Calathea and temp's in high 40's

Thomson, GA(Zone 8a)


I live in Ga. We are having days in the low 80's and night's in the mid 50's.Can my calathea plant stand temps if they drop below 50*.?

I just have had a hard time finding much info on this plant.The leaves are just kind of doing their own thing,is there some kind of pruning I'm suppose to be doing.When i bought the plant i thought it was a low growing plant and the leaves grew in kind of a circular pattern.I must have a different variety.

Also does anyone have an opinion or any advice about putting my prayer plant out.I have kept it inside so far and am wondering if it should go outside in the shade?Can it take the heat of our summers.Already having problems with brown,dry tips on the Maranta AKA prayer plant.

Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!
The first pic is my prayer plant and the rest are the calathea

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Over here in UK these are very popular house plants as I am sure they are in loads of places and I always envy folks who can grow these outside, even just for a few months in summer.
They need a winter temp of 10c- 50 f, but will be ok for a short while below this.
The need potting in fresh compost every year as they deplete the compost in that time, they like a compost with a little peat added. Best time to re-pot is June July, keep the compost just moist in winter but feed a liquid feed every couple of week in summer, stop feeding about September and begin again March / April.
Make sure the pots have good drainage and also they need shaded areas because direct sunlight will either change the leaf colours OR burn the tips/edges of the leaves, there are several different plants in this family, all have similar markings on the leaves but the treatment is much the same.
The broader leaf types are usually called Calathea Makoyana and the type with the longer leaves are Calathea Insignis

Hope this helps you a little to understand your lovely plants. WeeNel.

Thomson, GA(Zone 8a)

Thank you very much for the information,

I was at lowe's not long ago and found another variety and couldn't help or stop myself.Do you by any chance know what variety of calathea the 2 plants are? My new one has very large leaves and the under side is such a pretty purple. I posted pictures of the 2 plants the first one i bought is taller with smaller leaves.They are beautiful plants but hard to ID which variety each is.

Thank you very much for the help and advice,i really don't want to loose them from ignorance of their grow habits and likes and don't likes.


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