumom Thumbnail by shihtzumom
Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

never heard of Woodland Woodpecker??
Looks like a Pileated to me

Marlton, NJ

Yes, Pileated Woodpecker (male).

Pearisburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Great - thanks! My husband was looking in a book and he said they stay in the woodlands and are rarely seen in towns/neighborhoods. I misunderstood. A very cool bird!

Thanks for giving me the name.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

if there are pine trees around you will see them from time to time especially if you have any kind of berries on your trees or shrubs

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Congrats Shihtzumom on your new visitor the Pileated wp. Gosh, I've been wishing upon the stars for many years to have one visit. Though, alot of trees, in the area. But it's due to an open area near a lake, they would not frequent such "openess". I'm thrilled for you.

Pearisburg, VA(Zone 7a)

We are thrilled too. He's beautiful

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