any RU this year?

Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Hi everybody - I'm back!! Life does get in front of you sometimes, do it not!

I am not planting any broccoli this spring due to this weird heat. I did get my toms and peppers started back in February so they are about ready to go in the ground. Maybe plant some in November?

How is everybody? Isn't it time for a Round Up?


Lula, GA

Hi, Sterling, there has been some mention of a RU. Still in the works, I'm guessing!

It would be great to see everyone again.

And yes, it is very warm............ my blossoms are not lasting very long or they are competing with the leaves, like on my cherries- and my viburnums are fading quickly, a shame because they are so fragrant and I would love to smell them a bit longer! Daffs............ too soon gone!

Brenda B

Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

same here - I had such a big show of color from the spanish hyacinths and they usually last a couple of weeks but they are getting cooked. Azaleas are not lasting so well either. Daffies came and went!

Dahlonega, GA(Zone 7b)

round em up......

I'll try to join in.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Sterling, you're just too fast for me. Since you brought it up here's where I'm at RU-wise...

We are open to hosting a Georgia RU again. We enjoy doing it and love that all of you have enjoyed sharing Maypop with us (rustic though it may be). We are available to host the later part of June. DD is getting married the end of July and part of the post-nuptial doings involves a whole weekend of shindigging in the N. GA mountains. We are committed to other things until late June. We are probably talking about June 23rd.

I've not put a formal invite out because we're talking about plans three months away. I am so busy with wedding planning and don't want to appear a bad hostess by not micromanaging RU threads this early. But, if you would like to do it again at our place, we'd be thrilled to have all you Georgia DGers, and a few of the honorary Georgia DGers back again. Hope you see this Linny.

Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Great! My friend Bonnie also keeps asking. I already have some nice things, comfortably settled in pots so just say when. Wedding are such fun! Well, for the people who do not have to work all the details that is! Maypop is such a cool place!

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I'll put an official invite up in mid-April. We're looking forward to seeing everybody.

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