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Spring posies or late spring freeze?

Waddy, KY

Anybody ready for a new thread?

We came from here.


Not too good at this stuff but I figured the thread was getting a little long. Stopped down at my parents for a visit and to see how the garden is coming along. Onions look good. Even those little pencil lead sized ones. Beets and peas are up looking good. Unfortunately so are the weeds. I figure we'll need to get someone in there this week with a hoe for sure. If not it's going to look like hair on a dogs back.

Got to finish up the figures on the taxes. I want them to the accountant this coming week. Done and behind me is what I want.

Dogwoods are blooming in Shelbyville. They usually bloom around the 15th of April. We're just keeping our fingers crossed on this weather.

DD called me from the barn, she was all concerned about a cow that had blood in her milk. I get all the milk and mastitis questions around here since I grew up milking cows. She was sure that bloody milk equalled mastitis and since she lost that cow last fall due to acute mastitis she is a little bit gunshy. Went back there and felt the udder looked at a few streams of milk and deemed her good to go.

Had a good weekend at market. Sure hope next weekend is as good.

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Columbus, OH

Glad your market weekend was good, and next weekend as well!

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

I figured I better check in so I don't get lost. LOL

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Janet, love the title of the thread. We have already seen some posies, but it is not too late for a freeze.

Things are really popping in the GH. DH has some tomatoes that were sown 2 days ago that are popping up. Unbelieveable.

Gonna be working at church this week. DH and I are finishing the kitchen in the new fellowship hall. So not much going on here. We are having a big dinner on Easter Sunday, and the kitchen is only half finished. He is finishing the cabinets, while I do some painting.

Will check in and tell you how sore I get from climbing ladders and painting.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

I'm here too!
Wow...only 41 degrees here this morning...brrrrr!!
Chance of a freeze tomorrow night....hush yo mouth Marcy!!! I didn't say that...the devil made me do it!!!
Everything is out, up, geeezzzz...don't want that!!!
Guess I won't be working outside today tho, unless the wind dies down. Must be blowin about 30 mph here!!!
Did I ever say ...I DON'T like wind????
Ok...there..I said it!
Dave got my iron wheels moved yesterday. I had a sudden vision of where to put them...and they look good. Will have to get a picture of them.
We also got a lot more work done outside in the flower beds.
Things are coming along nicely..just not fast enough for me.
Ohh..have to tell you a story. There was this HUGE plant in one of my flower beds. It looked like clover, but had very large leaves...and just from the shape and size of it...we thought it was a flower instead of a weed. Only thing was..I didn't remember planting it there or know what it was?????
Dave kept saying let it be..and we will see. Well...yesterday, I was working there, and it had some dried stalks coming from it, that I pulled out. When I did that, I smelled white clover! Have you ever smelled that...along the roads or fields??????? Ohhhh...you would never forget it if you have! Such a sweet smell....mmmmmmm...BUT NOT IN MY FLOWER BED!!!!
He started digging it for me...omg...the root was humongous on that thing..and went clear to China!!!! He got it out...but not all of the root...so I imagine it will return! Lordy...I can smell that just sitting here!

Waddy, KY

We've got a ton of white clover in the pastures this spring. Sort of makes for dangerous grazing. We've been turning the cows in the one pasture for just a few hours a day and watching them like hawks for bloat. Some farmers have already lost several head because of it.

Got up to the daylily patch and dug two orders. I figured the way things were going that if I wait I could get a freeze on the plants and then have to wait a lot longer and since these were deep south orders they'd be happier if I go ahead and ship vs waiting for the horrible hot summer weather. DH wants to plow some more garden but I'm not sure it's dry enough for a plow. I did get an order of daylilies in myself that I'm going to try to plant tomorrow. And if I get time those trees too. I already have a to do list a mile or two long. Weeds are rampant over there and I've GOT to get the spraying done.

DH called me at work today and wanted to know what the entry in the checkbook for $195 was for. Of course I just wrote down the figure and not who it was too. Do you think I could remember? And on top of that he was badgering me about it and expected me to remember while I was in the middle of reviewing cases and trying to take care of business at work. I sometimes think he thinks I just sit there all day eating bon-bons and chit chatting. He always sounds miffed when he calls and I tell him I have someone in my office and I'll have to call him back. Go figure. BTW, I did figure out what it was when I got home and had a few minutes of quiet to think. You'd think he'd be glad that I wrote the amount down wouldn't ya?

Better get back to my figures. I could be almost ready to hand tax figures over to DH. He's been nagging me long enough....

