Have/Want Lists “Only” Ric & Holly's Swap

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Have/Want Lists “Only” Ric & Holly's Swap

Please put your Have/Want Lists here and edit them as needed.
I would like to try to keep one post per person so we have a neat organized thread.

Do your requests and swapping chat on this thread.

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)


Artemisia Silver King - Sally
Astilbe - donnerville
Bloody Dock - Coleup, Ruby
Campanula Pink Octopus - Roses, Coleup, Aspenhill, Buttoneer
Columbine - Ruby, happy_macomb, Onewish1 (tall dark purple)
Common Daylilies
Hellebore - ssgardener, Roses, Jan23, critter, Coleup, Aspenhill, Happy, Flowajen (pink), Buttoneer
Hosta NOID Variegated
Hosta Blue Mouse Ears - Jen, Greenthumb GONE
Iris White – gardadore, Catbird
Lamium Silver Beacon - gardadore
MayApples -
Ornamental Grass Variegated (runner type not clumping)
Sedum Autumn Joy
Sedum Yellow creeping - Coleup
Sweet Woodruff - ssgardener, Coleup
Vinca Major Variegated - Flowajen
Vinca Minor
Virginia Blue Bells – Coleup
Woodpoppy - Ruby, Coleup, gardadore

Herbs and Veggies
Choclate Mint – Aspenhill,
Comfrey - Critter, Coleup, Wind
Horseradish - Coleup, Chantell
Lemon Balm –

Water plants
Pickerel Weed
Yellow Water Iris

Black Pussy Willow – Coleup, Gita
Curly Willow - Gita, Coleup, gardadore
Forsythia – happy_macomb
Quince - Flowajen
Trumpet Vine - donnerville
Wisteria - Gardadore, Chantell,

Alyssum -Mixed
Bacopa White - Gita
Begonias (Dwarf 6”) Dark Foliage – Wind
Begonia Dragon Wing - Gita, Jan23, ssgardener, Coleup, Wind
Coleus - donnerville, Coleup
Marigolds Sweet Cream – RRR, gardadore, Cheryl

Blue Agave -ssgardener

Bamboo Poles - Gita, Critter, R-R-R, Donner, gardadore, chantell

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Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Pots, six inch with deco plastic wraps, dozens
Yarrow 'Paprika'
Pussytoes- mat forming little silvery thing with spring flower stem to 6 inches that looks like pussy's toes, hence...
Greek Oregano

Strawberries, Tristar everbearing
Iris Siberian, purple, same one I've shared in the past http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/880/
Radicchio- Rossa di Chioggia- started seeds yesterday- (Why did I plant 25 seeds when really we will only eat one or two?)
Variegated liriope
Peruvian daffodil- Hymenocallis
Narcissus 'Hawera' nice grasslike leaves and clusters of bloom
Sedum Blue Spruce (or very similar, bluegreen creeping vigorous grower) I have tons!
Another sedum, low growing, grass green small ruffley leaves, yellow flowers
Daylily Happy Returns
Iris a yellow-white one, will look for a picture, three pots--Ruby,
creeping phlox, pink or light blue
Lysimachia Firecracker-http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/976/
Lamium yellow archangel http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/55026/

Daylily Ruffled Apricot coleup
White lilac from 'hart'. Rosesrred, Jan ,happym
Redbud trees, Jan and happym
Spiderwort, lavendar colored, and dark purple, aspenhill
Purple ninebark Summer Wine- rooted cutting from fall to donnerville
Kerria japonica- well rooted in small pot to Jan
Bubby bush Carolina Allspice, Belamcanda, to greenthumb
Wood poppy Floro Pleno to greenthumb and Ruby
Daylilies- one with plentiful smallish dark wine red blooms
creeping phlox blue, Gita
Pennisetum ornamental grass Bunny Tails--, fine blades, and white fuzzy heads, growing about a foot to knee high as it matures, a pot of three division to donner
Mockoranage, Philadelphus, old and sweet scented, small rooted cutting from the fall, to jen, Chantell
Native elderberry to jen
Variegated liriope- ssg and Ruby, bringing plenty
White lilac = Jan, Chantell, Terri..

gardadore centaurea montana
happy macomb - sedum ternatum, hosta ginko craig, strawberry begonia
Ruby - creeping jenny
Holly n Ric - Artemisia
Siberian iris, share a clump with Jill
ssg - sedum ogon, Bayer
Gita - Brazilian plume, monkshood (reminder to me- part shade to shade and keep dry)
Jill- tomatos, peppers, semp and sedum, share Siberian iris, tiny monster hardy ger.
Jan- oakleaf hydrangea
Chantell - PB shrub
coleup- EE, icelandic ivy

greenthumb- wood poppy Chelidonium double flowered, bubby bush, Belamcanda, San Antonio prickly peardonnerville- Peruvian daffodil and bunny tail grass, Siberian iris. ninebark
Gita blue phlox, deep wine red daylilies
coleup- Ruffled Apricot and Happy Returns DL, siberian iris, bush squash seedlings, blue spruced sedum

Cheryl(aspenhill) - Creeping phlox, pink and light blue, aspenhill, spiderwort lots
gardadore- Achillea Paprika and Radicchio
onewish- penstemon
Ric- hardy pink bigroot geranium macror
ssg- variegated liriope, Sedum blue spruce, bigroot geranium hot pink
Roses- raspberries, white lilac
Ruby- Woodland Poppy, the Yellow Iris and some varigated Liriope
critter- wine-red daylily, 'Wabash', and big blue grape iris, 'Lucy' iris
Jen mockorange and elder, radicchio
CHantell, lilac, maybe mockorange, if all three cuttings look good.
Jan, redbud, kerria, sedum Blue Spruce, white lilac
happy macomb- white lilac, redbud, blue spruce sedum, siberian iris, hot pink bigroot geranium mac.
Buttoneer, pussytoes

food- sweet tea and unsweet tea, gallon each....ice

gift table-

pots and pot 'wraps'

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Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)


Sedum Angelina (3-4 more left)
Doone Valley Thyme (not edible; pretty variegated color)
Chocolate Mint (3)
wintersown Red yarrow
wintersown red coreopsis (not sure of exact variety)
wintersown foxgloves, white and yellow
wintersown balloon flowers
wintersown lychnis alpina

turf fertilizer


Japanese painted fern
Japanese forest grass
Ornamental sweet potato
Any sedum/cactus/succulent cutting for indoor and/or outdoor growing
Any small start of a houseplant
Variegated liriope
Joe Pye Weed (the regular tall variety)
any coleus cutting
rocks! (apple to watermelon sized)

Bayer all-in-one to sallyg
Raspberries to Roses_R_Red
Sedum Angelina to Roses and Critter
Sedum ogon to sallyg, Roses_R_Red, HollyAnn, and coleup
Sedum John Creech to sallg, flowajen (multiples), critter, greenthumb, Coleup, HollyAnnS
Sedum Dragon's Blood to coleup and buttoneer
Russells lupines to rubyw
Doone Valley thyme to greenthumb and Critter
Malva Zebrina and Red Coreopsis to FlowAJen
balloon flowers to happy_m
Malva zebrina to Holly's friend
Lychnis alpina to Holly and greenthumb and Gita

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central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Stella De Oro daylily(coleup)
Geum Totally Tangerine (1 for Donnerville and Buttoneer, Teri, gardadore and Allison) GONE
Little Chicks from Hen and Chicks(some for ssgardener)
5 Butterfly Weed 'Cinderella' bareroot(some for Terri and happy_macomb and Critter, Buttoneer, gardadore)
Petunias purpley 20(3 for Jill and Ruby) pink 10 white 5 (any for ssgardener)
Yarrow, could be either white or pale yellow
2 for 1 Lamium and Creeping Jenny(ssgardener)
Rocks(big enough so Wall-e can't move them!!!)
Vinca Major Variegated and Hellebore "pink" baby (Holly)
Mock Orange and Elderberry**** (Sally)
Sedum John Creech (ssgardener)
Digitalis 'Apricot Beauty' (greenthumb)
White bleeding heart(coleup)
Miniature Solomon's Seal(buttoneer)
Radicchio- Rossa di Chioggia(sally)
Malva Zebrina and Red Coreopsis(ssgardener)
Hardy geranium(aspenhill)
Agastache Root Beer left(allison)
aster purple dome and Chrysanthemum Hillside pink(gardadore)
King of Hearts (Ruby)
Hydrangea macrophylla ‘blue billow’ (wind)

For gift table
For Chantell, chickweed
Fro Ruby-rooting bottles

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Damascus, MD(Zone 7a)

Ok, here is a start. I will update the list later.

