Larry found me 2 hens

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

My good buddy Larry just moved back from N.C. and found me 2 more Black mottled D'Uccle hens Yeah!!! Poor girls are hiding out in the coop. 1 D'Uccle is Broody along with my remaining Sebright which leave 1 D'Uccle hen and 1 tailed Araucana hen or basically one to one ratio roo to hen. The new ones are so sweet and 1 looks show quality or pretty close to it. They went right in and the boys behaved themselves as well as the hens. First time I have ever introduced new birds to a coop without any fighting. This is the pic he e-mailed me when he picked them up. If I have time tomorrow I will take better pic.

Also have a pip on some eggs. Don't know if it is Sebright x D'Uccle(SeaDoo) or Araucana x D'Uccle(she lays white egg) or if D'Uccle. I have 6 in there and weren't supposed to start hatching until the 13th.
Also have 8 of Patches eggs made it to lock down. Hope they are all as pretty and him with dbl tufts lol

Thumbnail by DonnaB
Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

Nice! Is one of them a rust color? So pretty.. I loved mine when I had em..

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

no they are both Black & White Mottled. It is just the cage he had them in. No new pics today lots of rain. Spring is here!!!! Everything is blooming, budding and hatching yeah!!!

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

OH so Pretty! I love the mottled coloration!

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