Landscaping Rocks - need name/price!

Aquia Harbour, VA

Hello! I am looking for rocks to make a border around a few trees in my yard to help keep the mulch in. I don't want the thin pre-cut options at the stores/nurserys I've been too. I want the larger, chunky, not all uniform kind of rocks. You know, the kind that you often see in ditches to help with water drainage. The problem is I have no idea what they are called and no idea how much they would cost once I figure out who sells them.

If anyone has bought these or has any idea where I can find them please share! If left to my own devices I may be stealing rocks from my neighbors ditches LOL.

Searcy, AR(Zone 7b)

You could come get all iv'e got . I have enough rocks to make a border every time i dig to plant something. Some are too big too pick up.

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Around here that large rock goes by several names.

When it is used for reducing erosion at the coast or when hills slide it is called Rip Rap, and is the cheapest chunky rock from the nearest quarry. No need to spend money transporting a 'pretty' rock, when there are cheaper alternatives.

To make landscape retaining walls there are 2 main rocks that are used here in the San Francisco Bay Area.
One is a native rock that is more or less rounded in shape, and fairly dark brown, unless it is found where the soil is red. Then it gets stained red. It grows a lot of lichen, so is called Moss Rock.
The other main rock around here is called Napa Basalt. It is a chunky sort of squared off or at least more angular rock. It is lighter in color, sort of tan-grey.
Lesser used, but available are different colors of Arizona, a sand stone that is more often sold as flagstone, but also available in chunks that will work for a retaining wall.

There are many other chunky shapes of rocks, but sine they are usually shipped from farther away it is not cost effective to make retaining walls from them.
Since rock is so heavy, the nearer the source the cheaper it will be.

To find out what is available near you it is best to look locally. Search for stores using these and related terms:
Rock, Gravel, Soil, Masonry, Brick, Bark, Mulch and so on.

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