Please Help with my Banty Hen

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

We've had a banty hen since Dec. Something, a fox or coyote got all of my neighbors chickens but this little banty hen.
She made her way to our place and stayed, she likes it here :-)We like her so much we buy all kinds of chicken feed
but she likes cracked corn the best and scatching for whatever it is shes finding under the lvs. We made her a box bed
with warm wheat straw and nailed it down to the inside of the porch railing. She knows its for her, sleeping in it every night.
I noticed she wanted to sit on her eggs, making'funny noises etc so I let her keep 3 eggs. Theres not a rooster around for miles so shes sitting on eggs that will never hatch.
What should I do? Go ahead and take her eggs away from her.? She didn't leave her eggs for 2 days not even to eat so
this is getting serious.
What to do? Excuse the messy porch.

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Bridgewater, ME

I would take the eggs and any others that she may lay.If you want chicks maybe you could find someone that has fertile eggs.I would also try to keep her a little safer,do you have someplace you could lock her up at night?After you take the eggs take her away from the nest and give her some food and water.

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Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

I wouldn't do anything unless she is in danger of a predator.. I have a hen that will set on a wooden egg for a month or so and it doesn't hurt her.. they go without eating or drinking much so they don't have to go to the bathroom.. It's natural for her not to eat.
You could get some fertile eggs for her if you want to.
Sooner or later she will give up if she doesn't get babiez. You can take the eggs away, but why? Just my 2 cents. :)

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Thanks ladies for these 2 good answers. Green, she's in my fenced back yard right up on the inside of the back porch. Nothing bothers all my cats, my strays I've adopted and had fixed. They sleep on the porch on their electric blanket so I think she's safe enough. My neighbor didn't have a chain link fence. I have 2 big dogs in the dog yards, their own yards separately fenced within my fenced yard so nothing wanders in but raccoons and possums
who are careful to avoid the dog yards..
You should see Lola sleep on the electric blanket with the kitties. She rolls on it warming all her parts on cold days, very funny.
Z, I will let her keep the eggs for a while and fuss over them. I wouldn't mind baby chicks but I already don;t get any sleep. I know roosters would be waking me up every morning at sunrise. If she acts lonesone I'll ask my neighbor to get me another little hen to keep her company. I was worried she would be traumatized when no baby chicks arrived, lol

Conroe, TX

She's a pretty little thing, she looks like she might be a Golden Laced Sebright? We have Silver Sebrights and they are tiny little things.

Richmond, TX

Raccoons and possums are both known to kill chickens. Do the dogs keep them out of your yard? She is such a pretty hen; it would be too bad to lose her.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Looks like a Golden Sebright to me, as well. patootie, I have a hen that wanted to sleep in her nest on my porch, as well. That was okay with me, until one night there was a horrendous racket as "something" tried to get her. Probably a raccoon, but there are possums and stray dogs as well. She's a Turken, so far larger than a snack sized bantam.
Anyway, now every night I pick her up and plop her into a hay filled cat carrier in the bathroom. Out again every morning. Doesn't take more than 20 seconds, and I know she's safe. The sound of a chicken being attacked is truly a nightmare noise....
Oh, if you did end up with a roo, you'd be lucky to sleep until dawn. Mine start way before that :)

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

patootie, she looks like a little sweetheart! A couple of by Brahmas go broody every now and again. I let them have their fun for a bit, but if they don't give up on their own then I take their eggs. It just gets too hot here to let them go without water for too long IMO. It is easier on them in the cooler months like now.

I would do something about the racoons, etc. They get really hungry about this time of year around here when they have babbies. Then they get really aggressive about getting extra food and also about teaching their young to get easy prey. We had a momma racoon show up in our heavily fenced yard last year (both fence and electric fence--don't know how she made it past the electric fence). She tore up the heavy wiring on one of the coop windows one night and got one of my hens. Unfortunately for her, she and her two babbies did not make it past the third night in my yard. I don't know where she was hiding (I looked hard to try and catch her and move her to another part of our property), but my Catahoula found out and did her job. Not a happy day for me but I certainly didn't want to loose anymore hens and this racoon was very live-trap-smart and made sure her babies avoided the traps, too. Our dogs are in kennels at night, too, but Miss Pumpkin was watching all the same. They (the dogs) all get to run around when we are home during daylight hours.

Where is Jacksonville AR? Son goes to school in Fayetteville.

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Thanks Smedgekels, she might be a Golden Laced Sebright, will google that shortly

porkpal and Terri, I would hate to lose her, we enjoy her. DH will start her a penned in area soon. Then I have to worry about the snakes. The dogs can't get to the raccoons and possums. When they go to barking I know the coons are out there. The coons get the cat chow I keep on the
porch which is probably what has saved our Lola. I throw a cheap cat chow over the fence in my other neighbors yard trying to keep the coons from coming into my yard.
When we first got her, the cats chased her but they soon learned she could fly up into the trees and finally just gave up. The noise was gosh awful, I just knew each time she was a goner. Only Molly didn't bother her thus the reason Lola loves Molly, my sweetest stray.
Terri, Jacksonville is 12 miles North of Little Rock so we're in Central Arkansas. The drive to Fayetteville
goes up thru the Ozark Mtns, the foothills, a beautiful scenic drive.

Cat mad, it would be easier if we just did what you do, put chicken up at night. I have a heated/cooled washroom that would be perfect. Heat and air turned down low so it wouldn't make her sick.
We might try that.
Thanks everyone for your advice, much appreciated.

