I wonder what they look like ?...............

Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Do you conjour up images of what the other people on here look like based on their names ? I have great fun on days that I,m bored when I scroll down the names, making mental pictures of other residents of this garden.
And do you know what I love about here,it,s when you sign on and it says 'welcome home' that,s just what it feels like .Even my little ones enjoys reading with me on here, and she,s made a penfriend with a little girl over there too, daughter of one of the ladies that I traded with,Another lady that I traded with, her husband used to come here on his hols with his family trainspotting,I told my brother and they,ve swopped e-mail addresses, as my brother is a train fanatic too. so it really is like one big family.
Just an observation,Sue

Agawam, MA

I was just thinking about that the other day! The biggest surprise to me is when a poster is the opposite gender of what I thought!

Noblesville, IN(Zone 5a)

I like coming here and reading post because sometimes it is so comforting when other things are going wrong.

Ok,Sueone,now you have to describe the imagine that you have of some of us and just see how close you are.

Ok,Sueone,now you have to describe the imagine that you have of some of us and just see how close you are.

Course we all know what Dave looks like. He is the one with the long red hair that has gone to seed and has those big flower eyes of his.

Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

oh, coco don,t know if I dare !!!!!!!!!
karma happy toes springs to mind straight away, she,s about 24-26, wears hippy style clothes, long hair with braids in it and beads, lots of bracelets on both wrists that jangle as she walks bare foot arond the garden.
Lilith is about my age, with beautifully styled hair, calm and serene, a veritable fountain of knowledge .
coco is homely, wears an apron whilst she bustles around the kitchen, with lovely aromas of fresh made bread wafting from the range,
honebee would have to be blonde, a sort of marilyn monroe look alike,
cindy I imagine as tall slender,(a picture of cindy crawford keeps coming in to mind )
spikyjo, well, she obviously has pink/red spikey hair, wears punk styled clothes,ring through the nose.
Come on others, what do you imagine? I ,m surprised too cindy about the sex of some ,some I,ve written too convinced they,re women or visa versa only to find that,s not so, hope I haven,t offended anyone on the way !

Agawam, MA

Hey Sue, no offense taken if you picture me as Cindy Crawford! LOL I'm the type that doesn't stand out in a crowd - 5'6", could lose a few pounds, most comfortable in jeans or shorts and a t-shirt.

OK, lets see,
notmartha - brown hair, brown eyes
horseshoe - a country singer
Sis - your favorite aunt
gardenwife & hubby - cute young couple
JSS - I know they're initials, but I think of a sailor

Ditto Sue, hope no offense taken by anyone. :) How about some more?

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

this is funny...:)

Sueone likes humor,enjoys reading and watching for a "cute engineer" to ~~~wave at everyday,lol

Cindy is sweet,nieve(sp)but a hip chick from New York'

Honibee loves everyone and shows it,shy somewhat and yet can be a real"party gal"

CoCo is special too,running in a million directions at once,keeps DH at the puter so she doesn't miss anything and whatever she lookslike,doesn't matter to me,she's ok(fer bein' a Texan',lol)

Justmelisa is Southern,thru and thru'Tall,lanky,jeans and barefootin'Fun but needs her "quiet time" too'

No measurements but FYI,I'm ALL WOMAN,lol:D

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

This is too funny!! I think it is soo strange how we all seem to have more than just gradening in common...because I too have sat and wondered what all ya'll look like.
coco, would have brown hair and green eyes
Sis, blonde hair blue eyes a little on the short side
Honibee, 40ish brown hair with blonde highlights, tall, thin
Justmelisa, blonde hair brown eyes med height
jcf, would have to be tall, dark hair and dark eyes, very friendly and warm hearted (now who needs the brownie points here? LOL)
No offence ya'll, just funning around!

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Brooklet, GA(Zone 8a)

All of you are something else. lol. I wonder just how right any of you are. I have to admit I sit a lot of times when bored and think of all of you and how many good friends I have made. I have never really thought about what anyoine looks like. I don't know if I would know where to start. Let's see

I agree that coco is special and running all the time to get things done. probably middle age but looks younger. Coco do I get brownie points for that plug. lol.

Marclay is a very busy person witha ll the volunteer work she does so she has to be in pretty good shape too. another brownie point.lol

Mollybee I think is in her late 20's or early 30's. Kind and generous. do I get another browni point.

Lest see one more, SDoglover has to be something else to. Probably my age and loves her garden as I do. Our health could be better but she looks good for her age. ok enough brownie points lol.lol.lol

Just funning all of you. You know I love you all.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

LOL Gals! yall are off about me :) . I am a short cake..maybe 5 ft 1..heh heh..dishpan blonde, blue/green eyes. (Click on my name, the photo is a couple of years old)

Oh,my, how close some of you are.......scary!

