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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Well we. have moved yet again. So many friends dropping in . Its so nice to come in each day and see you all.
Still quite dark here. About time the powers that be altered when the darn daylight saving thing ends.
I potted a few plants yesterday ans enjoyed some warm sun after a very chilly morning.
I dont mind the cold mornings when the day turns out to be so lovely.

Lots of little green shoots coming up around the garden now. Poor things are looking around for other green company.
Everything is so brown.
It wont be for long though as I see the nasturtiums are stirring, so will soon make a green carpet again.
I really must keep on top of them this year as last time they grew so wild. Up in trees and covering everything they could find.
I keep telling them they can roam wild in the paddock garden but they want to be up around the house. Probably think they are missing something.

Nerines are the first to flower. A few lonely red ones already coming out.
One thing about bulbs, you just cant kill them. They will come back each year regardless of the weather and give us so much pleasure.
Better go over and put up the signpost . I dont want anyone getting lost.
Enjoy the day.

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Merino, Australia

We came from here

Cant have people getting lost.
I have the kettle on and am going for a walk down this beautiful track

barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. It's still cool here but a lovely sunny day and no wind at the moment. The GHAXBB should be right out this morning, so will get a pic later. It looks like BB at the moment but I'm hoping it will open up wide and show right down the throat like GHA. The perfume should be great. EP has lots of buds and EP has about 6 and Lipstick has some and Avalanche. I wish the seedlings would hurry up before the cold really sets in otherwise I'll be waiting longer. It is just a waiting game isn't it? The broms are taking a lot of time too now with all the pups needing to be taken off and potted. It seems that I go from one end of the SH and work through them and then have to start again. I have a lot of Epis that need to go into hanging pots too, but where do I hang them? Think the side of the Carport might be looking good. Maybe even the boys monkey bars. lol I hope everyone is well and it's great to see you come back in Louise. Looking forward to all the NH pics again. Must go and get some work done. Colleen

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Colleen, that is the sweetest picture.

Brisbane, Australia

Happy Sunday, everyone. I read all your posts, peeking through the window, just hate typing on this laptop..should plug the other keyboard into it. The desktop is back with a new 1TB hard drive ..seems it was the hard drive that did the meltdown and hubby found a comp genius just working in a little place and he saved most of my data from the old one. Desktop was barely two years old.

Election day here yesterday. Youngest son worked on a polling booth which he thoroughly enjoyed and they asked him to work on the next one..which may not be too far away as we live in the former Premier's electorate...and a council one too. He did jury duty in January and now this. Seems to like these things. He'd be thorough and quick.

Jean, you said bulbs last forever..Lol! I must be the only one who can kill them..gets so humid and hot here, they rot in the ground. Daffodils and tulips and hyacinths are always regarded as one season wonders here.but Hippeastrums breed quickly, as long as they have sun. Unfortunately, sun is in short supply here. Colleen, I use the trampoline for epies..it's the right height for potting up and water doesn't pool on it. I use it for my startings..also use the top of Dunlayin Castle, the large chook tractor..though I have a tarp underneath and have to keep moving the baskets and checking/ cleaning underneath them.

The sky was clear early this morning but it seems to be clouding up. We missed the torrential rain here last week but it seems the Sunshine Coast got the heaviest that locals can recall so we may have a houseboat up at Caloundra.

Have a great day all..and warm wishes to those OS..I love reading your posts. Charlene, my best friend at art college had just come from Texas and we did so many things together..always joked later we had been like Thelma and Louise. It was a shock when she passed away suddenly last May from a pulmonary embolism. We always said we'd have to write a book. I know I was the only one at her funeral to know why certain songs were her favourites. Lol! I miss her weekly phone chats. She had horses and a donkey here at their "ranch". Her family bought 40 acres "out in the sticks" when they arrived here..and it's now worth many millions. Her mum was the matriarch, well into her 90's when she died a few months before my friend. and was a strong small woman who never let her kids live their own lives.

Ciao, Kat.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Colleen, put that pic into a frame, it's lovely.

Well, for someone who was going to come home asap, Ray has settled in nicely....he is in a room with 2 ladies
same age, same problem....they baby him terribly...they give him their newspapers, get him cups of tea, because the tea trolley doesn't make it hot enough...advise him on how to get comfortable, tell him what channel has a good movie....
Both ladies have had their op, a few days before, so they know how he feels...

