Question about passing on a human virus to a chicken

Bridgewater, ME

I have a cold and cough,and a chicken person told me today that I had better wear a mask whilte in with my chickens beacuse they could get it and it could wipe out my entire flock.I did google it and it said no to the cold or flu human virus.Has anyone ever heard this before?Please don`t laugh!

Framingham, MA(Zone 6a)

The folks we bought our coop from said that their son had infected their chickens with the flu and they'd all died. Don't have any actual true facts.... just the story. Might want to use a mask just to be safe, unless you can get someone else to do the food and water until you are better....

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

I have often wondered about that too. Also they might could make you worse breathing in the dirty dust and other airborne particle. I only use a mask when changing out the bedding in the coop

Richmond, TX

I don't think human respiratory viruses can be a threat to chickens. - I agree about the dust though.

(Zone 6b)

The vet said our toy poodle had a flu virus once, and had caught it from a friend of ours. They had the very same symptoms. Might depend on the particular virus and how it might mutate. ?? Just guessing.

Well, gee, if you think further about it, those viruses that go around each year they claim start in China from the ducks they eat there. So, according to medical scientists, who frequently lie, lol, but anyway, they claim we get those flu viruses from the ducks.

I would assume from that, that it is possible that human flu viruses might affect birds as well. I wouldn't totally discount it.

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