HAVES (still have)

Brunera (perennial forget-me-not )
Purple coneflower (white or pink flowers)
Agastache 'Golden Jubilee' (lemon green leaves and lavender flowers)
Japanese anemones (white or pink flowers)
Oenothera tetragona (upright primrose. rebloom if cut down after first blooming.)
Red Amaranth (the plant in the foreground here: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/fp.php?pid=8832254. Originally from sallyg. I see babies coming up in the garden.)
Sedum sieboldii (low to the ground clump. winter hardy)
Heuchera 'Palace Purple'
Purple Oxalis

Jasmine cuttings (I think it is a Jasminum sambac, but not very sure. It needs to come inside in the winter time.)
Lipstick plant cuttings (a house plant)
African violet (several varieties)
Streptocarpus (several varieties)

Hot pepper
Euphobia ( similar to this one: http://www.northcreeknurseries.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/plants.plantDetail/plant_id/167/index.htm)
Sedum "black beauty"
Oriental Poppies
Japanese Primrose
Trumpet vine

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Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


--Chrysanthemum Pacificum plants 15-4"pots. Great, perennial low-growing plant.
grown for its green and silver foliage. Blooms are non-sequential....
--Monkshood--(dug up and divided and potted-in 4" pots)--about 12 (some promised)...
--Foxgloves--either rose or white. Can't say for sure which. 15- 4" pots (some promised)
--Lots of baby Holiday cacti-asst colors (Fuchsia--Red--Salmon) in 2"-3" pots.
--Swedish Ivy starts--rooted well--about 6
- Dr. Seuss Brug
--NOID deep pink Brug--..a couple new cuttings--rooted
--Brazilian Plume Flower--.A couple left
--Angel Wing Begonias--well rooted and growing--2 left--will have new cuttings from old plant.
-- Tiger Lily plants--2 years old--7--about 5" tall now. Growing taller every day!
--Cannas--Dark Leaf/orange bloom--single-eye starts -4 left
--Cannas--Green leaf--orange/yellow blooms--3 left
--N.B.C.;--3 small (3yr. old) starts. One quite BIG older one--will bring for Gift Table.
--Ric Rac cactus (Orchid Cactus family) Well rooted ---1 left
--A couple rooted red Epis--both kinds...
--Purple Oxalis....Should have several pots. NO worry!
--Wintersweet Shrub year-old seedlings--
--Autumn Joy Sedum--3
--Northern Sea Oats--6--several in each 4" pot.
--VA Clustered Blue Bells
-- Evening Primrose-Pink-flowered-- kind of a ground cover??
--Trailing Variegated Vinca--4
--Astilbe's divisions---2 (don't know colors--pinkish???) Will post when they bloom...
--Endless Summer Hydrangea--2 good-sized in 6" pot left
Two--rooted--4" pots;
--Maya Brug new cuttings. Many!


-Roses-- Blushing Suzy vine
-Holly and Ric --Bamboo stakes; Stones; White Bicopa; Dragon Wing Begonia plugs.
some black Pussy Willow starts--Curly Willow cuttings
--sallyG --Creeping Flox--Wine red Day Lily--
Pat and David--4 starts of Campanula Elizabeth
Ruby--Monarda (Bea Balm); Creeping Jenny;

Promised to:

Greenthumb/Pat-----Dr. Seuss Brug --Monkshood--(qty. ?).--Brazilian Plume flower--
SSgardener:--Dr. Seuss Brug--Holiday cactus (fuchsia/white)--Purple Oxalis--Small H-Plant start (? Swedish Ivy)
Chrysanthemum Pacificum; Foxgloves;
SallyG--Two 4" pots of Monkshoods--Brazilian Plume Flower--Foxgloves
Jan--3-Nandinas; Dr. Seuss Brug., Foxgloves, Holiday cactus (fuchsia and white). Tiger Lilies.
Chrysanthemum Pacificum.
Holly and Ric--Pink NOID Brug(big one?)--Brazilian Plume Flowers (2)--
Roses--Foxgloves (2)--Purple Oxalis--Brazilian Plume Flower--Crysanthemum Pacificum.
Kubileya--Dr. Seuss Brug.
Critter---Brazilian Plume Flower--Curly Spiders-(potted)--Endless Summer Hydrangea; Astilbe division(s).
Chrysanthemum Pacificum (3-4). New HB of Curly Spiser
Donner---Two each color Canna divisions--potted up; VA clustered Blue-Bells (2); Chrys. Pacificum (3-4).
Astilbe; Euphorbia (2); Poker Primroses.
Ruby--Purple Passion plants--Brazilian plume--Ric-Rac--Purple Oxalis--Clivia ($25)-Swedish Ivy plants
Terri ("apenhill")--Foxgloves (several)--Brazilian Plume--
Coleup--Brazilian Plume--Dar-leaved Canna--Purple Oxalis--Foxgloves--VA Bluebells--
Endless Summer Hydrangea--(multi-pot)
Chantelle---Wintersweet yearling and some seeds--Dr. Seuss (from coleup)
Maya Brug cuttings (2). Monkshood;
Onewish---Any Canna starts; Maya brug.
Happy Monkshood--Wintersweet + some seeds.--Maya Brug cuttings (2).
Endless Summer Hydrangea starts
Gardadore Monkshoods--
Catbird AW Begonias--Va Clustered Blue Bells.
Buttoneer" Mini Iris.

For all---Dug up Daffodil Bulbs--mixed varieties--nothing "fancy".

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Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

If all my seedlings survive while being attended to by my DH until I return home from my lengthy baby sitting schedule, I am projecting the following (which will be edited as I add more)

0 blushing suzy vines..........................................1 to Holly, 1 to Gita......1 to Allsion and ...NONE left
3 cardinal climber vines
Maybe a vigna caracalla vine if one of my few seeds germinates
2 japanese morning glory vines Akahigezaki Japanese Morning Glory
0 Pink Turtlehead Chelones................1 to Happy and ...1 to SS.........1 to Ctritter.............0 left
0 verbascum southern charm......at least 1 to Critter (more if they do well) .......... and 1 to Jan ..........and 1 to Buttooneer with NONE
1 agastache bolero..............................................1 to Greenthum99.......one to Allison and 1 left
0 salvia patens blue angel .................................1 to Greenthum99.......one to Donner................one to Critter
3 delphinium magic fountain (lilac with white bee)..............1 to Holly,............. and 1 to Buttooneer with 1 left.
3 delosperma cooperi (ice plant)
Sunflowers (planted by the birds)..........SS
2 Butterfly Weed (pink Soulmate)......one to Critter and 2 left.