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening. I am really sad about the weather forecast for those north of us for tonight. We are under a frost warning, but heard where parts of Ohio, Indiana are under a freeze warning. Sure hope you all have enough "covers" to put over anything that will be hurt by it.

Janet, I don't see how you are planting, or even thinking of plowing a garden. We had so much rain on Friday that it is still too wet to do anything. Well people say always state workers are just there to draw a salary. I surely wasn't one who was lucky enough to have a job where you got to do nothing.

Hehe, it is always me asking DH what he wrote the check for. At least you put it in the register, most times DH just tells me about it later, or when I find it in the bank statement.

Marcy, count yourself lucky if white clover is all you have in the flower beds. I have chick weed, and it is all over. I sprayed with round up last week, and it isn't killing it fast enough for me, so I sprayed again today. DH doesn't like me to use RU, and he mowed today, and came in and said" You have been using Round Up haven't you? Well, just for your information, you killed a day lily with it." I know that it probably drifted over, but it will recover.

~~~~ to everybody else.

Columbus, OH

My nemesis is ground ivy. I hate it with the heat of a thousand white-hot suns.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Celene, if you had the heat of a thousand white hot suns, you wouldn't have ivy or anything else either.

I really don't understand how one weed disappears and the next year you have a different kind. Last year I didn't have one speck of chick weed, the year before that was dandelions, I have had the clover, and crab grass. One year, I had an invasion of the little violets. But it is always something different. I guess variety is the name of that game.

When we built this house, our yard was a pasture and we had thistles. We have (I think) finally won that battle. Had to have a talk with our neighbor, as she was from Virginia and worked in DC, and she thought the blooms on the thistles were pretty, and she had instructed the yard people to let them grow. So after she started cutting them, it did help our problem. Some people hate dandelions in the yard but they only bloom for a short while, so they don't really bother me. DH tilled up our whole yard last year (cutting the wire for the electricity to my garden shed) sowed it all in a good grass, and he was expecting a lush green lawn, but he has the same number of weeds in it this year, and maybe more, than he did last year. I told him to get over even thinking about having a perfect lawn. As long as it is green and grows he should be happy. With an attitude like that he needs to live in town in a very exclusive neighborhood. We are farmers, for gosh sakes.

Waddy, KY

As long as there's an open field nearby there will be weeds.

No frost here this morning that I can tell.

Bonnie, Harrisonville only got 2 tenths of an inch from at least last Wed. to now. Daylilies dug pretty well last night.

Better get hopping. Got to get the breads out of the oven and get somebody washing on those daylilies.

Everybody, have a good day.

Columbus, OH

Darius, I have regular ivy around and under a maple tree in front of the house, and I like it very much. It is taken from cuttings from my father's ivy, it reminds me of him. It grows in a place where I don't care if it spreads--much like my variegated aegopodium, it grows under some ugly yews where only moss and ground ivy would grow before.

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

hello, things are blooming down here. Dogwoods, crabapple, cherry, tulips and even old fashioned iris are out in full force. The hybrids are always behind.

Washing dls are you filling orders Janet? I am not shipping any out until we get back from Fl.
After Easter.

Have a great day,

Thumbnail by bluegrassmom
Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Gosh Teresa, I have the old fashioned Iris, and not a one blooming yet. Guess it is just as well as the frost/freeze warnings are supposed to be all this week.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Good morning!
Yayy...no frost that we could see..or damage! Yes it got cold, but the wind was up pretty good all night, so I think that saved us!!
Tonight is supposed to be even colder I think. Then a warm up again.
I did bring in a lot of things..but of course there is a lot I couldn't bring in too.
Still very windy out there...but if that keeps away the frost...so be it!
Bonnie, believe me...I have other weeds besides clover. That one particular one was just amazing! It looked like a plant on steriods. I should have gotten a pic of it!
I have chickweed too...and don't like that either!
Well..think I will try and do some windows today, since I can't take the wind outside, and it's only supposed to get to 60 today...still too cool for me! I knowww...I'm a wuss...LOL!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Wow, that's a good crop of iris! I've only got one blooming, and it opened up today. We got down to 34 last night. My snakeshead fritillaria are up & opening, as are the little anemone sylvestris, along with a yellow wood poppy. I got a 6 pack of broccoli I'm going to plant this week.

I've been reading up on the World Choir Games that are going to be in Cincinnati this summer. They have tons of different choirs and competition categories for just about everything-- including classical,sacred, folk music, gospel, jazz, and even barbershop! My problem is that I want to go to just about every session. They're scattered around CIncinnati and northern KY in some pretty cool places, too. Aronoff Center, Christ Church Cathedral, Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, School for Creative & Performing Arts, and the Cincinnati Masonic Center (which I've never seen).

