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Above-Ground Runners vs. Below-Ground Runners vs. Clumpers?

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

Is there a FAQ, thread, sticky post or website that lists aroids and their spreading habits? I have several new alocasias and colocasias, as well as a few others I'm thinking about purchasing. Would like to know how/if they "move" when deciding where and how to plant. It would be nice if there was a list to consult which said whether the aroid was an above-ground runner, below-ground runner or a clumper. I can't be the first one to need this.


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Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

there are several people here that have alot of practical experience with EE..
also ive gleaned alot from lari ann garner over there is extrememly
knowledgable with aroids of many types..and does alot of hybridization too..
she has many posts here..ive asked questions of her..and she is super helpful!!
good luck..
you do know aroids are addictive.. collecting that is.. :)

noonamah, Australia

Alocasias are clumpers. But some Colocasias are clumpers and some are runners (usually above ground), even within the same species. They've been bred for so long for so many different characteristics.

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

While Alocasias are generally "clumpers", some will produce what i'll call "running corms", where a small corm forms at the end of a thin runner that goes some distance from the mother plant. These corms will stay dormant, sometimes for years, and then result in a plant appearing suddenly. My view of them is that the plant forms them as insurance for the future, in case conditions are unfavorable for a while, and then turn favorable after a few years. The corms then sprout and the plant continues.

Aroidia Research

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