Pepper info please

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Got a couple of questions. 1) what's the difference between Golden Treasure and Marconi Peppers? 2) is Budapest a hybrid or O/P? I thought when I bought the seed it was O/P but DFPF says it a hybrid. Now I'm wondering if there is a hybrid and an O/P version. Thanks

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

1. Golden Treasure is a large (8.5 x 2 inch) frying pepper. Marconi is about the same size frying pepper. Major difference is one ripens to Yellow and the other to Red. There is of course a Golden Marconi, which is slightly smaller. all serve the same purpose.

2. Budapest is a large (8 x1.5 inch) Hungarian Wax type.Moderately hot. Siegers and Reimers list as hybrid. Totally tomatoes does not but I suspect that is an oversight on their part.

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Thank you, so it is a hybrid? Guess where I bought the seeds? I'll grow them for myself next year. DGPF lists them as a hybrid but I thought they might have been stabilized.

Yes, I was asking about Golden Treasure and Golden Marconi. The DTMs are the same too. Thank you, once again, for your help.

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