After only a couple of days they are like the 3 Musketeers...they clap each other when they achieve another step forward with their rehab and they get stickers for each step, that they display on their walkers, it's hilarious.
He may never come home to the cooking and the dishes....lol

Jean I forgot to answer you the other day, yes they were the Scabiosa "Crimson Clouds" they should start turning up all over the garden...

Look at what I had for dinner last night, Ray's not there, so of course we had pizza, the best pizza I have ever had...2 pieces and I may never eat again....We sat on the floor and watched the latest "Twilight"...I am not a fan...but Linda and Steph love it...I didn't say what I thought of it...not when they paid for the pizza.

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Merino, Australia

Dianne, I had to laugh...
I can just imagine Ray laying there, being so babied. He would be loving every minute.
Men are such sooks when having something done like that. ..
He may never come home. I see him laying back with a procession of dear old ladies looking after the "poor man "...... LOL

Get into the pizza while you can..
I bet he will say how sore and sorry he is when he gets home again... I hope he isnt expecting more babying ... giggle, giggle...


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone..I just had to play sheepdog and round up lost people from the old thread.
Cant have lost friends wandering around on their own.
Its an overcast morning again here. Not too bad yesterday and I did get a lot done.
I am working slowly , doing one part of the garden at a time. Yesterday , I weeded and cleared part of the front grass & lilium garden.
Today I will cut the tall shrubs back and cut the ends off the cypress branches to let more light in on the brugs that live under it.
The sun has just broken through the clouds so should be a lovely day.

Anthony, congratulations on your prizes and bad luck about dropping the bottle.
Keep going with the computer, you will master it yet.

Teresa, pats for a very good Sugar. She will be a champ in no time.
Its a pity more people dont do something with their dogs as it is enjoyable for both the owners and their dogs.
Hope you are getting some of this mild weather there.

Louise, if we dont see you before, have alovely trip back to NH.
I hope your garden there is not too full of weeds .
Pat those dear girls for me.

Dianne, how lovely your fasciated bloom was and the finding of 2 ovaries is great. I do hope something comes of the pollinating.
Your garden is looking so pretty now.

Colleen, I told you that a second storey would be needed on your shadehouse..lol
You will just have to roof the whole yard.
I keep saying that to hubby and I am sure he believes I would do it if I could.

Chookie are you getting some sun there ?
It will be an interesting time when spring arrives and you get started properly on the spring garden planting.

Chrissy. how are things there ? Hopefully drying out a bit more now.

Charleen , I saw a mule on TV yesterday that looked just like Charley.
Is he taking up a movie career ?
I notice he was up at the Tea Room and took all the cookies I left out for him.

Moon , how are you doing over there ?
Your garden must be looking lovely with the spring flowers now .
Hope no more storms are around .

I am off to check on all my brug buds and make a start on the trimming .

Hubby will be able to play with his chainsaw in a week or so as there are a couple of small trees to be cut back.
He is not allowed to tackle the large trees as they are too much for him.

Hope you all enjoy a lovey day.
Heres a tasty nibble for morning tea...... Orange Chiffon Cake.
Have a great day.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Not bad here, Jean...the sun is peeping thru.
Thanks for compliment on the garden...it does look the way I had envisaged when we moved here...
These are the times, that I am glad it's small..
Other times I look at your's and think I wish I lived in a park like you...then I remember the drought.

Anthony, congrats on your win, bad luck about the Remy....what program are you using for your pics?
between us all, we should be able to help.
My cousin was going to throw her new laptop and her mobile out the window the other day....she had a cuppa instead... : -)

Off to feed Mick, he doesn't like these late breakfasts...Ray feeds him at 6.30...he has a bale of hay in his paddock, but that's not his brekky.
The Japanese Windflowers are lovely this year.

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hand in the air...thank you for coming to find us, Jean...grin I was reading and got distracted and forgot to click the link. Louise and Teresa and I were just chatting away...tsk tsk....

Glad those that wanted it got some rain happier that those that don't didn't get it. Finally was able to touch base with my son in law's Mom. She lives in Townsville and we were concerned for them with the storms last week...fortunately, no damage where they live and they were in Caloundra when it hit.

Wishing you all a happy Monday, hope it is the start of a lovely week for all.

My Phaius orchids decided to bloom. The second pic is of a plant that I have been calling a "soft leaf bromeliad" would any of you happen to know its' real name?

