North Central Texas RU April 28, 2012 (Trade Thread) #2

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Hello Everyone, Sybil has kindly offered to host our spring RU at her home!!!

Date--- April 28th, 2012 ****NOTE: Saturday this time!*****
Place-- BURLESON, TX. (South of Fort Worth and west of I-35)
Since it is a private residence we will not be posting her exact address here, we will dmail it to those planning to attend.
Time--- Noon or later
Eat at 1:30 - 2pm (Electricity is available, but not for cooking only warming)

There will be no door charge, and our hostess will furnish coffee, tea, cups, plates, napkins and plastic ware.
Bring your folding tables, chairs and wagons if you have them. Sybil does have a lot of tables for eating but we need more for plants and chairs for extra seating.

Plenty of space for parking is available, a large pavillion with electricity next to her house where we will be able to access a bathroom and running water! You will pull up in the drive, unload, then cars will be moved to another area. Thank you Frank for being our parking attendant last year!

Also bring door prizes (one per guest) for a drawing later. Something small low cost, and suitable for man or women please.

Let us trade away and have a lot of fun.

Here is the link to the attendance thread

Here are the links to the trade lists;

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Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

Thank you, Dennis.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks for the Borage, Marty!

Grapevine, TX(Zone 8a)

I will be bringing tubes of hibernating bees that I have been keeping in the refrigerator to hold them over until the RU. I have three of the 74 tube nesting cans from Knox Cellars, in a homemade wooden enclosure which basically looks like a extra wide bird house with an open front but enough of an overhang to protect the cans. The nesting cans come with cardboard tubes with paper liners. The bees fill the tubes with pollen, eggs, and mud which develop over the summer and fall. In the winter you take the filled paper liners out of the tubes and put in fresh liners. This is what I will be bringing, as the number of bees you get typically triples from year-to-year, so I have extra since I had three cans worth last year and don't intend to expand.

There are quite a few websites about making your own houses (the simplest thing is to drill holes in a block of wood!), and you can also make your own liners if you want to be able to clean out the holes between seasons. I went the Knox Cellars route because it is easy and saves a lot of time. :)

Prosper, TX(Zone 8a)

Ilovejesus99 could I get a rain lily from ya?

Does anyone have goat poo??

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Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Has anyone heard from Sybil recently? She's MIA.

(Joy) Hempstead, TX(Zone 8b)

Sandy, got you down for the pencil cactus, I will check and see if I have another curly airplane wanting a new home. Can I have a white rain lily and a narcissus?

I have goat poop, sheep poop, cow poop and horse poop. Even have duck and turkey poop.

Also, I have found some naturalized grape hyacinth growing on the road side and have harvested some for my yard. Anyone interested in some?


Rancho Santa Rita, TX(Zone 8a)

;-) Joy I am singing

"here a poop,

there a poop,

everywhere a poop poop"

Could I pls have some ?

whatever flavor you can spare, or tutti fruiti

thanks, BB

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

Joy you sure can have some Narcissus and rain lilies. I would love some grape hyacinth.

Is it my understanding that goat and sheep poop don't burn your garden?? If so I would love some of either or both. I had my son bury their fish guts and catfish skins in my compost pile. That should be really good for it too.

Colleyville, TX(Zone 8a)

I found 3 little starts of winged loosestrife.Do you still want Stephanietx?

Colleyville, TX(Zone 8a)

Thank you Dennis for explaining!

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks for the new thread!

Sandy....Put you down for Walking iris, butterfly ginger, BC Passiflora
May I get a few lycosis bulbs?

Grapevine, TX(Zone 8a)

I would be interested in some grape hyacinth please, if you have any extra.

(Joy) Hempstead, TX(Zone 8b)

Any manure can burn your garden if it is too fresh, the ammonia will do it. Ruminants tend to be better than non ruminants, since they have several stomachs to extract the most stuff out of the food that they eat.
I will probably scavenge poop the day before we come up, and will work on getting older piles.
BB, too funny, that is the way I feel sometimes.

Got both Sandy and Dennis down for grape hyacinth, I was going to rustle some more this week anyway. VBG Didn't know it naturalized here, it gets lost amongst the bluebonnets.


Prosper, TX(Zone 8a)

rouxcrew could I get some Goat poo from you?

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Anna, yes ma'am! Thanks for thinking of me!

(Joy) Hempstead, TX(Zone 8b)

Sho'nuff, will put it down.

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Dennis, has anyone spoken for the bees? If not, I'm telling my son about them. We've talked about having bees out here at our place for years, but never got further than talking. He's here just about every Sunday afternoon, so they'd be his bees, and I'd be the helper. He works on the F-35, so surely he can figure out bees. hahaha. (with your helpful instruction)

Grapevine, TX(Zone 8a)

I'm not sure how many I will have left by then, but I'll add you to the list. By the way, there isn't much to do to take care of these bees since they are only active for a few months in the spring. Not like honeybees... :)

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Syb...Look up mason bees care and houses on the internet and you will find out how to keep them coming back to pollinate your flowers, etc.

Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

Kate, If you still have some, could I get 2 crookneck squash plants, 2 Malabar spinach plants and a lovage plant?

Stephanietx, I have some LA iris if you would like some and if you get some Strawberry fields, save me a couple. Thanks

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Hutchins, TX

Dennis do you have any extra phlox?

msgrubbyfingers I would like some poo please.

rouxcrew I would take goat poo too or any poo.

Grapevine, TX(Zone 8a)

The phlox is yours, phyllis.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks Marty! If I don't get any soon, I've got plenty of seeds I can share.

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks, Sheila. So, these aren't honey bees?

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Oh, sorry Dennis. I should have "googled" the mason bees before I asked for them. I didn't realise they don't make honey, which is the kind I want.

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

I would like colorful wildflowers, but here I am again, not knowing the names. The space I'm using for them is next to a treeline, facing east, so they will get morning sun.

I would also like some black elephant ears. Catz gave me one last year, and I really liked it. It came up, but couldn't survive the heat.

I will have beautiful cannas, tropicannas, lambs ear to trade/give. Not sure what else.I'll have to see what comes up. I killed/damaged a lot of my stuff with weed killer. I've got to stop believing labels that say you can use their product around shrubs,flowers, etc. Blah! I also have thyme, Mexican Mint and pink phlox.

I would also love a couple of the Huisache, Sweeet Acacia, if anyone has extra.

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Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

Sybram, the cowpen daisies I got at the RU last year were just awesome for me. One tiny plant made this huge "bush" that is still blooming today. It's supposed to be an annual but we did not have a winter this year so mine just kept going. I did not get re-seeding probably because they need stratification and it did not get cold enough here to get them to germinate. I think Cheryl has lots of seedlings so you might ask her. Here's a photo. I think ironweed would look great behind them. I dont have ironweed but probably someone you know, does. I would be using mexican petunia behind them but everyone seems afraid to use those because they re-seed heavily. If you are going to mow around them, the seedlings would not be a problem. They dont have the fluff so they only fall about 5 feet away from the mother plant. If it's on a hill, the rain will wash the seeds down the hill, however. Mine are surrounded by concrete and my beds are heavily mulched so I only get seedlings between my flagstones. Mine are really pretty and they are indestructible. I have pink ones and purple ones. There are white ones too but I dont have any of those. Happy to share and no one has asked for the ones Im offering. The frostweed blooms white and would look great behind the yellow daisies as well. I'll bet Josephine has good ideas to share on this subject.

Syb, I have ageratum or flossflower which is bluish purple. They would also look good with the cowpen daisies.

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(Joy) Hempstead, TX(Zone 8b)

Sybram, I think I have some new Black Magic ee's. I will unpot it tomorrow and make sure how many are in there. It is just now coming back. I would like some lamb's ear if you have some.

Does anyone have a corkscrew vine?

Cheryl, can I have some cowpen daisies? Finally looked at a pic and I am in love.


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Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

I am going to pot up some Cowpen Daisies soon for whoever wants them.

Arlington, TX

There should be plenty of CD then. I will bring enough for you too Joy.

Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

Joy, I'll check and see if my neighbor lost the corkscrew vine in the freeze. If not, I know she will let me have cuttings for you. I will check and let you know. Marty

Arlington, TX

I will take a sample of each type of poo for my compost bed. Not a lot of any as my area is quite small. Who had all the poo anyway?

Arlington, TX

Last time...Is there anyone else who is supposed to get a plant from me that I have not included on this list? I am working on a few of these things and hope no one is disapointed if they don't survive.

Josephine -prairie verbena, coreopsis tinctoria, tahoka daisy

Dennis-prairie verbena, R. hirta

Catz - prairie verbena, R. hirta

Rouxcrew (Joy) - R. hirta, cowpen daisy, tahoka daisy

perkos - cowpen daisy, ice plant

Bajablue - spineless opuntia and heartleaf skullcap

Stephanie-cedar sage and prairie verbena and red star hibiscus and tahoka daisy, sedums(2)

Anna(B) - cowpen daisy, tahoka daisy

Steadycam-ice plant, blackfoot daisy(is a maybe, depends if it survives), tahoka daisy, red TX star hibiscus(I divided up a large one) and spineless opuntia pads


Sheila-tahoka daisy

ilovejesus - cholla

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Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

Cheryl, you are so kind to divide the TX star! Thanks for all the wonderful plants. Marty

(Joy) Hempstead, TX(Zone 8b)

Cheryl, I have all the different poo. Living on a farm provides lots of poo opportunities.


Prosper, TX(Zone 8a)

Joy is there any chance I could get some goat poo from you?

Arlington, TX

Who had peony poppy seeds? I tried to find them online to plant this fall but can't figure out what kind they are. If someone has some could I get a few?

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks Joy. It's a deal..

(Joy) Hempstead, TX(Zone 8b)

I have you down for goat poop perkoschilifarm!

Anyone interested in some Post Oak seedlings? They are popping up like mad. First year in a long time we have had viable acorns.


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