How was your day? #332

somewhere, PA

Please join us in casual chat. We love our pets & we enjoy sharing our experiences here.

I had office help most of the day. I had to help Truffles handle the stress again... she needs ear & chin massages quite often. :-)

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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Aww, what a good boss you are. If you have an opening, I think I will apply as I need massages quite often too, but I prefer the back massage!

Lyndonville, NY

What a cute picture! Thanks for the new thread.

BonnieB, enjoy your DGD for the weekend. Those broken foots are NOT fun. Sounds like the boot/shoe I had.

DH is handling what pain there is just fine, work is falling apart and he spent a great deal of time on the phone with them
talking them through some procedures and repairs. I offered to drive him in and he could sit and elevate /supervise. Trust me, I had alterier motives.

My eyes are still bothering me, and the light from the monitor isn't helping. I have my sunglasses on right now and look a sight but it helps somewhat. If I don't have my contacts in...I can't see anything. SO, to take them out and attempt to walk...without tripping, cook, or what is needed, is nearly impossible.

BUT going to go do exactly that for the night.

somewhere, PA

BonnieB - I'm not sure I can find time for more office assistants like the ones I have already. Its hard to get my work done when I've got to take care of them. lol


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Andre is back to nearly normal. I am carrying my stick(tire checker, heavy with a metal band on the end)when we are out.
It looks like my thumb will be back to normal soon and I can get back to crocheting. Do to money-or lack of it I will have to wait until the first of the month to send the one I have finished. I just hope I can unlearn the tricks I learned to be able to hit the space key with my first finger. It works but it throws all my typing off!!!

Good night everyone

Sandy and Andre

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tammy, thanks for the new thread. Great assistant!!

Debbie, I hope your eyes improve. Now don't go leaving your DH along the side of the road.

I hope I find a 2X4 while cleaning - I got an automated message that they will deliver my washer between 7-9 pm. My request was for morning. The phone call was at 9:38 - after the store closed. We have no street lights and I have only one little porch light. The store opens at 6 am tomorrow and I will be calling. I am about 2 miles from the store but I guess they don't have their own delivery team.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Sandy, sorry I think I forgot to "speak" to you in my other post. I have forgotten, what did you do to your hand? Sure hope that is is quickly gone, and that you can get back to the knitting. I love my shawl. It is so handy to tuck it in a side pocket of the purse I am using, and it has come in handy a couple of times in restaurants, when I get chilly. Seems like most stores turn the AC on early and have it so cold that you need something around your shoulders.

Tammy, I understand about the job. I knew that one of them had spent the day with your DH and skipped work, and with spring coming, I thought maybe you would want to fill that vacant position!

somewhere, PA

I have all the office help I can handle but if you want to join me in the garden to get things cleaned up for spring, you are hired BonnieB!

I'm falling asleep. I finished my book last night so will do something light for a bit and zonk out fast.

Good night everyone!

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

The bruise is still spreading on top of my foot..and it is still painful...
I worked outside today and transplanted some roses..I am getting an order ready to mail tomorrow..

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

BonnieB no problem. A can fell out of the icebox and hit my thumb, braking the nail and the I get a infection in it. Had just came in from working in the yard and had not washed my hands yet. Infection is cleared up, but thumb is still sore and I am losing a layer of skin-all on the side that hits the space bar.

Now I am really going to bed.

Good night.

Sandy and Andre

Verona, ON

Morning everyone! Happy St. Patrick's Day. Did you all know that St. Paddy was born in Wales?

Looks like our forecasted weekend weather of mid 60's and clear is not going to happen. But I will take mid 50'sF anytime especially at this time of year.

Thanks for the new thread Tam. Truffles certainly looks like all of your stress relief efforts are working. Every morning when I first look out I can visualize Gary and the kits going for their morning walk.