Lost my connection....dratted computers...grin

Wanted to say here also, congrats to Anthony...sorry about the Remy

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Camperdown, Australia

Good morning all, Jean lucky for us you round us up at the right time!! LOL
No sun here very overcast but not complaining. I just ordered a load of firewood for my open fire- have decided not to go with putting in gas as it is too exepensive long term with everything rising in cost. My loppings will be more than a years supply for next year when they dry out too.

I am just ordering some Spring plants online. I am looking forward to seeing what happens here in my forst Spring, as I suspect there may be some bulbs I don't know about popping up from previous owners.

I have just scanned this plant for someone to help me identify . Is it a weed or an Euphorbia?

It is in a corner behind the shed and creeping in from the neighbours paddock - slowly so not too vigorous.It looks like it may have been a throw-over-the fence type of garden escapee.( naughty whoever did it). The nearest I can find that looks like it is Euphorbia Wulfenii but haven't seen the flowers yet and the small leaves on top confuse me as Wulfenii doesn't seem to have them. A weed or not? The declared weed Euphorbia sp. is totally different I checked that first! LOL

Dianne those windflowers fit so nicely and your garden is a picture of harmony. Lovely.


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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Mick and Charley do love their food, Don't they. Charley probably has a twin somewhere....
Here is a clematis we have blooming. It is so pretty.

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Looks like Euphorbia cyparissias


Camperdown, Australia

Thanks for the image the moonhowl. I think perhps not this one. The leaves and tops are different to me. Have a lkook at the pics I took this morning. The tops appears to have seed pods on them - or are they about to flower? ( you can tell I know nothing about Euphorbias! LOL)
The first pic is the tops and the second shows the way they are growing along the fence.The red berries on the ground are from a hawthorn in my neighbours yard.

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Charlene, your private emails are coming through to me in a 'scrambled digital mess'.....i'll try this,.,.my god-i think its working,.,.my 'starfire' from the show

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Merino, Australia

Beautiful , Anthony. Love the sunset colors.

chookie, I was told once that euphorbias have a milky sap which you have to be careful of.
I know nothing about them as they all die here.
I have seen similar ones to yours in gardens .


Clifton Springs, Australia

They sure do, Charleen....I had to get some worm paste too, so I'll have a fight with Mick tomorrow...he's 15 this year and very cunning when it comes to something he doesn't like......The granules do the job and they are so easy to give, but they only last a month and they're not cheap...
Love your Clematis.

I have Euphorbias, coming up in my garden all the time, they are a real pest, our next door neighbours used to have them..and that was 3 yrs ago...they look exactly like your's Sue, I don't know what the berries looked like though...I only know that they keep coming up...these ones grew to about 1 metre.....

Anthony, that Dahlia is lovely.....looks like you're getting the hang of it....
Moon, pretty orchid, don't know the other one...

A few weeks ago I mentioned that some pesky birds were nesting in next doors garage...well here they are..
Mynahs....yuk.....about 20 of them flew off before I could take the pic.

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Camperdown, Australia

Yes one metre is about the height the of ones in the paddock - the cows have eaten all but a few right in the corner behind the electric fence. Yes the sap bled from both stem and leaves Jean . I wonder what it does? I recently read that the sap of a fig will get rid of warts.

Ok- thanks all who chipped in - if they are going to be a pest they are gone. I wondered because they are slowly emerging along the side of the shed like escapees. I will check them for flowers over the next few months so we can be sure. Along with my tree onions which I have begun to pull and compost in the water barrel for liquid manure - very strong garlicy/onion smell already, so might also be good for bugs.

Camperdown, Australia

Just to update on my garden 'doings' .Today I planted some Dutch Iris in the Herbaceous border and some Daffs outside the window. Adjusted the walls on my pond before I fill it.( hard work as I used bluestones to rebuild a bit of it and boy are they heavy - I used a furniture trolley to move them LOL)
Had a load of firewood delivered and helped unload and stack it.Picked some almonds the birds missed, chased the silvereyes off the figs for the millionth time and sawed off a branch from the blackwood over the Mandevilla so I could untangle it a bit and work it along the wire fence instead.Now I am done/done in for the day and it's only 4pm.LOL

Brisbane, Australia

Hello everyone. I see we've moved. I'm running fast to try to catch up. I've been off doing other things. Now the weather has improved so much, I'm not indoors so much. Oh, how I love Autumn. Such a beautiful time of the year.

Went walking along a beach down by the bay this morning. Found a nice small polished piece of agate that someone had tossed. Certainly didn't belong where I found it. Oh well, their loss, my gain. I'm a bit of a collector of pretty rocks so this will fit in nicely.