OK, I'm going back to the taxes so I can get them over and done with!

Waddy, KY

Amen Pat. I applaude your dedication to taxes. I'm almost finished but don't want to get back on them.

Got 4 fruit trees planted this afternoon. 3 more to go. Didn't get the box of daylilies planted though. I plan to send DS down to the garden to hoe out othe onions. That should go over like a lead ballon. That is if it doesn't rain. I really wish it wouldn't this time around. The ground is almost dry enough to get something done.

Pat I bet some of those places would be as interesting architectually as the choirs themselves. Hope the competition isn't too expensive and you can go to as many as you'd like.

Teresa, iris looks good. Must be something in the weather. I got the Schriner's catalog yesterday. I want, I want. But I just added up what I spend on daylilies last year and I can't, I can't!

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Yes, I have a big plant addiction. I collect dls but also hybrid hosta and iris. I have several newer iris that should be the first bloom this yr. Cannot wait to see them and get some shots. I would like to show again but with this weather so warm I may not have much by the first wk in May :(

I just wish they would last longer. Betty Wilkerson belongs to the my BG iris club and she works with rebloomers. She wanted a few dls so I am trading her for a few of her intros.
Iris intros are cheap compared to dls newbies.


Columbus, OH

I got some Iris rhizomes in a co-op three years ago, and I got no blooms the first year, some blooms last year, and I'm hoping to see at least some blooms on all of the plants this year. I also have tons of regular old NOID purple iris from my mother's house.

Waddy, KY

I've got to do something with that darned iris catalog. I caught myself looking at it today on break and I've got to stop. Just throw it away. Maybe I can do it.

Got the other three trees planted this afternoon. And the box of daylilies. We only got a couple drops of rain. Less than a tenth. At least that much is done. And I sent DS down to weed the onions. I'd intended for him to hoe out the six rows but apparently he got that little mini tiller to going. First time it's run in 2 years.... I guess as long as he can keep it running it won't matter that he tilled in my Treflan. At least I hope it doesn't. He said they look good. We've got to get the big tiller in the peas but I think they probably got a good rain this afternoon. I should have taken off yesterday and planted potatoes. Oh well. Maybe I'll get the rest of them cut up tonight. If I do I'd better get started.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Janet, yep, throw the iris catalog away. I have about 14 different varieties, I know not near all of them, but if you want, I can dig and divide some for you this fall, and share so that will sort of calm the longing.

Had a good mini get away to the casino yesterday and last night. Of course money didn't follow me home, but it was good to spend some time with my DTS. The food was great, and we had a great room, and cash for the slots, all compliments of the casino. So a good cheap get away, that is if you don't count what I poked into the hungry slots.

Stopped at the grocery on the way home, so got all my Wednesday errands done too. Mr. B was glad to see me, and has been the "velcro dog" all afternoon, never leaving my side.

Waddy, KY

I surely have plenty of iris. It's just that disorder that so many people have when it comes to plants. I want them all.

Got 50 pounds of potatoes in the ground. That makes us a fourth done. We ought to have 10-12 rows left. Somebody who shall remain nameless was going to have that old tobacco setter up and running so we could use it to plant potatoes but sure enough, it's still sitting out there behind the barn and that nameless person had things to do this afternoon. I sure hope I find a way to get him involved before this little escapade is finished. He did get some ground plowed for garden at Harrisonville so I'll have a place for the summer crops. I've never really raised a garden over there. Just a few things and the daylilies so it will be interesting. It does grow pretty good peppers and okra.

The lottery is up to 500 million. I sure hope the dollar I put in the supervisors pot or the dollar I put in in another co-worker's pot does something. If the supervisors won I'm afraid there'd be a mass exodus and I'd be leading the charge!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Janet, DH and I are buying tickets too. I guess if I win, I will have to give the church their 10%, and while I hang my head and explain that the money has been in the devil's hands long enough, and that is why I bought the ticket, to get some to the church! Does that sound convincing?

DH went out and planted some peas and some onion sets. He didn't buy any potatoes yet, and the moon is right to plant until the end of the 31st.

If you change your mind on the iris, LMK, I won't dig before they bloom, but afterwards, I can part with a few.

Teresa how is you sister doing? You haven't said for awhile.

Our regular preacher is going to start preaching again, and called me last night to ask if I would help with communion on Sunday. Sure hope that I don't trip and spill the liquid portion of it. P.S. I am not wearing heels!

