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Pumpkin on a stick

Pulaski, GA

Has anyone planted pumpkin-on-a-stick? I had two plants last summer, started from seed. In the fall, before the first frost, I cut off the stems with the bright orange fruits and brought them inside and put them in vases with no water. I had understood that they would dry out and could be used indefinitely in dried arrangements. All of the fruits shriveled up and looked awful, so I threw them out. What did I do wrong?

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

I don't know anything about pumpkin-on-a-stick but I don't dry my flowers upright. I always cut them just after they bloom, cut them fresh, then hang them from a hangar in a cool, dark closet for about three weeks to a month. If I left them out, the light and warm temps would destroy the flower and color. Could that be your problem with your pumpkin-on-a-stick?

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I cant talk for your Pumpkin flowers as we don't grow those here but, any other flowers I want to dry AND keep their colour I cut as the flowers are almost opening, then hang them upside down in a coolish area that is ventilated so my kitchen is good as it gets a slight warmth from stove, air from doors windows being opened but never over hot, this method is used for many perennial plants and lavender is as easy as pie but looses it's colour if dried flower spike up, others do the same
I know there are jells, sands and salts for this very purpose but would imagine you would need to go to the flower arrangement /drying flower forums for positive help.
Hope you get it right this time Miles as there is nothing more exciting than learning some new past time. good luck, WeeNel.

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