caryopteris sunshine blue volunteers as they come up..........Ruby
russian sage volunteers as they come up..............................Gardadore
sand cherry volunteers if they come up
smoke bush volunteers if they come up
GONE lavender. ..............to SS (a clump if my new plants from last year do well) and one for Terri's friend Cheryl Maybe only tiny sprouts from new seedlings
various hosta as they come up and get split VARIEGATED HOSTA FOR BUTTONEER
Ajuga Black Scallop (clumps)...............1 to HAPPY


Pink Octopus, please Holly.
Sedum Angelina, please, SSgardener
Foxgloves from Gita and Greenthumb99 (candy mountain), Please.
Raspberries from SallyG and SSGardener, Please
Brazilian Plume Flower, from Gita, please.
Campanula Elizabeth, from Greenthumb 99, thank you
Coral Honeysuckle from Critter, Thank you
Freydek, from Coleup, Thank you
Dwarf Crape Myrtle,: from Coleup, Thank you.
Sweet Cream Marigolds from Holly, thank you.
White Lilac from Sally if they are viable, Thank you
Lonicera Americana from Critter, Thank you
Chrysanthemum Pacificum from Gita, Thank you
Passionflower, from Buttoneer, Thank you
Orange Geums from Jen, Thank you
Sweet Autumn Clematis from Critter, Thank you

Purchases from:

Happy_McCombe for the Camellia (18.00 cost and shipping)

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Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Campanula 'Elizabeth'
OUT - Digitalis 'Foxy' http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/54594/
OUT - Digitalis 'Apricot Beauty' http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/74259/
Digitalis 'Alba' http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/31544/
OUT - Digitalis 'Candy Mountain' http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/146203/
Vinca minor (by the flat)
Yellow Archangel

Additions April 28
Wide-Leaved Mt. Mint – Pycnanthemum muticum
Lyre-Leaved Sage - Salvia lyrata
Downy Wood Mint, AKA Pagoda Mint - Blephila ciliata
Geranium Biokovo
Sweet-William Catchfly, None-So-Pretty - Silene armeria

Agastache 'Bolero' - Roses_R_Red
Salvia patens 'Blue Angel' - Roses_R_Red
Dr. Seuss Brug - Gita
Monkshood - Gita
Anemone - Donnerville

Coleup – Elizabeths, Big Leaf Mountain Mint, Virginia Mountain Mint
Roses_Are_Red – Elizabeths, Foxgloves
Donnerville - Foxgloves, Euphorbia amygdaloides
Chantell – Autumn Olive, Va. Mountain Mint, Mandrake, Belladonna, (Yarrow?)
FlowAjen - Digitalis 'Apricot Beauty'
Gita - Elizabeths, Creeping Jenny
Holly - Elizabeths
SSGardener - Opuntia humifusa, Opuntia fragilis, Tiarella wherryi
Kubileya - Mayapples
Jan23 – Rusty Foxglove, Burning Bush, Crepe Myrtle, Elizabeth
Aspenhill – Campanula 'Elizabeth', Digitalis 'Foxy', 'Alba', 'Candy Mountain'
Buttoneer - variegated Solomon’s Seal, columbines, False Hellebore, Goodyera, Apricot Beauty
Onewish1 - foxgloves
Gardadore – Digitalis ‘Apricot Beauty’, ‘Candy Mountain’

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Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Hylocereus guatamalensis/Dragon fruit cactus (1) -(ssgardener)
Bhut Jolokia / Ghost peppers - (CatBird)
Zinnias assorted colors - (Jan23)
Double Yellow Datura - (coleup)
Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth (donnerville, Jan23)
Delaware Indian Ceremonial tobacco/dwarf nicotiana - (coleup)
Cinnamon Fern - (coleup, greenthumb99, Jan23)
Northern Sea Oats
Southern Shield Fern (greenthumb99)

Dr. Seuss Brug (Gita)
Zephrine Drouhin (critterologist)
Mayapple (greenthumbs99)
Lily of the Valley (rubyw)
PB Bush (Chantell)

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Mount Laurel, NJ(Zone 7a)

...WE ARE ABLE TO MAKE IT!!! see you all soon!!

dmail your wishes so I'm sure to see them - Thanks!

2 Hydrangea macrophylla ‘blue billow’ (mountain hydrangea, hydrangea serrata)- (1 Jen)

2 Hosta “Krossa Regal”, hosta x nigrescens
variegated Acuba cuttings (brightens a shady spot)
red Shiso perilla, spreads

2 hot pink fuschia Phlox
2 Physostegia virginiana (Obedient Plant/False Dragonhead) pink, spreads
Lady in Red Salvia -(hummingbirds love it)
6 Salvia sclarea ‘turkestanica alba’ (Vatican sage) - (2 Gardadore, 1 Chantell)

1 Climbing sweet autumn clematis paniculata
3 Butterfly Bush, Buddleia davidii, “white profusion”-

2 strawberry plants
3 Chia (2 onewish)
Red blooming Cannas (green leaves) rhizomes - (some for onewish)

1 Evening primrose, “sundrops”, oenothera
3 Salvia ‘purple knock out’ Lyreleaf Sage (Cancer Weed, Salvia lyrata)
2 Callicarpa Bodinieri, Purple Beautyberry

1 mole plant
6 cherry tomato plants (hardy, tasty, save seeds every year, no id)
3 pepperoncini

houseplant rooted cutting (no id, variegated 1-2-inch wide, 12-14-inch long leaves, like a corn stalk)

Yvonne's Salvia (gorgeous red, gets tall, hummingbirds love this) - (1 Chantell, 1 Critter)
hollyhock bicolor dbl white w/purple (onewish1)
established female asparagus roots (HollyAnn)

wish list
Coleus chocolate mint
Coleus trailing lava rose
unusual salvias or agastaches

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Crozet, VA

Saving my space here.

Crozet, VA

HAVE TO OFFER - may add more later

Sedum Sarmentosan
Day Lilies - have Stella D'Oro, Happy Returns, Bountiful Valley, King of Hearts and Mary Todd
Iris - Old Fashion Blues and some yellow colored ones, sorry about lack of names
Lamb's Ear
Rose Campion
Sedum Autumn Joy
Creeping Jenny
Jacob Cline Monarda
Lily of The Valley
Tall growing variety of Artemesia
Purple Butterfly Bush
Shasta Daisy
Blackeyed Susan
Hens and Chicks
Prickly Pear Cactus
On good sized White Scabiosa
Sweet Woodruff
Lemon Balm
More White Scabiosa


Woodland Poppy - Holly
Woodland Poppy - Sally
Varigated Loriope - Sally
Yellow Iris - Sally
Russell's Lupine - Sgardener
Streptocarpus - Donnerville
Swedish Ivy - Gita
Brazilian Plume Flower - Gita
Purple Oxalis - Gita
Ric Rac Cactus - Gita
Clivia - Gita
Careyopteris - RosesRRed
Bloody Dock, Columbine and Woodland Poppy - Holly
Lilac - Jill
Russel Lupine - Ssgardener
Black Hens and Chicks, Banana Plant - Coleup

REQUESTS from others:

Jill - Hens and Chicks, White Scabiosa
Ssgardener - Creeping Jenny, Umbrella Tree (from seed swap,) packet of Portulaca from seed swap, Sedum Sarmentosan
Gita - Monarda, Creeping Jenny
David and Pat - Blackberry Lilies and Varigated Hosta
Sally - Yellow Creeping Jenny, Umbrella Tree from Seed Swap and Mexican Lily from earlier request
Donnerville - Any Iris
Bec_No_Va - Iris and Day Lilies, house plants
Kubileya - Lily of the Valley
Chantell - Lily of the Valley, Lemon Balm, Yellow Archangel, 2 Aloes, Artemesia and Rose Campion
Coleup - Prickly Pear, Hens and Chicks - two Coleus and some Day Lilies
Jan23 - Rose Campion
Catbird - Hosta, Yellow Iris and a couple Day Lilies
Buttoneer - Persicaria, low growing Iris and a pinkish Day Lily, short Iris, Yellow Creeping Jenny
Aspenhill - Sweet Woodruff and Lemon Balm
Happy McComb - Monarda, Scabiosa and Shasta Daisy
Pippi - King of Hearts Day Lily, Happy Returns Day Lily, Short Iris
Flowerjen - Rosemary

As of almost 5 PM May 11, 2012

Subject to change. Thanks all.


