Another bug on my computer!

Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

Now I have another problem! Started last night- Every time I go to a new window (ie, reading posts on DG) this comes up in the upper right corner of my monitor and stays for 30 seconds then goes away. I have never seen anything like it before. Any help?

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Washington, MO(Zone 6a)

Google tracking. =)

Rottweil, Germany

I wouldn't stand for that. I would, through the "back door", using a good file manager, go to ALL mozilla and firefox (or whatever you are using) directories and delete ALL *.temp , all cache files, anything to do with sqlite etc. and everything that doesn't look necessary. If it's still there after, I would uninstall FF (or whatever you are using), delete the bits and pieces manually and reinstall FF. I also found programs such as Picasa to be one hell of a huge chunk of spyware......

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I don't think going to all that trouble is going to solve a thing. I believe the tracking is on Google's servers, not your PC.

Rottweil, Germany

I was actually talking about the notice that pops up on JP's machine and how to get rid of it. Have YOU got that note on YOUR computer ? NO ! Have I got it on MY computer ? NO ! Are we being tracked nevertheless ? YES! Are YOU using GOOGLE ? YES ! Am I using GOOGLE ? YES ! Have YOU got the sign ? NO ! Obviously that sign is embedded on JP'S machine and NOT on Google's server.

Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

Well-- you will be interested to hear that the little sign doesn't show up any more (at least it isn't for the past 3 days).. Computers are such aggrevating creatures!

Hiouchi, CA(Zone 8b)

are you using Firefox addon Ghostery ?
it looks like a Ghostery popup showing which script is active on the site you are looking at

Ghostery can prevent the page elements it detects from running in your browser. 3pes that are blocked will appear crossed out in the notification bubble. Blocking 3pes will prevent them from running in your browser, which can help control how your behavioral data is tracked.

Note: Blocking elements and/or cookies may interfere with webpages in unexpected ways. If you experience issues with videos, logins, comment forms, etc. - pause blocking by clicking on the Ghostery icon or whitelist the affected site in the Ghostery options menu.


Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

No, I use IE9- that window has gone away- haven't seen in in several days!

Corinth, TX

I'd stop using IE9 immediately. Switch to Firefox or Google Chrome. It's very easy to do and they both will import all of your bookmarks.
IE simply has too many issues with spyware and other nasty things that can harm your computer.

Akron, OH(Zone 6a)

Google Analytics, among MANY others, tracks you across the web. Innocuous? probably, but a neat little free program called Do Not Track Plus, takes care of all the companies that try to track you. I use it and it has made me pretty much invisible to tracking companies. Give it a try, and see who is trying to track you. It was a big surprise to me!

Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

moodylou, I use DNT too, and it seems to block hundreds of attempts-at whatever they are looking for?!

Algonquin, IL(Zone 5a)

I was reading through this thread and was fascinated by the program mentioned by moodylou & JoParrot called "Do Not Track Plus". Since I assume it's a download, where is it available? With so many scams out there I'm reluctant to just type it into search & click on a link. Is it put out by another company or is it just

Thanks in advance!!

Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

Just Google Do Not Track Plus, and you will get the link-

Algonquin, IL(Zone 5a)


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