CC apptment went well. W is down another 5 lb much to his dismay. I am going to have to buy him a smaller pair of jeans. The Palliative Care doc increased the strength of his BT meds, increased nausea meds and sent him for a x-ray of his left shoulder. She fears the bone cancer has spread due to some new areas of intense pain. I chuckled when she asked W if he had some BT med with him. He replied that I always carry some, so she suggested given the look of pain on his face and his painful way of sitting he should be taking one right now. Hopefully he listened carefully to her little lecture about taking BT and obviously needed to be upping the amount each day. She also suggested he graze all day, have 3 Boost a day - just generally eat whatever and when ever he wants.We will see how that goes,lol. Dr Harle mentioned to me when W was out walking with the oxygen monitor that she is literally shocked that he is still with us. I told her it was pure Mott stuborness. He spent the remainder of yesterday and will all of today sleeping and resting - the trip into the CC takes a lot out of him.

Have been up for a few hours so think I will try and go back to sleep for a bit. Will BBL


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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

good morning


Tam thanks for the new thread

waving at everyone

s and a

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Andre and his cone
Sandy and andre

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Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Sandy, that last picture looks cool with the shadows on his face - he looks like he's morphing into something else.

Dianne, I wish we could come up with something that DH would eat. Hopefully he will drink the shakes. (((HUGS)))

I'm doing my first load of laundry in the new washer. I thought I was going to cancel it. I called the store this morning and they arranged for someone at the store to deliver it. First he couldn't get the water turned off - then he said the valve was broken and I would have to get it replaced to get the water in the washer. He got the valve working and - Eureka - I have a new working washing machine. He turned it on and I could barely hear it. The bathroom and furnace share a wall. The water hookups are in the wall. You should see the dust from the furnace. I don't think it's from the furnace it's from the blowing. Poor man was covered in dust. And I vacuumed what I could last night.

This is a long weekend for me. I took Monday off for my birthday. It's a cold gloomy gray day here. Perfect day to stay in and do laundry. hehe First load is done - I may have to put a timer in there - can't hear the washer.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, sun is out but we had more rain overnight, so it needs to burn off some of the moisture before it is a good day to be outdoors.

Waiting on DS as he is supposed to come by, and if the visit is short, DGD and I are going shopping in Louisville. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sandy, awww, Andre looks like it doesn't bother him that much, but I am sure certain things really do. Give him a big hug from me.

Elsie, isn't it amazing how quiet the new washers are? Since mine is in a separate room, and I usually keep the door shut, I am always going to check to see if it is finished. Is yours the HE kind? Heaven help me is someone pulls any of my appliances out, as I am sure there is enough dirit to start some seeds behind/beneath them.

Dianne, I am assuming that your DH is letting the pain get started before taking the pain meds. Try to help him understand that he needs to keep them in his system to be more effective. Hope he rests and recovers from his trip out today. Hmmm, would be nice if someone told me to eat whenever and whatever I wanted, I would be three feet wide, I think in a short time.

Well, waiting to see if we are shopping or staying home.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Sandy - I love those pic's of Andre, especially the third one. He just looks so cozy & fuzzy.

Dianne - does W enjoy dark chocolates? It sounds like some high calorie treats would be a nice addition to his grazing, though I guess you'll want him to have foods dense with nutrients. I found a recipe I like for very healthy cookies. They are not sweet (though you could add sugar to make them sweeter). They have oatmeal, banana, coconut, almond (ground into a flour) and dark chocolate. They are a like a meal that tastes good. :-)

Loretta - I'll be over with my laundry in a flash! So glad you got the washer & its installed and working so quietly for you. Enjoy your long weekend.

Melva - sounds like you are doing well with your rose business. :-)

I need to make devilled eggs & apple crisp for a potluck tonight. I have a scratchy throat but feel good otherwise so won't cancel unless it gets worse. I will make sure I'm scrupulous keeping my hands clean while cooking.


Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

BonnieB, it isn't HE but I'm amazed at how little water is in the rinse cycle. I am doing towels - we'll see. The first load I did on gentle and they came out rather wrinkled. i'm guessing it's the lack of water in the rinse. At least it's not shaking the house. I hope you get to go shopping.

Tammy, I hope you are not coming down with anything. MMM deviled eggs and apple crisp - I'll be right over. I know you check out recipes - someone has an appetizer - asparagus, cherry tomatoes and parmesan - baked. It's a pretty dish and I bet it's delicious.

I think I will have to stop with the laundry since I don't have a dryer. hehe

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Andre is no longer wearing it as he is not licking. We are both happier with out it.

Going out to do a little yard work.

