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What is this THING! Bushy and thorns on top of thorns!

Morris, IL(Zone 5b)

I was curious if anyone could tell me what this THING is. It has thorns on top of thorns. Some are dark brown and some are white. I thought I only had one and it has never bloomed or done anything other than grow. But in my looking around today I found another that looks like it is going to flower or something. It has little white bud looking things on it. I just want to make sure what it is before I decide what I am going to do with it. Thank you in advance

Thumbnail by caderacres
Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

I'm thinking maybe it's a Berberis (Barberry), perhaps William Penn? If that's what it is, it should get some yellow blooms this Spring. They can get about 3-4 feet high and about 5 feet or so wide. They like the sun, but not too too much, and they like well-drained soil. Water about once a week, or more if it gets really hot and dry out.

Do the leaves stay green? How long have you had it?

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