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Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

OK, I think I'm getting a better idea of what's "out there" to share this year! I may not get around to potting up and bringing some of the things on the list unless they're requested, so please do post on the chat thread if you see something you'd like to have. Thanks!

UPDATED April 21


TOMATOES: I'll bring mixed 6-packs of heirlooms that include Black Russian, Brandywine Yellow, San Marzano, "Friendship" (round red noid), Potato Top, and a random extra. There are also a few more random 6-packs. Please let me know how many you'd like -- I'll bring a few extras, but not a whole flat if I don't know that they're wanted.

PEPPERS: 'Sweet Pickles' is a beautiful compact plant with little colorful peppers that are just delicious eaten red-ripe out of hand. Non-bitter seeds mean they are good to pickle whole, hence their name. We got good germination on this one, so I have a whole extra flat to share with friends & neighbors. I should also have a few extra plants of non-bell hybrids (Gypsy, Carmen). I'll also bring along a few hot pepper plants.

BASIL: UPDATE I had some seedling losses, so I'll need to sort through just before the swap to see what I have to bring... there's still a pretty good assortment to share, just not quite as many varieties as I was hoping. Most of the extras went into "mixed" 6-packs. I did pot up a couple dozen extra "Italian Genovese" clumps from a second batch of seedlings.

CUTTINGS which may or may not "take" but I can still put your name on one now!

Butterfly Bush, 3 or 4 varieties (as of mid-April, looks like I may have 2 or 3 each of 'Black Knight', 'Pink Delight', 'Royal Red', and 1 'Nanho Blue'.)
Climbing Rose, 'Zepherin Drouhine' (will grow & bloom in part shade, the only rose I know that does this... pink, fragrant)
Great-Aunt Erna's Lilac (dark purple, a family heirloom)
Jasmine x Stephanense (hardy to zone 6/7; I've got it growing near a big "heat sink" rock)
Coral Honeysuckle with red blooms from spring to fall, semi-evergreen for me
Honeysuckle with pink/yellow/cream blooms (Lonicera americana)
Russian Sage -- may only have one set of "good" cuttings, which has been spoken for
"Heirloom Lavender" Pussywillow from Philly Flower Show (daintier & more compact than "regular" pussywillow)
Crooked Willow will see if some extra cuttings will still root, only took a couple this year & now they're spoken for
Kerria japonica 2 rooted pieces, several pots of cuttings that I think are striking roots

DIVISIONS -- random things from my garden:

Variegated Vinca major -- 5 pots, will also pull a bag of starts for SSG
Bouncing Bett -- 1 pot, can take more
Shasta Daisy -- will dig on request
Black-eyed Susan -- 4 pots, will dig more babies on request
Greek Oregano -- 6 pots
Rose Petal Thyme (depending on what I can get to root into pots, hopefully at least 6)
English Thyme (6 pots, can pot up more)
(dis)Obedient Plant (light purple, spreads but shallow roots pull easily) -- 3 pots, could take more
Clematis virginiana (believe there are a couple of layered pieces that could be potted, will search)
Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) -- Found a couple volunteer seedlings that could be potted up
Monarda -- will try to figure out which one, but something is coming up well in a corner of the orchard!
'Chocolate Peppermint' -- will try to pot at least 6, can pull a bunch of rooted starts if wanted
'Kentucky Colonel' spearmint -- 6 pots, could take more
'Hillary's Sweet Lemon' hybrid mint (limited availability, hopefully at least 6 small pots) http://www.richters.com/Web_store/web_store.cgi?product=X4019&show=&prodclass=Herb_and_Vegetable_Plants&cart_id=136483.27032
'Pink Candypops' hybrid mint (limited availability, maybe just 3 small pots) http://www.richters.com/Web_store/web_store.cgi?product=X4019-360&cart_id=111.100

Aspenhill: Phlox 'Katherine', Stachys 'Humelo'
Chantell: PB shrub cutting,
Coleup: EE, Icelandic (var.) ivy, 'Chickasaw' dwarf crepe myrtle
donnerville: AV / strep babies
FlowAjen: purple-veined petunia
Gardadore: Leptodermis (3, please), Chelone Hot Lips, Anemone canadensis, Dicentra Bacchanal, Euphorbia Chameleon, Lunaria, any, Ironweed, Japanese Anemone, Knautia macedonia, Lilac Miss Kim, Sedum rupestre, Angelina, St. John's Wort
Gita: curly spider for Joyanna, hydrangea 'Endless Summer', braz. plume, Chrysanthemum pacificum,
Happy: Yellow Corydalis, Bleeding Heart babies, Geranium macrorrhizum 'Ingwersen's Variety', Polygonatum odoratum Variegatum (Solomon's Seal), Stylophorum diphyllum (Wood Poppy), Hosta 'Ginko Craig'
Holly: bamboo poles, comfrey, hellebore babies
Jan23: Hakone grass,
Jen: Asclepias 'Cinderella'
Onewish: French Pink PW, orange mint
ROSES R RED: Verbascum 'Southern Charm', pink Chelone, Asclepias inc. pink, Salvia patens
Ruby: white scabiosa
SallyG: TB "Lucy"
ssgardener: Sedum 'John Creech'

Promised (Lord willing & the creek don't rise!):
Aspenhill: Aunt Erna's Lilac, KYC spearmint,
Buttoneer: Kerria japonica
Catbird: HB tomato
Chantell: russian sage, H&S basil, mints, white yarrow, Hart's pussytoes
Coleup: tomatoes (2 six-packs), HB tomato, SP peppers, Kerria japonica, basils, black eyed susans, thymes, lilac, Clematis vir.
donnerville: obedient plant (lots), mints, basils, hot peppers
FlowAJen: Geranium 'Biokovo', basils, (SG cuttings)
Gardadore: 'Gypsy' Pepper, Pink Candypops Mint
Gita: 'Sweet Pickles' pepper (6-pk)
greenthumb99: Lamium, big Coral Honeysuckle, 'Pink Candypops' mint, BB pink
Happy: Kerria japonica, HB tomato, Geranium 'Biokovo', mints, oreganos, thymes, basils, Whirlwind, 2 hydrangeas, Petit Blue, strawberry MdB, Monarda Rasp. Wine,
Holly: lavender PW, Sambuca 'Black Lace'
Kubileya: ZD rose cutting,
Jan23: tomato 6-pack, peppers (variety), ZD rose cutting, crooked willow, lemon mint, KYC spearmint
Onewish: lavender PW, HB tomato, HSL mint, PCandypops mint, geranium 'Biokovo'
ssgardener: variagated vinca (lots), Clem. virginiana, thymes, ZD rose, Inky Fingers cuttings, HS Lemon Mint
SallyG: semps esp. arachnoideum, tinytiny sedum, sweet peppers, San Marzano & Potato Top tomatoes (3 each), Ger 'Tiny Monster'
ROSES R RED: Coral Honeysuckle, L. americana, Jasmine steph.
Ruby: lilac (from fall swap)
Wind: tomato 6-pk,

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Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Saving my space...