Waving at everyone

Sandy and Andre

Lyndonville, NY


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Lyndonville, NY

No words needed....

Enjoy your day!

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Verona, ON

Debbie, I have a 4x4 and remember I do have that nasty cattle prod if you need it.

Glad Andre is free from his cone although he sure didn't look too agitated by wearing it. Seeing lots of Canadian licence plates Sandy?

How do you like your new hair colour Bonnie? Does your DM want to change her hair colour now? I seem to remember her doing that one time after you changed your hair colour and your nails. Hope you had a better sleep last night. Sure wish those docs could get you feeling better Bonnie. How long are you at the shores condo this time?

BonnieB Quill just swooned when she saw the photo of her Mr B. lol She has been busy chasing squirrels away from the bird feeders. My goodness they are bold. Last night Quill and Stormy spent most of the night communing with the coyotes.The coyotes are very vocal right now for some reason.

How is your DGD's injury healing Bonnie? Is she able to go to school?

Tam the cookies sound interesting. I would love the recipe. Right now DH has lost all interest in his fav - dark chocolate. In fact he doesn't even want the ice cream bars he asked me to buy. Basically nothing interests him food wise. Have you finished the Hildenbrand book? I have read a couple of her books and really enjoyed them.

Congrats on the new washer Elsie. Are you getting a dryer too? My dryer is on the fritz right now and I am lost without out. Should be fixed by Tuesday IF the parts come in.

My niece who is getting married in Oregon in August is going bananas trying to organize her wedding from India. And of course she wants everything perfect.Her fiance has never been married before so they are doing it up just dandy fine. Laura has only been to Oregon once and that was at Christmas so she doesn't know the area and what is available so is relying on the net and her future MIL. It is so nice to see her so happy, she certainly dserves to be.

Adina how are things with you?

Vicki bet the store is going crazy with Easter things right now. How are you handling the craziness or hasn't the bedlam hit yet?

Melva, how is your foot?


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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Dianne we see them all the time, they and the other snow birds should be heading home soon

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

Well the apple crisp is hot out of the oven and the deviled eggs are all deviled in the refrigerator. I have picked up the living room a bit and will start organizing my papers in preparation for taxes. ugh.

I'll type up the cooking recipe in the recipe forum and link back here in a bit Dianne. And yes - I finished "Unbroken". About 25% of the book was annotations of source materials. She meticulously documented each conversation and every interview, be it phone or email. The book is just amazing as is her subject. She said that when she finished Seabiscuit she never imagined every finding someone that would fascinate her as much but when she met Louie Zamperini, she knew she had to write his story. And he was an absolute pack rat so had all sorts of information and photos. She also said he had an impeccable memory, even when he was in his 90s. Definitely recommend it.


somewhere, PA

Here's the link to the healthy cookies:

Pasadena, CA(Zone 9b) crisp. It is a rainy yucky day crisp sounds like a good idea!

Dianne, you are one of my all time heroes. You're amazing. As is Warren. (And I vote for the cattle prod for Debbie)

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

I have seen cattle prods in action...(on cattle) and it seemed extreme for I vote for the 2x4...
My foot is better today.
Made a lunch of chicken breasts, onions and mushrooms and those cute little potatoes (I bought them mainly to plant)
We broke down and turned on the A/C it has been hot the last few days...Graham even got to go outside yesterday.

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somewhere, PA

Its been hot here too Melva. DH hooked up the evaporative cooler for the greenhouse today. Its supposed to get in the 80s in a couple days. And its glorious outside here. I exerted an unbelievable amount of willpower in resisting going outside to prune & weed so that I could get my taxes going. I've gone through my stack of papers (2yrs worth since I skipped it last year) and filed everything. I just made a pile to shred - will do that later. Now I have just the papers I need for the taxes.

Lee - wanna come help? I'll give you a nice piece of apple crisp? :-)


Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

In the 80's here...

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

here also

s and a

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Dianne, DM did not comment on my hair - translation - she liked it and will be attempting to copy. LOL! She threw me in the muck and hung me out to dry this week emotionally on three different topics. And each time that she perceives that she has "won" encourages her to be more bold in her next approach. Sigh..................... It is very depressing as there is no solution to this problem. So happy that W's pain is manageable. The fact that he is still with you is a testament to your fine care.

