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Exhaust Fan

Hampton Bays, NY

I am a new owner of a Rion 8 x 8. I have been learning a lot from all your posts. Greenhouse is heating up to 88 here in zone 7. Am thinking about purchasing an exhaust fan. Any advice where I can get one that you are happy with. I have one automatic roof vent and one automatic window. I have seedlings started and am running a fan 24/7. I am adding a misting system shortly and will add shades this summer if necessary. Should I put the exhaust vent on the north or south side? If you insulate the north wall do you leave it up all summer? Do you think I have enough ventilation. Any advice for this new greenhouse owner would be appreciated. I realize it is difficult to regulate the temperature in a small greenhouse and am already wishing I had gone bigger. I have a small heater that seems to be keeping the greenhouse warm at night, but want to add a thermostat to it.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I would suggest installing the exhaust fan on the lee side of the prevailing wind it will have less work load, and last longer. You need approx. a 12-14" fan with twice the vent as fan. Your vent and window would be adequate I'd imagine. As to a source check online: Greenhouse Supply, Charley's Greenhouse, etc. Prices will vary a lot as to what you want or need. Some are available prewired with a thermostat and multispeed. Hope this helps a bit. Holly"s Ric

Norfolk, VA

look at
just got fan, vent and thermostat from them.
Now to install!
Seems easier to heat a greenhouse than keep it cool.

Hutto, TX(Zone 8b)

I bought a household gable fan with louvers with a thermostat from It isn't specifically for greenhouses, but has a good area and air-flow for a much better price than a "greenhouse" specific fan. It is working nicely for me.


Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Looks like they have some reasonable prices. Here's a link to Oldmudhouses blog Page down a bit and there is a section to adding a fan complete with photos. Ric

Hampton Bays, NY

Thanks everyone for your responses. They have all been very helpful. We installed an exhast fan and thermostat and it has really helped.

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