Mandarin Orange 'Tango' in Texas?

Harlingen, TX

Does anyone know where to find the 'Tango' Mandarin Orange in Texas? Can I even get it here? Most growers of this variety are in California and they don't ship to Texas! It's so frustrating! Haha I have my heart set on this tree but obviously, besides driving from south Texas to California, I need it shipped to me.

Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

Sorry, I do not know where/if you can get it but, from some research I did a while back, I discovered that citrus in Texas must come from Texas. It cannot be mailed/shipped from out of state due to agricultural restrictions. I have seen Kimbrough Satsuma, Mr. Mac Satsuma, Miho and Seto and Okitsu Wase Satsuma for sale via the Internet.

Basically, you must find someone growing it and selling it here. Have you tried special ordering from a local nursery before? They could do the research for you (that is, see if someone carries it for sale here in Texas) and then order it for you.


Harlingen, TX

Yeah I actually discovered just as much as you did. I even contacted the USDA Weslaco Citrus Center and they don't even have bud wood available for nurseries to propagate 'tango' citrus trees. It's possible that someone farther north does have it though so I'm not giving up hope just yet.

I have not tried having it special ordered before. I would bet that wholesale growers would be the first to get it though so that will be my next quest haha. I have heard that people have even gotten things special ordered from Lowe's before and I bet they have suppliers with huge selections so I my try and ask there first.

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