DH fished all day at Taylorsville lake, and he had some tales to tell, but very few fish. Got stopped by the Water Patrol for an inspection, but before they could do the inspection, they took off chasing a boat who was going really fast in a no wake zone. When he got home and was putting the boat away, discovered he was short a life jacket. So good that someone deflected the Water patrol's attention, or he would have been fined.

Janet, I think that nameless person lives here at least part time!

Columbus, OH

The Ohio lottery is pretty high, too--DH said he was going to buy a couple of extra lottery tickets. If I win, I promise to stimulate the economy with that greenhouse addition and plant purchases. :)

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Bonnie, I had a minister friend who, years ago, when the lottery had gotten to 3 million for the first time ever (and this was when 3 million was a lot of money, LOL) began his sermon by holding up his ticket and reading off the numbers. Of course he hadn't won, but it made a great transition to a sermon about the nature of hope.

I'm grumpy because I went out to dinner with some friends & family, some of whom had too much to drink and raised their voices arguing abt things that don't really matter. And when I put my hand out in a gesture of "keep it down" one of the noisemakers rebuked me, sharply. And I am steamed about it.

Bought an outdoor recliner yesterday. I cussed a lot putting it together, but it's really comfortable. It's in the living room right now. It might make it out to the porch sometime.

I ordered 2 abutilon (flowering maple) that arrived today. One is called Voodoo and has deep red flowers. The other is abultilon megapotamicum and has a red and yellow combination bloom. Here's what they look like.

I have a lot of columbines starting to leaf out. No sawflies---yet--- but I'm looking everyday.

Strawberry plants from last year are blooming.


Waddy, KY

Pat, how is it when people are making donkeys out of themselves it's you that becomes the bad guy? You're too straightlaced, a prude, "loosen up a little will ya?" when they're the ones in the wrong. There's nothing wrong with having manners and you were in the right. All you wanted was for all of you to have a good time and for the folks sitting next to you to have one too without being annoyed by the good time your table was having. I see nothing wrong with your behavior and lots with theirs.

Going to be pretty funny if that recliner moves in and out of the house with the seasons! LOL! And why shouldn't it if it's that comfortable? We buy that sort of stuff to enjoy and you might as well enjoy it as much as you can. And I know what you mean about putting stuff together. I absolutely hate it. I need everybody to go away while I'm trying to figure out the instructions. Somebody talks to me.... I can't think.

That's one of the many problems at work right now. They have our cleaning crew in the pod next to me at work. When they're not working, which appears to be at least 3 hours out of the 8 they're in the building, they're congregated in the pod yacking and making phone calls. It's absolutely driving me batty. There are days I could just scream.

I know if I won the lottery I'd be debt free. First thing I'd pay off my mortages and then I'd put enough away that I could live comfortably. Then I'd spend the rest. Somebody would get some. I'm not sure if my individual church would get it our one of the charatible organizations run by the diocese. There are places that my home church spends it's money, that I think is a good bit frivilous when there are lots of people in need but maybe I'm overthinking the whole thing. Makes no nevermind, I've got to win it first.

Yes, Teresa, how is your sister?

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, it is sort of overcast here, but haven't heard the weather, so don't know if we are in for some rain or not.

Doesn't matter, I will be working inside today, so unless the roof leaks, I will be fine.

Pat, I agree with Janet, you saw the potential for a big argument, and was trying to difuse it, so that everybody could have a good time. Nothing wrong with what you did, I probably would have done the same. I can't stand arguments, much less in a public place. That would be like saying my plans are to go out to eat and have a big argument tonight. Not something most folks would do! Oh, with that steak, could you serve up a portion of argument, well done? hehe.

My lilacs are in bloom, so since I let all the daffys go without bringing any inside, I am cutting a bunch for my enjoyment inside.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

My next door neighbors have a couple lilacs right on the property line, so I get to enjoy their wonderful perfume just by opening the window. I wouldn't mind adding some of my own, too. If I won the lottery, I'd for sure pay my debts & share with others-- and then I'd order a truckload of lilacs, LOL.

I checked the radar a couple hours ago, since we have storm warnings. It was 83 in Louisville, and 40 in Cleveland. That's one heck of a front coming through.
I appreciate the support abt what happened last night. Today I'm thinking that if someone hadn't been behaving childishly to begin with, then I wouldn't have had to go into adult mode. (It wasn't my son, BTW). I do realize today that it reminded me of when my ex-hubby used to overindulge, and that's why it irritated me so much. I'm going to stick to my teetotal ways!

Guess I'll go out and see what's blooming today.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Pat, I can't stand to be around those who drink to excess. Seems their knowledge grows in proportion to the amount they drink, or so they think! I don't think there is anything wrong with a glass of wine with a meal, but it holds no allure for me. I am stupid enough without it.