Hope everyone is off to a good start for the week. I'll go catch up on what you've all written now. Take care.


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

my open entry, 'fabric and foliage'

Thumbnail by g_whizz
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Those are cool Anthony. Glad you got the computer straight.

Chookie, I read a blurb that says Australia has 84 different Euphorbias 64 of which are indigenous.. But I found a link that you may want to peruse in your spare time....it is an alphabetical collection of Euphorbia species images and info. It is a German site, but includes translation.


Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Anthony, sorry , don't mean to send you messes.
Beautiful arrangements.
Charley and the donkeys don't like worm paste either and I need to get some for them too.
Must taste terrible. If I think I'm going to have much trouble I'll wait til my farrier gets here, he is so nice he will help me.
Chookie, I have a plant similar to that and it's common name is Gopher Spurge...

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Still a bit dark outside with the sky overcast . It should clear later in the morning to another lovely autumn day.
Yesterday ended up hot in the afternoon. I finished all the trimming etc in the front and am starting on the largest job, in the cottage garden.
The first thing is to get the bougainvillea cut and removed so I can work without any thorns getting at me.
I will get in with my loppers and cut it off at the base then get hubby to help me simply push the whole mass over the fence it sits on.
From there its easily removed later.
I am going to level the whole garden in there except for one or two trees I want to stay large, like the cotinus and the snowball. Most of the other large ones are buddleas & abutilons which badly need chopping . I may find a few things under neath that I had forgotten were there.
I dont have to do much elsewhere as its all dead until spring. I leave the trees in the orchard now to do their own thing as they make a good windbreak for the salvia area.
I lost a few salvias but those still there are great survivors.
I have some small grasses to plant out soon so may add them out there.
The sun is coming through the clouds now so I will finish my cuppa and get an early start as I want to water the pots etc first.

Hello Anthony. Thats a lovely display in your fabric & foliage entry. Shows imagination .

Charleen, Charley will not love you giving him urky worm paste. I'll have to get him a special cookie after that.

Chookie, you are going to be very busy there with all your plans taking shape.

Hello Moon, how is your garden doing now ?

Karen, lovely to see your smiling face . Glad you are so much better . Hope the sun is shining for you there.

Dianne, I well remember those mynas from childhood, living in Melbourne.
They are a real menace. They dont seem to like leaving suburbia though thank goodness. You never see them in the country.
We get the b*** starlings instead. We only have a few starlings passing through here , but you see them sitting along the power lines in their hundreds.

Hubby has to see the electrician today as it looks like the darn element is playing up in the hot water thingy.
I hope it isnt anything too bad.

Better move and finish my cuppa.

Hello Chrissy and Teresa and all others popping in.

Heres something nice for you all....delicious Sponge Roll.
Happy gardening

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Morning all, Jean, I can hear you coming, race you to the front door.....
remember when we used to say that and mean it....lol

Karen that sounds like a good find, when we lived opposite the beach, the things that would wash up were amazing...I found a canoe one morning, which was a bit scary when I thought of the possibilities...I rang police and they said just hold it until we have a report..none came thank goodness...
I would often find large plastic barrel type things that hold water, they were very handy for making manure tea.they were very strong and had screw on tops and long pieces of old thick rope that was obviously mooring rope...all very interesting.

Anthony, I like your foliage and fabric....

You are going to be super fit Sue....be careful, hernias sneak up on you...that garden is going to be lovely.
I may get my farrier to help too, Charleen....he has no trouble with him....
Looks like a nice day ahead.
enjoy your day all.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Dianne, I ain't getting any younger, and he will help. I bet yours will too. My Farrier is the best...
Charley will be ready for those cookies Jean, he doesn't like the paste , at all...I usually give him a horse cookie to wash it down....

Camperdown, Australia

Found it - gosh I didn't realise there were so very many Euphorbias and some with thorns you wouldn't believe. I can understand how one could get hooked on collecting one species though- some were very interesting. Thanks for the Euphorbia site Moon and to Ridesredmule for the gopher spurge which led me to exactly the right one.

euphorbia lathyris


Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the properties of it: Yes Jean it is poisonous you were right to be cautious.


Dianne I will be careful yes, I limit myself to three barrow loads a day- by the time I have shovellled that much soil I have had enough. I do use my brain rather than brawn these days hence the furniture trolley for the rocks- no lifting just tilting.