Korean lilac 'Palibin': Chantell
Common Violet
Miscellaneous Hosta
Miscellaneous Daffodils - most are white and/or pale lemon yellow
Baptisia 'Purple Smoke' - 2 divisions - PROMISED (0 left): Donnerville, Ecnalg
Hardy Geranium noname - 3 divisions: Flowajen
Phlox 'Katherine' - 3-5 divisions: Critterologist, Happy, Buttoneer, Gardadore
Stachys 'Humelo': Critterologist
Spiderwort noname: Coleup
Cimicifuga - 2-3 divisions - PROMISED (0 left): Coleup, Jan23, Ecnalg
Crested iris
Heuchera 'Firefly' - 3: Happy, Wind

Buttoneer - Creeping Jenny
Coleup - Bleeding Hearts, white and/or pink, mini hosta 'Blue mouse ears'
Critterologist - Great Aunt Erma's lilac, Kenutcky Colonel spearmint
Donnerville - japanese anemone
Gardadore - Adenophora Bulleyana, Chelone Hot Lips, Japanese anemone, Kitaibelia vitifolia, Lamium Orchid Frost, Leptodermis,Pulmonaria
Gita - Brazilian Plume, Foxgloves white/pink, daffodils
Greenthumb - campanula 'Elizabeth', digitalis 'Foxy', 'Alba', 'Candy Mountain'
Happy - Tiarella cordifolia ‘Eco Running Tapestry’, solomon's seal, begonia grandis
Holly - campanula 'Pink Octopus', hellebores, chocolate mint
Jan23 - Siberian iris 'purple'
Ruby - sweet woodruff, lemon balm
Sally - spiderwort 'lavender'

Buttoneer - Phlox 'Katherine'
Chantell - Korean lilac
Coleup - Cimicifuga, Spiderwort
Critterologist - Phlox 'Katherine'
Donnerville - Baptisia 'Purple Smoke'
Ecnalg - Cimicifuga, Baptisia 'Purple Smoke'
Flowajen - hardy geranium
Gardadore - Phlox 'Katherine'
Happy - Heuchera 'Firefly', Phlox 'Katherine'
Jan23 - Cimicifuga
Wind - Heuchera 'Firefly'

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annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

White or pink old fashioned Bleeding Hearts
Baby Hardy Banana plants (Musa Basjoo)
Ostrich fern division
Icelandic ivy starts (hardy here)
Dwarf Crepe Myrtle shrub 'Chickasaw'
Plectantrus "Mona Lavender"
Various alo and colo casias aka Elephant Ears and Taro
Black version of Hen and Chicks chicks
Alocasia 'Freydek'

a cutting or plant of as many named Coleus as possible...
a summer of moderate heat and humidity

Promised Passalongs

greenthumb white bleeding hearts, ferns, 'Blue Billow' hydrangea, 'Black Stem' taro
ssgardener Hardy banana baby (musa Basjoo), alocasia/colocasia,
Freydek, voodoo, black hen and chicks
donnerville 'Mona Lavender,' Black Magic' or 'Black Stem' taro, fish pepper
sallyg black stem EE, icelandic ivy. Freydek, Tropicanna canna, Bird of
Paradise.white easter cactus, lorapetalum 'Suzanne"
Holly and Ric banana, alocasia/colocasia, black hen and chicks
Rubyw baby banana, alocasia/colocasia.Freydek, black hen and chicks, 2 blue
mouse ear hosta, velvet sunset oxalis
Critterologist colocasia escalante 'Black Stem' or caladora for water garden, dwarf
crepe myrtle, icelandic ivy, fish pepper
Catbird dealers choice alocasia/colocasia
Chantell taro 'Illustris' , Herb Robert, white yarrow,Euphorbia 'Black Bird'
Roses Dwarf crepe myrtle, Freydek
FlowAjen white bleeding heart
Jan23 alocasia/colocasia, white bleeding heart, ostrich fern, 2 KO roses
Buttoneer black hen n chicks, Freydek, crepe myrtle, hardy begonia?
Aspenhill pink and white bleeding hearts, EE, 3 blue 'mouse ear' hosta, tovara
Cheryl white or pink bleeding heart (with Aspenhill's stuff)
Happy 'Mona Lavender'
Gita Icelandic Ivy, Tropicana canna, white easter cactus
Coleuslover ' Mona Lavender'

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Thumbnail by coleup Thumbnail by coleup
Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

-Agave/Yucca - I'm sure the darn things will be popping up...again!
-DATURA WRIGHTII seeds - gorgeous lily-like night scented blooms
-Peanut Butter Shrub http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/772/ 1 maybe 2 yearlings - once this thing flowers mid summer - it fills my yard with a magical perfume (but not 'too heavy' of a scent)
-Blood Maple - infant volunteers (literally 2" above soil)
-hardy Prickly pear pads - throw em on the ground they'll root
-Morning Glory volunteers that reseeded for those of you in need of something to fill space
-Butterfly Ginger - IF I can get the dang things dug up from under the tree
-Spanish Lavender cuttings - for those more skilled then I at rooting ^_^ Beautiful blooms - mildly scented (as compared to Provence)
- Possible Cardinal Climber http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/662/ and/or
- Possible Cypress vine http://davesgarden.com/tools/journal/viewentry.php?rid=147967
If neither of the above vines pop up prior to swap - dmail me for seeds come fall
- Chocolate Vine - Akebia quinata cuttings http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/369/
- 1 NOID Plumeria w/white blooms (rather large/gangly so will need to see if Bec & I have room)
-Passifloras Maypop or Incense not sure which one
ADDED 5-16-12
-Oregano-Thyme Mint
-Pinapple Mint
ADDED 5-17-12
Stephens jasmine
ssgardener - 1 Lilium 'Dolly Madison' http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/80267/ OR Lilium 'Coral Sunrise' Bulb http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/104370/ , cutting or section of Spanish lavender
Holly -1 Hedychium 'Tai Pink Profusion' http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/182569/
Kubileya - PB shrub toddler
Critter - PB shrub - PB shrub toddler or cuttings if no toddler avail, Passiflora
Sally - PB shrub - PB shrub toddler or cuttings if no toddler avail
Buttoneer - PB shrub toddler or cuttings if no toddler avail
wind - PB shrub toddler or cuttings if no toddler avail
Coleup - prickly pads
onewish1 - passiflora
greenthumb99 - passiflora, Oregano-Thyme Mint
Jan23 - passiflora

Gita - Wintersweet yearlings, Maya cutting, Dr S
Sally - Lilac (white)
Holly - Bamboo poles, Wisteria (only IF you have enough might I get 2 extras?), horseradish
Coleup - EE's, Herb Robert (if still avail)
Terri - Korean lilac 'Palibin' (dwarf)
Jan23 - Lilac (light purple)
Jill - Russian Sage, Mints (if avail), Hot and spicy basil, white yarrow
Ruby - Lily of the Valley, aloe, Lemon Balm, Yellow Archangel and Rose Campion
Buttoneer - Greater Celandine Poppy, Miniature Solomon's Seal, Confederate Violet
Happy - Polygonatum odoratum Variegatum (Solomon's Seal)
gardadore - Lilac Miss Kim, Monarda Jacob Cline, St. John's Wort, Lysimachia, Leptodermis
onewish - agastache giant white
greenthumb99 - Autumn Olive, Va. Mountain Mint, Mandrake, Belladonna
wind - Vatican sage and Yvonne's salvia
Mock Orange - I gave Bec mine from Bluestone last year - I'm looking for the old fashioned, highly scented one.
White Yarrow - old fashion kind I begged for last year...please and thank you
'Moonstone' Peony (figured wouldn't hurt to ask - LOL)
Medicinal Herbs
Fragrant 'stuff'

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Huntsville, AL(Zone 7b)