Framingham, MA(Zone 6a)

Patootie -
She looks just like our Galadriel! They are very sweet birds. I hope you can get her some company, they do like to hang out with other chickens.

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Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

One of the getting ready for the night questions around here is "Did you bring Flower in??". Even if I forget, and no-one asks, I remember when I turn on the bathroom light and her "house" is empty.
Yup, sounds as if your washroom would be perfect. I can't get Flower in until she settles herself down for the night, so wait until she's asleep to pick her up.
Originally we put her in the carrier outside to get her in, but now she seem to know it's a good thing.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Tamberlin, do you have a Celeborn, as well ?:)
My Silver Sebright hen is a doll, but the roo? He just got locked up by himself becuase he was bullying my big 'ol Cochins as they tried to roost for the night. He also attacks me, but I can pick him up and put him upside down for a time out. It's a good thing he's cute....

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Tamberlin, yes my Lola looks just like your Galadriel, very pretty birds. My neighbor that used to be Lolas mom
has a niece that raises these Banty's/Bantams so I will check with her for another hen. For sure a Golden Laced
Catmad at times I can just stoop and pick Lola up, other times she runs off the back porch from me.
I talk baby talk to her and she knows her name. She's so funny. when I step out to look for her, I call her and'when she hears me she starts talking to me, clucking and letting me know where shes at.
So funny about your roo. When my sis and I were little, we had a big ole rooster that would chase my sister, get her down on the ground and sit on her chest. She would scream and mama would have to rescue her He would
look my younger sis right in the eye and she thought the roo was going to peck her eyes out. We laugh about'it now but wasn't funny over 50 yrs ago. I was so much taller, the rooster didn't pick on me.

Framingham, MA(Zone 6a)

Unfortunately, we don't have any roosters anymore. We did have a couple of silver sebright roosters (William Wallace and Brave Sir Robin) and they were very sweet. I wish they'd been able to grow up into their little attitudes, but alas, they did not.
My daughter does the naming and she's pretty creative....:)

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Hi Patootie, How long has she been setting? If you really would like to have a couple of chicks , then I would suggest that you purchase a couple of baby Chicks from our local feed store and put them under her at night after removing the eggs. If she has been setting 2 weeks or longer she will believe that the new babies are hers.

Bridgewater, ME

I had a first time buff orpington broody last summer and she had only been broody for two days and I had 12 chicks in the house that were 5 days old,I took two out that first night in the dark and got early the next morning to check and things were fine,that night four more and finally the rest,she took good care of all of them.Night time is the key word.

Richmond, TX

Aren't hens just the best mothers?!

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Tamberlin, well I hope you get to aquire more Sebrights, the silver is as pretty as the gold imho. Love
the names your daughter gave them. :-)

Eufala and Green, as much as I would love baby chicks, I'm afraid I couldn't protect them. I'll talk to DH and see what
he thinks.I know hes worried too about the horrible snakes we get around here in the summer, copperheads,
even water moccasins. We think we will just try to get another little hen to keep her company.
I didn't know you could sub live baby chicks in place of the unhatched eggs and trick the unsuspecting mom,
very funny and creative, lol
porkpal, I remember from when mother raised chickens what good moms the hens were.
Having this one little hen has just been a lot of fun, bringing back lots of childhood memories of a better, simpler
place in time. No wonder I've enjoyed her so much, shes bringing down my stress level and
my bpressure, :-)

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Framingham, MA(Zone 6a)

Thanks Patootie!
We are getting some Belgian Quail D'Anvers chicks and Porcelain D'Uccle chicks on MONDAY!
They are so sweet and tiny. I'm sure Galadriel will love them...
Other names:
Nancy Drew
Ayame (Japanese bantam) - little white chicken in the photo

2nd pic - the daily egg haul.

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Richmond, TX

What pretty eggs!

Patootie we have a lot of snakes here too and the only problem we've had is rat snakes eating the eggs. My coops are snake-proof so nocturnal raids are not possible.

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Tamberlin, cute names and I love the little white Jap Bantam. Pretty eggs all but partial to the blue.
I like the bales of straw wheat or hay in your chicken pens

Porkpal, DH says we have the black rat snakes here too. I remember they used to get in moms chicken
house and get the eggs. If DH is able to build us a nice coop, hope he can make it snake proof.

Framingham, MA(Zone 6a)

Hi Patootie,
The bales of hay are supposed to work as a windbreak for the girls. They are in a fairly sheltered area, but they help cut the wind some. The girls like to jump all over them. Ayame is a cutie, isn't she? She's gone broody on us twice, maybe this time we will get her some eggs to sit on....

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Tamberlin, Ayame is a pretty girl, love the showy tail feathers.
I really like your pen.

(Zone 6b)

Perhaps the 1/2" hardware cloth would keep snakes out?

Richmond, TX

It does for me - as does the 1"x1/2" mesh.

Conroe, TX

Ayame is a pretty girl, love the black tail on the white.

Framingham, MA(Zone 6a)

Thank you!
Ayame is our "windup chicken". Her legs are so short she waddles when she walks. But she is a worm eating machine!

Jacksonville, AR(Zone 7b)

Girls. thanks for the tips re the hardware cloth and mesh. DH will use one or both of those when he starts on Lolas pen. Its beginning to warm up here so I hope he starts soon. :-)

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