Horseshoe.A singer alright, but with his own little lingo.
I am 5'7' Used to have brown hair,but after having kids and grandkids it for some reason turned to gray /my brown eyes haven't changed any tho. I weigh........oh my do I dare say? 145-150 pounds and barefoot all the time(took my shoes off so I would weigh less) and yes I do go in several directions at a time(that's why I don't drive anymore; Couldn't decide what direction to take).I just turned 53, I think; no wait,that's 52, oh shoot, the mind is gone also. Born in '49' so you all figure it out. Yes, I do wear my chefs apron in the kitchen, that is where I live...almost. Sure glad the computer room is by the kitchen.Just a skip and a hop for coffee refills.
No brownie points jcf,sorry.. I look older but very much wiser........heehee. Sense of humor....who has it? Can't find mine. Have learned one thing tho.....There's a picture of me on our wall,and it still doesn't keep the mice away.

Newark, OH(Zone 5a)

I often imagine what everyone is like too.....I wonder what everyone looks like, how old everyone may be........You guys know what I look like....lol...I have my picture posted :o)

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

flowox, nice photo! you look so young! Can you do the "chicken dance?"

Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

Just looked in the mirror
Can't decide Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson

:) :) :)



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

hahaha amazing!

well coco I had you pegged at as about 30... dark wavy hair.... refined features and yes involved and busy!
flowerpot I imagined as someone ( an older woman) granny like,,, those half eye glasses with twinkling eyes peering over the top.. kinda like someone form and enid blyton book..perhaps 'The magic far away tree'.

Honeebeee... definatly blonde...soft..serene.. likes small flowers like a carpet rose or mini daffodils all around..

dave and trish I imagine as mr amd mrs clause! dont ask me why.. haha but I do!

Horseshoe.... talented, crusty, a gem in the rough (I love people like that by the way)
Paul..... slender.....proper.........a slight grin... dedicated, devoted.

sis.. blue jeans and a checkered shirt. short... dark hair.

Just me lisa... prom queen.... active....pretty...fits in to any situation.....

so many more ......
I think your all awesome!

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Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

Thanks so much especially the slender part:) AWWW I wish so much it was true. LOL


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its_me_Laura, well you had me pegged about 20 plus years ago.Got short, gray hair now. Nothing refined about me. I am very involved and very busy with a number of things. It all keeps me going and out of trouble...........not a chance on that one. heehee. I have lost some weight, just by being busy so don't have any idea what I weigh. I pretty much stay right around the same area. Now, when I got married, that was a different story. Weighed alot less then, 120 lbs when I married, over 30 years ago.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

rolling on the floor here its me laura! Thank you so much for the nice words...ha! I was very unpopular in high school, couldn't get a date to save my life, wore no make-up and was a cowgirl! I wore western clothes when it was not cool to wear western clothes! I also had to wear my sisters hand me downs and she was a little larger than I was..at that time I was a runt! You have the active part right! I am not pretty, but rather plain and I do try to fit into any situation and sometimes that got me into a little bit of trouble..hehh hehh

Georgetown, TX(Zone 8a)

Lisa, I do not believe you wrote that! I went to your page and you looked just like I had you pictured, and a pretty little thing at that. Maybe I have an advantage since I'm from Louisiana, but I just knew your coloring and that you were short but not as short as me. But I can believe you didn't have a lot of guys hanging around, because at that age they look for someone who fits into a comfortable and familiar pattern. They can't deal with originality, and I bet you are a true original. Not one to just go with the pack. I would be willing to bet they all remember you as someone they wished they could get to know but were to afraid to approach.

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Now I always pictured Horseshoe as a business suit and tie type that shucked it all to live on the farm. Smart, well educated, and having a great time spoofing everyone into thinkin he is a hick! The funny part is that he is so great at it that when he puts the suit back on no one will take him serious anymore!

Mystic, I see as dark flowing hair, loose flowing skirts, bangles, beads and a set of tarro cards sitting next to her crystals on the table.

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dobie, ON(Zone 3a)

Great fun folks, okay sueone what do I look like?

Ewing, KY(Zone 6a)

LMAO @ Zany.......... ( maybe and thats a big maybe in my younger days!)

Cape May Court House, NJ(Zone 7a)

No one guessed me either trailingon, kind of depressing that no one dreams about what I look like!!!! (ha-ha) sue

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Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Trailingon, hmmmn Early 30's, outdoorsy type. dresses in levis or banana repuplic shorts and hiking boots. Loves animals and prefers hiking trails to sidewalks.

Ruby42, is the girl who was the prom queen. Bubbly personality and outgoing. Carrot red hair and bright green eyes that sparkle. No one knows how old she is cause she still looks like she is in her 20's and will till she is in her 90's.

"down the Shore", NJ(Zone 7a)

Do me, Do me!!!

