Tree with white flowers slightly fragrant on the coast

Barranquilla, Colombia

Small tree.

Thumbnail by Barranquilla
735100, China


Darwin, Australia

I agree there are some similarities but I don't see the fleshy, pointed calyx lobes which are characteristic of Sonneratiaceae. Incidentally, that family is now treated as two separate subfamilies of the Lythraceae, Sonneratioideae and Duabangoideae.
I'm not sure what family this mystery plant belongs to. The flowers keep pulling me back to Lecythidaceae, but as yet I haven't been able to find a match so maybe I'm on the wrong track...

Managua, Nicaragua

Maybe a Barringtonia....

Barranquilla, Colombia

Thanks but I am not seeing a match with either Sonneratiaceae or Barringtonia.

Darwin, Australia

I would also look closely at the family Capparaceae. The flower structure is very similar.

Managua, Nicaragua

Hola Ana

Yo no conozco ese árbol y no he tenido tiempo de buscar...

Seems to be difficult the identity of that tree, even for Darwiniensis who is an expert on tropical plants.... but sooner or later someone will give the name.

The family Capparaceae, suggested by Darwiniensis, is another good candidate

but you say as is the disposition of the leaves ... I can not see ... it is alternate leaves?

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Austin, TX

Reminds me of manzana rosa, Syzygium jambos, but that's obviously not it.

Barranquilla, Colombia

The flowers do resemble a Capparis but I do not see any with the same leaf design. Ana, the angle I shot from makes in unclear if the leaves are alternate, but they do look so.

Morganza, LA

Could it be a type of coffee tree?

Barranquilla, Colombia

I do not see any similarity with coffee.

Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

It has a very interesting flower structure which Ive never seen before.

Barranquilla, Colombia

Fruit and leaves

Thumbnail by Barranquilla

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