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Here is whats going on in my Chicken World!

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Sorry I havent been around lately guys! It got just tooo hectic to keep up with everything ,work, chickens and DG, so Ive just been checking in (sorry) on my FB page to keep up with my Family and Friends then back to work again. At least I get to talk to ZZ once in a while! I will try to be here more often now things have gotten better or me and Ive got a lot of news to report! I HAVE GONE CRAZY! I NEED A 12 STEP PROGRAM TO KEEP ME FROM BUYING ,TRADING, INCUBATING OR BIDDING ON BABIES!!!
I now have 5 baby silkies, 1 blue, 2 white, 2 buff or red (not sure yet) and two grown adopted roos a non bearded white and a partridge.
2 baby mottled cochin bantams as well as I can make out, came from an assortment of bantams from TSC.
Two baby Marans, 4 Maran x Buff orpington crosses, 3 Dark Brahma pullets, 4 assorted brahma babies, and........( Impulse buy) 2 baby Pekin Ducks.
Now add all these to my 5 large fowl chickens and the 1 dark brahma Bantam Hen.....Well .... You get the picture!
To make matters worse I have a Poultry Meetup group this coming Thursday, at a big Feed and Seed store, where they just happen to be in the middle of "Chick Days"!!!!

Thumbnail by Eufaula Thumbnail by Eufaula Thumbnail by Eufaula Thumbnail by Eufaula
Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

I failed to mention that there are also 3 guineas, good for absolutely nothing but are a clean up crew . I do not take care of them , they are very self sufficient .and they clean up any dropped feed or grain that they find.
And lastly but definitely not least my Seramas, which had just recently dropped down to only one young Cockeral Calico renamed to "Tuaca"( CopperJack and Sweet Tater's son) and his Mother Tater. I lost my little 6 year old "Chicopea" just this past week. A dear friend who lives just the other side of Atlanta, brought me two of her beautiful Hens as a gift. So now "Tuaca" has "Tuwanda" , "Sweet Pea" and "Sweet Tater", in his Harem.
They also got a new house this week!!!

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Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

If things work out I just might have another Trio of Seamas very soon!

Framingham, MA(Zone 6a)

Oh, they are soo cute! I was so close to going to our local swap and getting some seramas today, but I'm getting a boxload of chicks tomorrow, so I held off. but I still love them. Your Tuaca is very handsome! He looks very proud of his ladies.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

love the Black and white. Hope one of your Pekin isn't a drake or you will have 15 more of them later this summer lol

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