Karen, Lucky find -agates have amazing patterns in them sometimes, I too love rocks, I brought some back from Saudi with me when I retired - I was lucky enough to find a strewn field of meteorites out in the desert, and some sand roses - luckily customs allowed them in. I gave each of my students "one piece of a star"- they were amazed and excited at the idea. I had one made into a pendant for myself as it reminded me of Munch's "The Scream". I imagined it hurtling towards Earth and screaming all the way- it has the right 'expression'! LOL.

The second club I joined after the garden club when I moved here was the gem and rockhound club in Warrnambool, so hopefully I will get to know some local rockhounds to go hunting with.

Have been invited to a Rotary lunch tomorrow at a local school for Indigenous teens so that will be interesting- it is not far from me and I wondered what was behind those gates - tomorrow I will know! LOL Curiosity ........

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Charlene, it seems that my personal emails from everyone, are almost unreadable?- not just you,..,.Ah well!!

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Good, then I still send one once in awhile. Maybe you can look at the pictures as a new Art Form!!!!
That is beautiful Anthony....Love it!!

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Oh that is cool Anthony. The fabric has an almost floral look to it...well done.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Anthony, Charleen is right....the combo of orange and yellow with the black is really striking....well deserved first prize.

Charleen, I'm going to try a bit of subterfuge with the worm paste, I am going to coat the syringe in molasses and see if I can sneak it into his mouth....I only use a halter these days, so I don't have the control or the strength....If that doesn't work then, I will wait for the farrier too.
I use Equest and evidently the patent for the chemical they use runs out soon, so I will be able to get a cheaper substitute....

Sue, it sounds as though you are going to be very busy in your retirement and pleasantly so at that...I am enjoying your journey in the garden.

Jean, I hope you didn't overdo your clean up yesterday and I hope your hot water service problem wasn't anything major.
I've been doing a bit each day...still haven't quite got the hang of pruning the Salvias,
I love them dearly, but boy, do they sprawl over everything.....I have lost my Navaho series I had 3, pink, blue and deep pink...
I found a tiny bit of a pale pink one growing in a pot and it's flowering already...darn thing is, I don't remember where I got it from.

Oh well back to bed now....fell asleep in the middle of Miss Marple, woke up and couldn't go back....so the good old computer did some work.

Good morning everyone.........edited to say "Hi, moon"

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. I can hear you coming Jean so I'll put the kettle on. Dianne's still snoozing, she had a very late night or is that early morning. Beautiful rose Dianne. Lots of moving going on here to make room for the broms in the SH. All the cacti and succulents are being put together up the back in a section by the fruit trees. The trees will provide a bit of shade for them in the Summer but allow the morning sun. Anyone else interested in cacti? I'll come back later and have a cuppa, must go and get stuff ready for the boys. Have a great day everyone. Colleen

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
I'll be glad when this darn daylight saving ends on the weekend. I can go back to getting up in daylight.
Dianne , I was careful not to overdo as I am very aware of my knee as I work. I go inside for a cuppa and a rest then tackle more later.
I have plenty of time as the weather looks like staying dry again for a while.
I planted a few of the small grasses and a buddlea out the front. Should be pretty later .
We have to wait on the local electrician to look at the hot water service to see what the problem is.
Hubby thinks it may be the element.
Its no fun having very cool showers. I am way past the stage of roughing it these days.
I want my hot shower.....

Anthony, that arrangement is very eye catching. I love the color combo.
Hope all is well down your end of the country. Give Cocky a scratch for me.

Dianne, lovely yellow rose. Hope you convince that horse that worm paste is tasty.
My salvias just get chopped off at whatever level I want. No finesse with me. Just chop. They grow back. If any dont like it or seem wimpy, they go for more hardier ones. You would be able to grow the tender ones in your sheltered garden.
I have quite a few coming into flower now that were cutting grown.

Chookie, it will be very interesting to see how your garden develops as you go. I know from my own experience how plans get altered as you work.

Teresa, hope all is well over your side of the big ditch.
How is Su gar behaving now ? She must be loving having Copper to play with and annoy with puppy antics.
Hope work is going well for you too.

Charleen, hope you had success with the worm past too. I bet Charley knows exactly what you are giving him.
I'll leave some nice cookies out for him as a reward.

Moon , what is going on in your garden at the moment. Lots of pretty spring flowers ?
Now we are sneaking up to winter, I wish for spring. here too.
Autumn is pretty though with all the colors. Thing is we dont get much color here as eucalypts are so dull.
My autumn trees shed leaves without getting much color this year. Not quite the right weather for them.

