Pros/Cons of your Lawn Mower

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

We're in the market for a new lawn mower. It's too bad we don't use this forum more often.
We have a Dixon lawn mower. It was one of the first "turn on a dime" mowers. We have had it for 20 years. We have loved the turn on a dime feature. It takes my husband about 30 minutes to mow our yard--it's a fairly good size lot.
There are several mowers available now with the zero turn feature.

What kind of lawn mower do you have?

What is the best two features of your mower?

What are the worst two features of your mower?

Foxboro, MA

We have the Toro 20333.

Bought it last year. It was my husband's first mower and I insisted that it had to be self-propelled and it had to be mulching. He is very happy with it.

Best: You can let go of the handle and stop the blade but don't have to restart the engine. It is self propelled which is really helpful if you have some bizarre hills and valleys in your yard like we do. We use the mulching option almost exclusively returning nitrogen to the ground and avoiding the fuss of composting or disposing of the grass. Starts right up.

Worst: Like any mower, clogs/stalls if the grass is severely (4 weeks) overgrown.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

micro: thanks for your input. We are looking at a riding lawn mower. I didn't make that clear. Your mulching is a good feature I had not thought about. Our yard is very steep, and a riding mower is the only way to mow it. Our current riding lawn mower will hardly go up the hills, but it is old (20 years) and needs to be replaced.

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