Hiya - thing 2 here...I have nothing specific as of now, I let the garden go last summer as life got in the way - so I'll be begging for leftovers! :-)

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)


Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Okay, here I am finally posting


NOID oak leaf hydrangea- donnerville, ssgardener,ecnalg, coleup, sallyg, Kubileya
NOID lilac. Light Purple. Fragrant. - 2 left Coleup, Chantell
Carex buchaneii. - Ssgardener
Montauk daisy. - 3 divisions. Several cuttings. If they root
Money plant. - 3
Siberian iris. Purple. - ecnalg, coleup, aspen hill
Tall sedum. Pink.
Sedum autumn joy. - 2

Hakone grass. Chartruse. - critter, ssgardener 2
Butterfly bush purple. - 2
Shasta daisy. Becky. - 2 divisions


Holly. - hellebore. Dragon wing begonia
Gita. - holiday cactus. Dr. Seuss brug. Foxglove. Nandina. Tiger lily
Critter. - Zephrin Drouhine. Tomatoes. Peppers
Green thumb. - rusty foxglove
Coleup- ee, white bleeding heart, ostrich fern,
Sallyg- white lilac, redbud, sedum blue spruce, kerria
Ecnalg- c. Elizabeth, c Myrtle
Donnerville- coneflower, Oenothera tetragonal, red amaranth
Ruby - rose campion
Aspen hill- cimicifuga

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Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

oops, wrong thread!

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Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

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Carlisle, PA(Zone 6b)

Creeping Jenny Lots & Lots (plant)
Greater Celandine Poppy (plant_
Unknown Vine (Very pretty houseplant) (rooted cutting)
Hawaiian Spider Plant (variegated) (plant)
Bryophyllum (several varieties) daigremontianum, crennatum, & tubiflora (leaves, easy to root)
Miniature Hosta (plant)
Miniature Solomon's Seal Polygonatum humile (plant)
Rhipsalis paradoxa (cutting)
Rhipsalis clavata (cutting)
Rhipsalia elliptica (cutting)
Confederate Violet (plant)
Sedums (several different kinds) (cuttings & plants)
Cinnamon Fern (1 or 2) (plant)
Yellow Corydalis (way too many)
Lysimachia cletheroides (Gooseneck Loosetrife) (way too many)
Aristolochia baetica. (about 6) rooted divisions.

Variegated Hosta
Anything variegated
Persicaria Red Dragon
Miniature Iris
Campanula Pink Octopus (Holly)
Creeping Phlox, any color but pink.
Sedum dragon's blood (SS Gardener)
Red Coreopsis
Geum Totally Tangerine (Flowajen)
Lipstick plant (Donnerville)
Kerria (Critter)
Chickasaw Dwarf Crepe Myrtle (coleup)
Hardy Geranium
Phlox Katherine
Hardy Begonia Pink (coleup)
Black Hen & Chicks chicks (coleup)
Alocasia frydek (coleup)
PB Plant (Chantell)
Verbascum Southern Charm (Roses R Red)
Delphinium magic fountain (Roses R Red)
Digitalis Apricot Beauty (Greenthumb99)
Butterfly Weed Cinderella (Flowajen)
Salvia Blue & Black (Happy Macomb)
Hellebore babies (Holly)
Balloon Flower (One Wish)

Plants requested by others
Creeping Jenny: Aspenhill
Miniature Solomon's Seal (Greenthumb99) (Donnerville), (Flowajen) (Coleup), (Chantell)
Couple small fossil rocks (Flowajen's kids)
Cinnamon Fern (SS Gardener)
Creeping Jenny (SS Gardener)
Bryophyllums (SS Gardener)
Rhipsalis (SS Gardener)
Hardy Sedum or Semp (Critter for Joyanna)
Mini Hosta (Coleup)
Greater Celandine Poppy (Chantell
Confederate Violet (Chantell)
Rock (Chantell)

Plants promised to me
Campanula Pink Octopus (Holly)
Butterfly Weed Cinderella, Geum Totally Tangerine (Flowajen)
Verbascum Southern Charm, Delphinium Magic Fountain (Roses R Red)
Variegated Solomons Seal, Columbines & 2 others (Greenthumb99)
Kerria japonica (Critterologist)
Black Hen & Chicks (Coleup)
Saxifraga stolonifera (Happy Macomb)
Agastache rootbeer (Onewish
Sedum Angelina (SS Gardener)
Sedum John Creech (SS Gardener)
Columbine Purple (Critter)

NOTE: Please Dmail me if there is anything I left out
on this list as to what you would like me to bring along
for you but tomorrow night (Wednesday) is the deadline.
Thanks so much.

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)


Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

moved the request to the proper thread.

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Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I have not heard back from you on the Mini Iris.
I think I posted it on another thread. I offered to dig some of mine up for you.
They are deep blue/purple.

Let me know....Gita

Thumbnail by Gitagal
Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

NOTE: I will be arriving very late at the swap -- as late as 2pm. So if you are getting plants from me and you will be leaving early, can you see if there is someone who is staying later can bring your plants home for you? Or you can always pick them up from my house (just north of the DC line) if that is convenient. Or we can work out whatever arrangement would suit you -- just let me know.

Ajuga reptans (common)
Anemone japonica 'Hadspen Abundance' (critter, greenthumb99) -- POTTED UP -- ALL GONE
Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding heart) (seedlings) (up to 5 for Critter) -- POTTED UP
Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae (can be invasive) (ssgardener, donnerville, Holly) -- POTTED UP
Galium odoratum (sweet woodruff) (ssgardener) -- POTTED UP AND DELIVERED
Geranium macrorrhizum 'Ingwersen's Variety' (Critter, Coleup) -- POTTED UP -- ALL GONE
Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' (small starts) (2 for ssgardener, coleup, Jill, Gardadore) -- POTTED UP -- ALL GONE
Polygonatum odoratum Variegatum (Solomon's Seal) (Chantell, Critter, coleup, aspenhill) -- ALL GONE
Saxifraga stolonifera (Strawberry Begonia) definitely hardy in my zone 7a garden – I’ve grown it for years) (greenthumb99 (lots), ssgardener, sallyg, buttoneer)
Sedum Ternatum (small starts) (greenthumb99, ssgardener, sally, Holly, coleup, Gardadore) -- ALL GONE -- POTTED UP
Stylophorum diphyllum (Wood Poppy) (ssgardener, critter)
Tiarella cordifolia ‘Eco Running Tapestry’ (ecnalg (lots), Holly, coleup, aspenhill, Gardadore)
Rocks (ssgardener, flowAjen) -- ALL GONE
@Additions on 4/25/12:
Trumpet vine (lots to donnerville)
Variegated low growing Euonymous -- not sure what cultivar -- I have probably 6 newly rooted stems. Might be Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald & Gold.' We've had it forever.
Lemon balm (invasive)
Yellow Corydalis (Critter, Gardadore)
Winter aconite (Holly, Gardadore, greenthumb99)
Persicaria Virginiana, Variagata Group (invasive but not too awful)
Hosta Ginko Craig (small and variegated) (indestructible clump for Sally, Jill, coleup) -- ALL GONE
lots of dandelions, garlic mustard, bishops weed, bamboo, invasive honeysuckle, etc.
Additions on 4/26/12
Begonia Grandis (Gardadore, Holly (lots), Coleup, onewish1, Aspenhill)
Lysimachia clethroides (Gooseneck Loosestrife) (aggressive)
Additions on 4/28-29/2012
Salvia "Blue and Black" cuttings -- it is supposed to be easy to root (flowAjen, Ruby, Buttoneer)
Chickweed (???): Chantell
Additions on 5/5/2012
Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) (Catbird423)
Chrysanthemum x rubellum 'Clara Curtis'
Additions on 5/7/2012
Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) (Sally G)
Perennial ageratum

Until I indicate I am out, please assume I have plenty of everything to go around.

