Another Habanero Question

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

From another post you can tell I have been having problems getting my Habanero seed to sprout. What I did is go to the store and buy some habaneros cut one open and take the seed out and plant it. I then decided to mix half a habanero minus the seeds and placenta into taco filling I was making. I figured it would be pretty hot, but it had little or now heat at all. The question I have is did I remove all the heat by taking the seed and placenta out or is this one not a hot habanero? I just went a licked the other half. There is definitly heat but not unbearable. What gives?

North Hills, CA

I think a lot of the habanero's in the grocery stores are Gringoized.

Hybrids that are fairly tasteless and low heat compared to something you might get out of your garden or from the country of origin.

I know the orange habaneros here in the stores aren't as hot as some of the Jalapenos I've bought or grown.

But the same goes for Jalapenos too.
Some I've bought looked like they would be nice for poppers but they ended up having little or no heat or flavour.

A lot of a peppers heat is in the placenta so you probably removed some of the heat by taking it out.

I've noticed a lot of the habaneros in the store are different looking these days.
peach coloured,light orange,different shapes etc.
I think they are Hybrids.
At $5.00 Lb, no less.Manzanos for $10. LB.
Jalapenos,ancho,Caribe ,fresno,chilaca and a few others are cheep though but they vary a lot in taste and heat.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

Thanks. I'll try to get my habanero seed to germinate.

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North Hills, CA

Fresh seeds out of the pod seem to germinate almost overnight at times.
Don't bother drying them,just put them in some soil.
If you need orange habanero seeds ,actually several types of habanero seeds send me a private message.

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