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Sturdiness of roof vent?

Dix, IL(Zone 6a)

I have a Palram Nature 6x6 greenhouse, and I was wondering how sturdy this kind of roof vent attachment would be in wind. It's not held on by screws or a true hinge, instead, it slides into a roof groove and then in held in place by two hard rubber like fingers that you push into the track. Does anyone else have a vent like this? We have a lot of westerly wind here so I positioned the vent on the eastern side of the greenhouse but so far I have kept the vent closed if we are expecting gusty winds or a storm since most of them right now are coming from the south. I'm just afraid that I'll come home and my vent will be blown off and in the field. I would really like to get an automatic vent arm but I'm not sure if this type of attachment is study enough to keep the vent attached to my greenhouse. Maybe if it was attached with screws I wouldn't be so concerned with keeping the vent open and me not here to monitor. This is the only concern I have for my greenhouse in general. The rest of it, in my opinion, is really solid construction. Pretty soon it's going to get hot enough, I won't have a choice but to keep the vent open if this weather keeps up the way it is.

Thumbnail by LostFrog Thumbnail by LostFrog
Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

That looks just like our vents, in that the hinge is the track. As long as the can't flip up they remain in place. I've added an auto opener that holds the vent securely in place but holding it firmly open by any means should do. Before I added the openers I secured mine with a piece of wire to prevent it rattling lose.

Thumbnail by HollyAnnS Thumbnail by HollyAnnS
Dix, IL(Zone 6a)

Thanks HollyAnn, This is my first greenhouse and I wasn't sure how common this type of attachment was.

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