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Non-Flowering Vine in Zone 5, Large Heart-Shaped Leaves

Marlboro, MA(Zone 6a)

I moved into my house almost three years ago in April. That first summer, I noticed a vine growing from under my front porch. By the end of summer it made it to the floor of my porch. The next summer and the summer after, it grew much farther and with more branches.

I'm in southern New England, zone 5 or 6 depending on which map you look at. This vine is rooted just under my porch, not out in the open. The branches that have crept out from under the porch to wrap around the railings get full sun. It's planted in fairly rich, well-drained soil. It does not flower. The leaves get to be about 6" across and maybe about 8" or so long. The branches are woody. There is no variegation in the leaves.

I've had the hardest time identifying this plant and I don't know how to care for it. I'd really like to know if I can cut back the branches from my porch railings in autumn or winter but I've been reticent to do so. Again, this plant has not produced any flowers in three years.

Attached are two photos that aren't the best shot of the vine, but the only ones I could find (they're actually in the background of my daughter's prom photos). These were taken last year in late May/early June. Thanks in advance for your help!

Thumbnail by blu3jay Thumbnail by blu3jay
Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

You know, that almost looks like a snail vine, or a corkscrew vine, but you say it doesn't flower. Actually, it looks like the Cup & Saucer vine, but they bloom too altho so late in the summer that maybe they don't because it starts getting cold before they bloom. They are a real strong vine, but are from Mexico. Maybe wouldn't make it in the cold that much.

What is the white and green one? I really like that one. Jeanette

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Looks like Aristolochia macrophylla to me.

Marlboro, MA(Zone 6a)

Thanks for your suggestions, Jnette. It looks like those plants aren't the ones, though. The leaves are too small and the wrong shape.

The variegated leaves you see in the foreground are from an Elegantissima redtwig dogwood. It's a really beautiful shrub and I'm enjoying mine more than I thought I would. I got them originally for winter interest but the summer folliage is very soft and pretty against my white picket fence :) The attached photo here is a dwarf version of the Elegantissima, but I forget its official name (probably "dwarf").

Thumbnail by blu3jay
Marlboro, MA(Zone 6a)

Thanks for the suggestion, growin. The Dutchman's Pipe vine is the closest I can figure. If that's what I have, though, I don't know why it's not flowering. I don't recall seeing any butterflies around my porch the last few years but I'll definitely keep a lookout this summer. The leaves I've seen in pictures of Dutchman's Pipe vines aren't exactly right but they're the closest I've seen.

Do you have an idea as to whether or not I should treat my vine as a Dutchman's Pipe or not? I'd like to start cultivating it but I don't know if I'll hurt it by cutting it back or taking cuttings, etc.

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Try taking a pic of the stems as they are now and that might help with the ID. I have a Dutchman's Pipe and I recall it to be rather smooth and distinct. A trellis helps this plant significantly and the blooms, from my experience, are usually hidden.

Marlboro, MA(Zone 6a)

I haven't been able to take a new picture but I was able to find one or two blossoms this spring. It has really taken off this year!

Any ideas for plants that work well with this vine? I have space in front of it that I'm considering planting something in, but I want to make sure it complements the vine.

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