Gita: monkshood, wintersweet seedling
Sally: maybe redbud, white lilac, blue spruce sedum, Geranium bigroot
Holly: columbine and forsythia
Roses: Ajuga Black Scallop, pink Chelone (turtlehead)
Critter: Zephirine Drouhin, Jasmine x steph...., Coral Honeysuckle, Kerria Japonica
Aspen: Heuchera (to buy); phlox
Coleup: Mona Lavendar
Donnerville: Japanese anemones (white or pink flowers), Oenothera tetragona (upright primrose. rebloom if cut down after first blooming), Jasmine cuttings (I think it is a Jasminum sambac, but not very sure. It needs to come inside in the winter time.); fragrant white iris
Gardadore: Anemone canadensis, Aster novi-belgii Purple Dome, Brunnera Langtrees (Spotted), Euphorbia Chameleon, Euphorbia Fireglow, Japanese Anemone, Kitaibelia vitifolia
Catbird: catnip
Ruby: Monarda Jacob Cline, Scabiosa and some Shasta Daisy
Gita: Cutting of Endless Summer
CRICKETHILLCT: yellow bleeding heart

Camellias ordered:
C. oleifera (one @ $12 for Jill + $4 shipping)
C. japonica 'April Rose' (one @ $14 for Jill + $4 shipping)
Camellia sinensis var. sinensis, Small Leaf Tea (one @ $14 for Jill + $4 shipping)
Camellia japonica 'April Remembered (1 @ $14.00 for Roses_R_Red + $4 shipping)

Labels ordered from AmLeo:
Critter (250 labels for $10) and Sally (50 labels for $2)

Note to self: bring table, bottle of wine, something for gift exchange, $ for Aspenhill for heuchera, couple pots to put cuttings in, camera, GPS/address; print-out of this list.

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Denville, NJ(Zone 6b)

have - can dig
heliopsis http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/fp.php?pid=9100365
Pussy Willow - Holly, Jill, coleup
pachysandra - CRICKETHILLCT
plain green hosta (have lots of big ones to dig before they burn with the tree that came down) Catbird423
shasta daisy https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/Yw5UARBWwQKUVA0CMYjg1A?feat=directlink Catbird423
Variegated Vinca http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/fp.php?pid=7715430
tradescantia (spotted 2 that came back on me.. thought they were gone)
coleus - coleup, Catbird423
chocolate mint 3 -
variegated mint 3 -
pineapple mint 3 -
orange mint 3 - ecnalg,
balloon flowers - Buttoneer
plectranthus - Catbird423

haves - seed plants
Agastache Root beer (too small for me to sell.. but will pot some up for you guys) http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/showimage/203653/ - Buttoneer, Jen
Baptisia" australis var. minor "Blue Wild Indigo" - 4 - (won't bloom for years) http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/18/
Agastache Giant White - greenthumb99, Chantell

Wants -
Gita - any canna starts, Maya Brug
Teri - a blushing susie vine, and agastache bolero
Greenthumb99 - any foxglove / penstemon
Wind - hollyhock bicolor, chia, canna
Happy_macomb - Tiarella cordifolia ‘Eco Running Tapestry’
Gardadore - Monarda Jacob Cline, Saponaria
happy_macomb - Begonia Grandis
Plants for sale DMail me if you are interested - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Au9IBkpuMjyMdDQzc1NtVzhSR3JYMzlid1Zfa3hRX1E

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Saylorsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

Finally I am getting around to posting a list. It is not complete so I will be adding periodically but this will get me started!!

HAVES - 5+ simply means I have a lot so feel free to request it!

Adenophora Bulleyana (a kind of ladybell) tall and blooms blue) (2) Donnerville; HollyAnn; Aspenhill
Anemone canadensis (Gone) Low growing in clumps Blooms white in spring to early summer and spreads Critter; Happy; Jan23; Donnerville
Aster novi-belgii Purple Dome (5+) Happy; ssgardener; Buttoneer; FlowAgen
Brunnera Regular (bugloss) - A large leaf that blooms with a forget me not flower (4)
Brunnera Langtrees (Spotted) (0) Happy; Donnerville; Greenthumb99; HollyAnn; Buttoneer (only if I find more!)
Campanula Pink Octopus (5)
Centaurea Montana Blue (blooms all summer with deadheading - true blue color) (5+) sally; Donnerville; FlowAgen; Buttoneer
Chelone Hot Lips (1) Critter; Greenthumb99; Aspenhill; Buttoneer
Chrysanthemum Blaine's FallColors (5 +) Colors (yellow/orange) - spreads nicely
Chrysanthemum Emperor of China (3) Pink HollyAnn; Buttoneer
Chrysanthemum Hillside Pink - (5+) FlowAgen
Chrysogonum virginianum (4) - wonderful ground cover that blooms yellow - very controllable http://plants.usda.gov/java/profile?symbol=chvi5 Happy;
Dicentra Bacchanal (0 Left) Dwarf bleeding heart, with small, narrow wine-red blooms. Unusual variety. Critter; Jan23; Donnerville; Greenthumb99; Flowagen; HollyAnn
Euphorbia Chameleon (1) Deep red and self seeds Critter; Happy; ssgardener; Catbird423;
Euphorbia Fireglow (0) Produces orange bracts rather than yellow and is tall) Happy; ssgardener; Catbird423 (2); HollyAnn

Ironweed (mine is originally from Colorado) (0) Grows 6-9 ft. tall with dark purple flowers. Fabulous cut flowers. They are magnificent as they tower over everything late summer. Critter; Jan23; Buttoneer ;Wind ***Please Note: I forgot they are very late to break through the soil so are hard to find! Roots run very deep as well so I will do my best to dig them out and keep them viable. New seedlings are much easier to dig out but appear later in the season!

Japanese Anemone (5+) Different varieties. Can bloom pink or white, be single or double. Critter; Happy; Jan23; Greenthumb99; Aspenhill;
Kitaibelia vitifolia - tall plant with white flowers and a green interior (0 left) Only 2 seedlings found this year. Happy; Aspenhill;
Knautia macedonica (blooms all summer, pink, lilac, burgundy red) (5+) Critter; Buttoneer;
Lamium Orchid Frost (3) Aspenhill

Leptodermis - Small shrub with lilac like flowers (0) Critter (3); Donnerville; Chantell; HollyAnn; Aspenhill; Buttoneer - Please Note: I am closing this as I forgot this shrub is slow to break dormancy and leaf out. Therefore, I am not sure I can find more than 8 shoots at this time of year and have them survive. I should be able to get the 8 - we have two weeks yet!

