in the song Wildwood Flower

Poland, IN

In the original version of this song, some flowers are mentioned: Roses, Lilies, Myrtle, and the "pale ? with eyes of bright blue". I believe that this missing flower name has 3 or 4 syllables and begins with the letter A. One written version uses the word Arnatus as the missing flower name, but I don't believe that is correct. Does anyone know?

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I'm not personally familiar with the song, but Wikipedia has some interesting comments about that particular line:

Good question - I'm curious to hear what other DG members think about it, too!

Poland, IN

Thanks Terry:) I hadn't thought to check wikipedia. I had looked at several websites that post song lyrics; so far, nothing about this elusive flower name! My Dad just said to me earlier that Suzy Boggess has done in-depth research about many songs, and this is one of them she covered. I'll check out her website if I can find it. Mindy

Poland, IN

Just found it, an audio clip of this song in with these words for the line in question: "the pale Amaryllis, and Violets of blue"! That's what my Mom thought was correct to begin with! amazing how things get mis-translated over the years!

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Yes, especially when someone is a control type and will argue with anyone that their way is right no matter how wrong it is!! Luciee {;^)

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My EX husband ?

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