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

oh John, you're 6'1", nicely built. Dark brown, almost black hair, with a great smile. Your eyes twinkle when you talk hostas:)

Ok,I see Trailington as;adventurous,takes chances and loves playing in the snow,somewhere between Grizzly Adams and one who dreams of writing a novel'

Mystic:Loves lava lamps,burns incense but still is a "hillbilly",bare feet,drawl and a keen sense of of what her future holds for her'

John is who every woman dreams of being stranded with on a island and no hope of being rescued'

IML; is statuesque,natural tan,long blonde hair and loves practical jokes'

Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

hey zanymuse, that,s scary ,you have the same image of ruby42 as I did !
trailingon I picture as an outdoor gal,floaty dressses, naturalistic,basket over arm as she strokes the horses in the coral.mountains in the background, tops just covered in snow, she wears a scarf bandana style in her hair.(you,ll have to excuse the poetic license with the scenery ! )
Pardancanda is a 60,s chick, mary quant short dress, pale lipstick, white pull on boots, dark hair cut in a bob.false eye lashes,rarin'to go.
Sis, is the girl next door,its-me-lisa got her about right, but maybe hair,s a little lighter,friends with everyone.
It,s strange 'cos on the computer you can be who ever you want to be, well me ,I ,m like Lara Croft,marilyn monroe, elizabeth taylor all rolled into one ! (That accounts for my weight anyway :-} )I went out with a naval helecopter pilot once and when I went to a ball I was nick-named the 'godess'apparently they decided I had a body like Ursula Andress,(or so that,s what I was told )now unfortunately that,s all gone south,(and north,and east,and west !!!!!!!!!!)
there must be loads more of you out there with vivid imaginations!

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

OK Someone who did not stumble upon my old photo pages should do me! It ought to be easy!

Colorado Springs, CO(Zone 5a)

None of you probably know me well enough to even guess what I look like.:D its_me_Laura - I guessed that Sis looks like what you said.;)

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Horseshoe probably shucked that business suit off and over the fence, along with those shorts that landed on the calves head.
Just me Lisa; I told you what my DH thought of you when he seen your picture;"She's a doll". Those were his exact words.

You know everyone,this is really getting to be pretty funny.

Just to let everyone know: I am not the 'Little Old Lady from Pasadena'. I'm the little old lady from Texas who will go after cable guys with a baseball bat,or anyone else who tries to come in on my territory.Maybe I haven't told you about the cable guys and me with the baseball bat. Oh well, maybe another time.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

well I'll have ya'll know I ain't never owned a biz suit in my life (so far anyway)! (as for chunking one over the fence w/the shorts onto the cows head...did I actually POST that story? I thought I only dreamed about doing it.) Other than that I reckon ya'll hit the nail on the head about me being a country bumpkin hillbilly...(cept I don't sing either, don't even know how!) Now as for Zanymuse...definitely a vivacious bouncing well-chested long-legged female in the true sense of the word...long flowing dishwater blond hair, one blue eye, one green eye and a smile of pure white teeth and ruby red lips that would melt a snow avalanche in the dead of winter...also sporting a small purple birthmark in the shape of a passionflower, and she always wears bright clothes that bring out all of her colors mentioned above (eyes, lips, hair, etc)...for this reason, locals refer to her by the name of "Rainbow". So there, did I get it right, Zany?

Good mornin'and had to check in here first thing,coffee in hand,lol'
Thanks to you all and hope I didn't offend,none was taken either,good clean "fun"
Now, Tinkerbell,you're a "mystery woman",quiet,loves animals more than people mostly,daydreams alot,5'4",short hair(blonde/blue eyes'
Aimee;short and feisty,loves cooking and wants to be on"Survivor",lol'
Zany;As previously mentioned a Gemini'Always gets what she wants,one way or another,lol'Very wealthy,she lives in Carlotta,Ca.

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

I just wanted to add that I'm not old enough to be a "Mrs Clause", but that sure did make me laugh!!!!


Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

my mum used to tell me stories about tinkerbell, she lived in an old apple tree at the bottom of our garden,there was a big hollow in it. She was a delicate fairy who used to help the birds and animals and children when they needed alittle bit of special magic in their lives. I used to spend hours out in that garden talking to tinkerbell in this tree, and to this day I,m sure I saw her flit by me in the dusk !So ,the name tinkerbell brings back images of being snuggled down in my bed ,safe,warm and loved, of mystery and all things magical.So I guess tinkerbell must be ethereal, with a far away look in her eyes all the time,kind ,brown eyes, blonde wavy hair,gossamer thin wings LOL.
share the story coco, baseball bats?cable guys?

Colorado Springs, CO(Zone 5a)

Sis, you almost hit the nail on the head!! The only part you missed was the height. I wish I was 5'4" tall.LOL I am only 4'11" tall. Other than that you described me perfectly!:D

Sueone, that's a nice description. However, I don't have the brown eyes or the gossamer thin wings.LOL I'm not nearly as graceful either.:D Also, my hair has turned into more of a dirty blonde now that I'm not in my 20's anymore. Don't take this wrong sueone, but I envision you as Martha Stewart but younger.:D

I imagine Mollybee just like jcf said and KHT just like you said sueone.

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