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Aloe Plant!! Help!!!

Petawawa, Canada

Hi! I hope this message finds you all well!

Okay. I have an aloe plant that my grandmother purchased for me as seeds just under 2 years ago. The plant is beautiful. I seem to have to continually transplant it every few months now. It seems to have hit a growth spurt? Well anyway. I am wondering when/if it will ever grow thick leaves? Or should I break the plant up into separate pots? I am attaching some pictures I took of it today. All advice welcome!!! :)

God Bless!!


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Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I see that no one has answered you. There are many different varieties of aloe and I assume you have one that doesn't get thick leaves. Mine have thick leaves even when it is small. I keep it's growth spurts down by watering rarely. I water about once a month and they sill spread and fill the pot. If you weren't in canada I'd send you a small one, but I doubt that it would get through customs

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I agree with Doug and would go as far as to say these plants almost thrive on neglect if anything. Give them a misting maybe once or twice a week and only water after you stick your finger into the soil and check the soil is actually dry, None of the plants you have care questions about need over watering and I would treat them all the same as given for the Aloe, Make sure the plants are not in direct line of any heat source or cold conditioner in summer, also make sure they are not sitting in a pot that has water in the base, you need to have drainage holes so water can escape and after watering them pour off any left in a saucer or pot so the plants are not left sitting in water. Your Cacti has been dried and also the peace lily, both at the tips so look see if they are at a heat source, as the days warm up, I place mine outside for a couple of hours and then bring back indoors, once the warmer weather has fully arrived, you could perhaps leave them outside in a nice sheltered spot with good light but not direct sun, mist every couple of days between watering as all these plants like a bit of humidity around them rather than dry air flow.

In the condition all your plants are in I would be inclined to re pot them all in nice new fresh compost, you can buy those at the garden center but I would go for one suitable for Cacti as it will not have too much feed added and will drain well, make sure the pots you use have good drainage in the bottom, also when you remove the plants from the pots they are in now, try to gently shake some compost off the roots so the roots get bedded into nice new fresh compost, don't put them in too large a pot and most plants should only be potted on once a year when they have got going, every few months sound like a lot of disturbance and fussing to me, they need time to settle and make plenty new roots to stay healthy.
Hope all this helps you out.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

Let me tell you how tough an aloe is. I had one get broken off and fall in back of my water heater, where it lay for several months. Just for curiosity I planted it. It's growing well now.

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Lake Charles, LA(Zone 9a)

i stoled mine from an abandoned house next door.

Norwich, NY

My aloe plant continues to grow upward, but It's not growing out.. Any idea why?

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