elderberyy ? ID needed

Elizabeth City, NC(Zone 8a)

hi all, i received cuttings in trade a few months ago but he didn't know the name of the Sambucus. i've looked but i don't know much about them. does anyone know which one this might be?
these leaves started to emerge last week in the pot i stuck them in outside ( zone 8) to root and are only about 2".
thanks a bunch
mary ann

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Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

A species of elder Sambucus


Elizabeth City, NC(Zone 8a)

hi Resin, i know it was an elder, i just can't find WHICH 1 it is. sorry, i wasn't totally clear. my brain was ahead of my fingers......
mary ann

Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

The venation is quite prevalent thus I don't believe it is either of our northeastern natives American elder or eastern red elderberry (S. canadensis or S. racemosa) - I have been starting both of the natives from cuttings and they are just starting to leaf out so I'll check the newly emerged leaves to see if they have that prominent venation but I have my doubts. As the plants mature distinctive leaf features may appear leading toward a specific cultivar of S. canadensis or the close European relative, S. nigra.

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