I worked at church today for about 4 hours. I am painting the kitchen and organizing new cabinets. I will go early in the morning, and finish the painting, then DH will come help me with the heavy stuff, and then I will clean the floor and it will be finished. It certainly needed it, and we had talked about it, but we had trouble getting everybody together on the same day to do the work. So I got tired of having to postpone it, so I just went and did it myself. I am sure that there will be several who will say, "why didn't you call me, I would have come and helped?" Yes, but we have planned this on and off for 3 years, and it hasn't happened yet. I have been patient, at least for me, and when my patience runs out, I will either do it, or hire it done.

Pat we are hearing severe thunderstorm warnings for southern Indiana, and they say that some of the counties of Northern Kentucky could get some of the storms. But so far, nothing here.

Janet, DH went and bought the seed potatoes, and I helped cut them up and he basically had his brother help him plant them. This was after I had come home from church, and I was too tired to even wiggle. I would have cut them a couple of days before, but what do I know? He does it his way, and if it doesn't work, then wonders what he did wrong.

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

Bonnie , the games over now. Has your blood pressure returned to normal yet?

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Yes, it has. I did have to take a walk outside during the game. Was gone about 6 minutes as it got too close, and it really really upsets me, as DH is hollering, and you would think the players could hear his instructions to them.

I don't know whether I can stand the Monday night game or not. I am really not a sports fan, other than a University of Kentucky fan.

Went to church this morning, and finished the painting of the kitchen. DH went with me, and helped to move all the heavy stuff back. While he was putting things away, I washed all the counters down, and we have a pretty new looking kitchen now.

Have to tell you a funny. I took Mr. B to church with me, as he likes to scout around outside when I am in there working. I always leave the door open, so that he can come check up on me when he wants to without me having to go to the door. DH was painting in a really tight spot, and set the paint pan on the floor. Mr. B was behind him, and in order to get around him, he walked through the paint pan, and trailed paint all over the kitchen, and then through the fellowship hall. Of course with a wet cloth, it came right up, but it wasn't funny until we were on the way home. I told him that I had heard of "yellow dog democrats" before, but as far as I knew had never actually seen one. BTW the paint is a very light yellow! Being raised in this household, he has no other persuasion than to be a democrat. So Pat, maybe a sermon in there somewhere, like be careful where you step? Or footprints you leave behind? Or being cautious with whom you walk? Anyway, my mind is doing silly things now, but surely there is some moral there, or a sermon topic or something. Maybe the moral is: Don't take your dog to church, especially if you are painting.

Columbus, OH

All of you RU folks should want a Plectranthus ernstii. I have at least 20 of them now. lol

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

My Friends I have some tough news.
And there is no way to sugar coat this.

Sue (Taynors) eldest daughter Jessie is dead.
You will remember her from the RU.
You may have been seeing news about a murder investigation in Covington.
I'm so sad to say it was her.

Sue told us a bit earlier on ATP.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Sue, I am so very very sorry for you and your family. What a horrible thing to go through for you all. I pray for Jessica's soul.
Please know that Dave and I's thoughts and prayers are for you all.
Big hugggs for you. ((((((((((Sue))))))))))

Columbus, OH

I can't even imagine. *hugs* I will keep your daughter and your family in my thoughts.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

I talked to Sue for about an hour.
She and the Family are doing about as well as can be expected.
We offered to come up but she's dealing w/ it and said maybe later.
She appreciates all the Wishes, Hugs and Prayers.

I have her Address and if you would like it please DMail me and I'll send it over.
There will be no service but a Memorial Garden is planned.
We will for sure do something at the RU.


Columbus, OH

Thank you so much, Ric.

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

That is horrible. The story popped up on my news feed late last night and after I read it, I told Craig that is where Sue lives. Then I hoped I was wrong about the name I'm so sorry to read this and really disgusted by what I read. No punishment is enough for those punks.

Tell Sue I'm thinking of her and sending thoughts and prayers. I cannot imagine what she is going through.

Columbus, OH

I read about the story and didn't make the connection until I read Ric's post on Facebook. I know it's not right, but it was sick and sad when I didn't know who it was, much more horrifying when you know the family.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Ric, please relay my condolences to Sue. I am sadded by this, and I am sure that Sue will have a hard time dealing with it. Keep us posted.

Waddy, KY

My condolences to please. I'd been wondering where Sue was lately and how she was doing. You never expect this sort of thing to happen to someone you know. Let her know we're thinking about her.

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