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Finally Bisque Firing!

Union Grove, WI(Zone 5b)

Hi all!!! Haven't seen many new posts so thought I'd share whats going on in my neck of the woods!

We're about to start remodeling our dining room, must have the heeting folks come and move the radiator, and we are also having install the in-floor hydronic heating for the kitchen. Not remodeling the kitchen til the dining room is done (hopefully next year) but it's cheaper to get this all done at once. We're going do some of the labor on that hydronic heating, but they will hook it all up.

Anyway, my pottery studio is right under the kitchen, and we have to tear the ceiling out so we can install that heating. So, I packed up my studio so its not in the way etc. I took all my greenware out to the kiln and ran the bisque firing yesterday, I didn't meet my goal of getting the kiln 100% full (it's 7cubic ft capacity) but it was pretty darn close! It's too hot to open now and (of course) my studio is all packed up now so I won't get to start glazing for a few weeks but I'm pretty excited to get on to the next step! (hadn't done a bisque firing since last fall!)

Good thing I still take pottery class as I get to see stuff actually finished more often. Teacher is glaze firing today so I'll have stuff to bring home on Thursday night, think theres a chicken bank, a platter and a bowl (maybe two bowls).

Anyway, hope all is good with you!


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