Karen, how are things up there ? Drying out a bit I hope.
I see the forecast is for even more rain in the Brisbane area. You wont have much of a dry season , more of a steamy season after all the wet.
Keep well.

Hello Chrissy and Colleen, enjoy your gardens.
Colleen, how is the memorial garden for Brian coming along ?

Louise , hello to you and Hank, pats for the girls. Hope all is well on your trip back to NH.

I am having a second cuppa this morning. I will wait until the sun warms things up a bit before I venture outside.
I am intending to tackle the bougainvillea today. I have decided not to cut the entire plant back, just the part inside the fence
It took ages to grow over the fence and looks lovely in flower.
I can chop all the inside and hopefully keep that part contained , while the outside part can go wild.
I am wondering what surprises I will find under the mess in the cottage garden area when its clear.
I have really let it do as it likes and forget half of what I had in there.
Resolution for me this year, keep the darn thing tidier.

Heres your morning tea nibbles....Banana Muffins
Enjoy the day.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Brisbane, Australia

Hello everyone.

Jean, our wet season doesn't finish until the end of March. So it should ease off soon, I hope, more for the sake of those up northern Qld. I think the younger folk today grew up in drought like conditions for so long, they don't realize that heavy rains and floods were always the norm in Qld.

Colleen, I've never got into collecting cacti as I tend to kill the poor things with kindness. However, I think cacti have the most beautiful flowers of all the plants in the world. As you know, I do have epiphyllums, but that's about it. So I always love to see pics you put up of cacti flowers. I can admire from a distance.

Anthony, what a lovely dahlia display. Wish I could arrange flowers nicely. It looks so beautiful. That fabric and foliage arrangement looks great too, and shows what you can achieve even if no flowers are out.

Good morning everyone else I haven't spoken to. I have to go, the birds are driving me nuts. Toby has taken off into the wild again, but is back this morning with some friends, and they are making a shocking noise out on my front verandah.


Thumbnail by DawnSong Thumbnail by DawnSong
Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Karen, is it Jasper?? So Beautiful!!!!
I have been pulling weeds and getting my are fixed for my brugs. Oh, I do feel like an old lady for sure.
Not planting them directly in ground. Just sitting pots in ground about half way, that way will be easy to pull up and put in Greenhouse this winter.
this is part of area I am planting.
found these blooming this morning.
and last is roses

Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule
Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Karen, is it Jasper?? So Beautiful!!!!
I have been pulling weeds and getting my are fixed for my brugs. Oh, I do feel like an old lady for sure.
Not planting them directly in ground. Just sitting pots in ground about half way, that way will be easy to pull up and put in Greenhouse this winter.
this is part of area I am planting.
found these blooming this morning.
and last is roses

Dianne, Forgot to say, I don't have any problems long as I can do it so fast he won't know it is coming...Poor Charley.
But if he raises his head ,I'm too short...

Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hello all.

A few spring flowers here, but almost double the weeds...very little died back over the winter. The trees are all greening out, and the pecan tree has finally got leaves...around here that signals the true end of winter. The pecans are usually the last to leaf out and are rarely fooled by a late freeze.

Sounds like everyone is busy in the garden...hardly a time when there isn't something to do. trying to repot all the orchids...very time consuming. trying to scale back a bit here...working toward having mostly perennials that are fairly self sufficient and getting more stuff in the ground and out of pots.. I hope maybe this year to get an irrigation system to the rest of the garden.

I love the color on this Easy Living Rose and the indigofera is blooming. The cats stand guard in the drive while I work....I am "so" secure...grin

Thumbnail by themoonhowl Thumbnail by themoonhowl Thumbnail by themoonhowl
Brisbane, Australia

Charleen, I know this stone as Agate but I'm no expert and it could be a form of jasper, which it seems takes on many colours. Sometimes these stones are closely related.

That looks like a lot of work going into your garden bed. More pics when you've got the pots in and they've grown some.

Moon, that rose is not only a beautiful colour, but I love the shape as well. Before I enlarged the last picture, I thought it was going to be Husky dogs in the snow. Cat protectors, good. They look so comfortable there.


Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning.

Thanks Karen. It is a very easy to grow rose.

The gray Mea and the black Max are both 16 and the tiger stripe Bob, closest to the street, is 7. They seem to be completely secure as they will sprawl out and sleep in the driveway.

Look at the beautiful and diverse agates in this link


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