Will ants eat your corn seed?

Paragould, AR(Zone 6b)

I have a 250 sq ft garden... On one side, the side I am planting tomatoes in april, has a few little ant mounds... I planted corn on Saturday on the other side of my garden, and on Wednesday I noticed that the other side now has little ant mounds as well... Should I assume that the ants are eating my corn seed. I assume they are building a colony of sorts... I am not sure I want them around, as I have little kids... what should i do? How do I get rid of them humanely as possible, and if not possible to do it humanely, still how do I get rid of them without tainting my veggies? Should I replant my corn? By the way they are the really small ants... I think... I have not seen them yet...


Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

They tell me dried molasses will run off the ants, yes ants, mole crickets, millipedes all will eat your seeds and or nibble on the roots after sprouting, try seeding more heavily after you get the ants tended for the best chances

Oak Island, NC(Zone 8a)

I had a similar problem this year when I planted snow peas. I don't think they ate the peas, but I did notice that where I planted and they insisted on coming back and they pushed up a couple of the peas to the surface. I spread diatomaceous earth (it won't taint your food crops) which helps control the ants pretty well, but before I do that I use the cultivator (with a long handle!) to deeply destroy their nesting areas and then use the hose to flood any remains of the nest. Many people say ants are beneficial, and to a degree they are. But there's nothing beneficial about getting swarmed and bitten-especially if you have to worry about fire ants!

Broward County, FL(Zone 10b)

I had ants eat the roots and then the corn leaves of my seedlings 2 years ago. Guess my whole yard was a colony. Used Amdro bait close to the entrances at feeding times and that controlled them. Still have to do that once in a while, but at least they are limited.

Lake Charles, LA(Zone 9a)

if you want to eliminate the colonies, use one-liter of club soda pour it deep in the center of the mound. this will snuff out the oxygen and kill the queen. never disturb the ants intentionally, this will cause the mound to move else where.

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