Tammy the photo of Pixel at the top of this thread could be on a calendar page. She on that rug is a beautiful combination.

Melva sorry your foot is still aching.

Sandy, poor Andre. Hope he can continue without using the collar.

Elsie, finally enjoying the new washer - Woo Hoo!!!!

Debbie - awwwww that pink bird sure does look good next to those shamrocks. Happy St. Paddy's Day.

My hair is a light ash brown with almost platinum highlights. I like it. It is soft. The blond was getting too brassy/bright/something?

H.O.W. managed to break one of his new expensive toys from Petco. He learned how to dismantle it the second day it was here. Friday night he took it apart and lost a part of the toy somewhere in this house. The toy was on the LR floor, running, but the mouse was gone. I have looked everywhere, Margarita moved all the furniture today. We both looked everywhere. The missing part is nowhere to be seen. He is one in a million!


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Bonnie I would hate for him and Andre to get together!!!! Your hair sounds nice.

What kind of day I am having. I did some gardening-transplanted some milkweed with there caterpillars on them.Planted 4 other plants. Emptied some soil from old pots into the wheelbarrow for tomorrow when the yard guys come. And I spent hours trying to clear the my Recommendations on Amazon-am I bored or what? Now I am looking for some Audible books double bored!!!

Waving at everyone.

Sandy and Andre

Pasadena, CA(Zone 9b)

Tammy I'd come help but it's all rainy and cold her and I'm all cozy here with Miss Maddie.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Sandy, this is my new hair color.

Thumbnail by greersfolly
Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

That is a very nice color!!!!

My day is getting more boring every minute, my friend across the street wants me to come over and listen to her speech for school!!!!

Sandy and Andre

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Bonnie, your hair looks great! Too funny about HOW. I was watching that show on Animal Planet about cats. They had a round mat like toy with a thing in the center. You turn it on and a mouse runs around the outside of the mat. He was trying to get a cat to play with toys rather than attacking the other cat.

It turned into a beautiful day here. I had the windows open and laundry drying outside. I've had a few short naps this afternoon.

I'm taking Debbie's suggestion and looking for shoes.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Elsie, this first photo is of the toy that he destroyed. We cannot find the mouse which is attached to the stick. When the toy is operational, the maroon fabric circular cover is unfolded over the disc and mouse. The mouse runs around under the cloth.

The second photo is of the other successful toy I purchased. The mouse tail flicks randomly through the two slits for a seven minute period once the state button is depressed.

Both cats love both toys.

Thumbnail by greersfolly Thumbnail by greersfolly
Pasadena, CA(Zone 9b)

That's a pretty color Bonnie.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Bonnie, the first one is the one I saw on Animal Planet. Can you stick something else on the end - maybe a ribbon?

Lyndonville, NY

OK, I have missed a lot.....Bonnie and others. WHO is HOW???

Love the color Bonnie, very nice and "spring like".

Elsie, I think you should go shoe shopping....your on a roll.

Had visitors today. Shannon came first, seemed very chatty, which was good. Stayed long enough til DS got out of work and she had him follow her to the apartment and fix her computer and hook up the TV in her bedroom. It is OK, she brought me a large bottle of RC as she heard I was out and in "dire" need.

The Jeanna and Joe came over, had pizza with us. I haven't seen Joe since Christmas. He leaves in the morning going back to Kentucky for another week or two on railroad.

DH is still alive.

Melva, defiantely a need for cattle prod....the others are right...and high voltage on it would work wonders. I would NEVER EVER use it on a helpless animal!

Lee, I did my jig....sorry you missed it.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I am home, only had to listen to the speech 3 1/2 time. She had to have the speech filmed. I told her after it was over I thought about smiling at her-showing my one front tooth and showed her what I meant, she cracked up.
Oh I found out they have 2 huge rolls of bubble wrap, so I know where I can get some!!!

I have been looking for books for my Kindle and I found this one-"Paleo Breakfast Recipes 50 Delicious Caveman Diet Friendly Breakfasts" surprisingly the recipes looks good and the book is free.

Dianne HOW is H--l On Wheel

Sandy and Andre

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