Lilac Miss Kim (5+) Critter; ssgardener; Happy; Chantell;

Lunarias: All lunarias are biannual, bloom the second year and then drop their seeds. These are not the normal ones but rather special!
1. Lunaria (Money Plants or Honesty) Barnsley House which has a purple leaf and darker reddish purple flowers than the norm. Critter; Buttoneer
2. Lunaria Variegated Pink Flower Stunning its second year. Critter;
3. Lunaria Variegated White Flower - Plants will bloom next year. (5 or more depending on demand and my digging!) Critter;

Lysimachia Regular - Yellow blooms - spreads but controllable (4) Chantell
Monarda Jacob Cline (5+) Jan23; Onewish1; Chantell;
Pulmonaria - (3) regular Greenthumb99; Aspenhill
Rose campion (biannual - reseeds happily but are a stunning purplish red)
Saponaria rubra plena Bouncing Betty Rose (soapflower) (5+ - unlimited!) Onewish1; Greenthumb99; Buttoneer;
Saponaria rubra plena Bouncing Betty White (5+) No guarantees since the pink has mingled with the white - don't know until it blooms! Onewish1;
Sedum Autumn Fire or similar type (2)
Sedum pruniatum Blue Spruce - (3) Low growing and blooms yellow - easy to control ssgardener;
Sedum rupestre Angelina (5+) Wonderful Groundcover - bright yellow on red stems - easy to pull out to control Critter;
St. John's Wort (5+) Great groundcover Critter; Catbird423 (a couple); Chantell;
Vinca Minor atropurpurea (3) - Has purple flowers - different from the regular blue but does spread!! But really Beautiful!
Tiger lilies (These get really tall)

Additional Have (May 2, 2012)
Waldsteinia Fragarioides (5) - barren strawberry with yellow flowers (no fruit!) http://www.bluestoneperennials.com/WAFR.html Happy


1. Critterologist:
Leptodermis (3, please, if you truly have lots and they're not hard to dig)
Chelone Hot Lips (just barely resisted ordering this one last night!)
Anemone canadensi
Dicentra Bacchanal
Euphorbia Chameleon
Lunaria, any (for some reason, I haven't been able to get this one started!)
Japanese Anemone (any... want to get these going near my peonies for later color)
Knautia macedonia
Lilac Miss Kim
Sedum rupestre Angelina
St. John's Wort

2. happy_macomb
Anemone canadensis
Aster novi-belgii Purple Dome
Brunnera Langtrees (Spotted)
Euphorbia Chameleon
Euphorbia Fireglow
Japanese Anemone
Kitaibelia vitifolia
Miss Kim
Chrysogonum virginianum
Waldsteinia Fragarioides

3. Jan23
Anemone canadensis
Dicentra bacchanal
Japanese anemone
Monad Jacob Cline

C entaurea Montana Blue

5. ssgardener
Lilac Miss kim
Sedum Blue Spruce
Euphorbia Chameleon
Euphorbia Fireglow
Aster Purple Dome

6. Catbird423
St. John’s Wort (several)
Euphorbia Chameleon (1)
Euphorbia Fireglow (2)

7. Donnerville
Adenophora Bulleyana
Anemone canadensis
Brunnera Langtrees
Centaurea Montana Blue
Dicentra Bacchanal
Anemone canadensis

8. Chantell - Mockorange suckers
Lilac Miss Kim
Monarda Jacob Cline
St. John's Wort

9. Onewish1
Monarda Jacon Cline,
Saponaria rubra plena Bouncing Betty Rose

10. Greenthumb99
Brunnera Langtrees
Chelone Hot Lips
Dicentra Bacchanal
Japanese Anemone
Saponaria rubra plena Bouncing Betty Rose

11. FlowAgen
Aster Purple Dome
Centaurea Montana Blue
Chrysanthemum Hillside Pink
Dicentra Bacchal

12. HollyAnn
Adenophora Bulleyana
Brunnera Langtrees
Chrysanthemum Emperor of China
Dicentra Bacchanal
Euphorbia Fireglow
Lilac Miss Kim

13. Aspenhill
Adenophora Bulleyana
Chelone Hot Lips
Japanese anemone
Kitaibelia vitifolia
Lamium Orchid Frost

14. Buttoneer
Aster novi-belgii Purple Dome
Brunnera Langtrees (Spotted Probably out
Chelone Hot Lips
Centaurea montana Blue
Chrysanthemum Emporer of China
Knautia macedonica
Lunaria Barnesley House
Saponaria rubra plena Bouncing Betty Rose

15. Wind

Yarrow Paprika - Sallyg
Raddichio - Sallyg
Pepper Gypsy - Critter
Iris White HollyAnn
Lamium Silver Beacon HollyAnn
Woodpoppy HollyAnn
Curly Willow HollyAnn
Marigolds Sweet Cream - HollyAnn
Bamboo Poles - HollyAnn
Geum Totally Tangerine - FlowAjen
Butterfly weed Cinderella - FlowAgen
Monkshood - Gitagal
Digitalis Apricot Beauty - Greenthumb99
Candy Mountain - Greenthumb99
Hakonechloa Aureola - happy_macomb
Begonia Grandis - happy_macomb
Sedum Ternatum - happy_macomb
Tiarella Cordifolia Eco Running - happy_macomb
Sedum John Creech - ssgardner
Gypsy Pepper - Critterologist
Pink Candypops Mint - Critter Pending
Phlox Katherine - Aspenhill
Yellow Corydalis - Buttoneer
Great Celandine Poppy - Buttoneer
Salvia sclarea ‘turkestanica alba’ (Vatican sage) - Wind
Cheddar Cauliflower - CRICKETHILLCT (Larry & Vickie)

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Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

FlowAJen..if you have any more Tangerine Geum plants, that are not spoken for, I would love to have one plant/seedling. I have Mrs. Bradshaw that I winterowed in 2011 and it is blooming now and it's a keeper! Has many blooms on it; I'm so pleased with it. First time I have ever had this plant.
My Wish List

Tangerine Geum plants

Prairie Sun or Irish Eyes rudbeckia

Any Sarah Bernhardt, Karl Rosenfeld, or Kansas peonies
(maybe somebody has recently divided their Mother plant)

Iris plants..medium height(24-30 in. only)prefer in the purple, blue or yellow colors)

Daylilies: Pardon Me, Little Business, Happy Returns, Rosy Returns

Foxglove: Candy Mountain or Foxy

Lithodora "Grace Ward"

Lauren's grape poppy

I am bringing the following to the plant swap to give away:
Raspberry wine bee balm
Some carpet of snow alyssum (small HOS I wintersowed this year)
Some Forget me nots
I will have some pink creeping phlox that I divided last week, so hopefully they will look good by 5/19
Shasta daisies that have reseeded themselves..They could be Becky, Alaska, Silver Princess or Snow lady(all get different heights)
I potted up a few Sundrops and one Rose campion seedling.


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central, NJ(Zone 6b)

sorry Pippi, Geum is all gone

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

Traffic cop here: Holly wants to limit this thread to listings of haves and wants, and for us to swap on http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1255638/.

(Pippi -- you, ssgardener and I are in the same neighborhood -- we should all meet up at some point.... Oops, broke the rule.)

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Thanks Happy, I'm trying to keep this just for Have /Want Lists all swapping is done on the swapping thread. With so many threads going it is easy to get confused and forget what thread you are on.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

This list is for CRICKETHILLCT our friends Larry & Vickie
Vic asked me to post this for her
May Apple
Rose of Sharon - Traditional
Virginia Blue Bells
Black Pussy Willow
Yellow Bleeding Hearts - Gone Happy_Macomb, Greenthumb99
Purple Butterfly Bush
Sweet Woodruff
Cauliflower 2 ea purple
Cauliflower 2 ea Cheddar - Gone Gardadore
Curly Pussy Willow
Any Columbine
Hyacinth Bean Vine
Tomato- Sun Mart
Pachysandra (I'll like a lot)
Zebra Malva - SSG
Any Sunflowers
Candy Cane OxalisVersicolor
Male or Female Japanese Skimmia

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Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

This list is for my neighbor friend Cheryl

Will be adding info this weekend

Holly - Marigolds Sweet Cream
Sallyg - Creeping phlox, pink or light blue
Donnerville - Brunera (perennial forget-me-not)
Roses - Lavender
Kubileya - Zinnias assorted colors
Coleup - White old fashioned bleeding heart

Mount Laurel, NJ

Coleus cuttings of 'careless love', 'hot embers', 'butter cream', 'red head', 'pele' and there might be a couple others in there. WIND (Diana is going to bring them for me)

Perilla Magilla
Plectranthus (mona lavender)
- WIND (Diana) will pick it up for me, if anyone has some to spare


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