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vine ideas?

Dodge City, KS

I want to use a small dead tree as a trellis for a vine. I prefer a fragrant flowering one, non-evasive but fast growing. Any suggestions?

Mobile, AL(Zone 8b)

Hi, Dodge, I'm doing it on my R.I.P.(I Hope) Bamboo. I am planting Annuals, Thumbergia, Red, White and Blue Morninglorys, night blooming Moonflowers. Scarlet runner peas & because this year I have a lot of them, our native Passion Flower~ Passiflora Incarnata.There is a lot of yellow Honeysuckle headed that way, so If it gets to the meeting on time it is more than welcome to join in. All for less than $15.00. None of the group wants anything like fertilizer~deadheading~weeding~ but the Passiflora and it can have any pot it wants. A whole lot cheaper than the over $800.00 to have a tree service get that Bamboo out of the ground.

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Gilmer, TX(Zone 8b)

A nicely behaved noninvasive vine, Clematis is a beautiful option. It is a blooming fool and will come back year after year. However, it is not fragrant.
What about Jasmine? That is fragrant but not sure about how well behaved Jasmine is, or whether it comes back each year.
I would avoid honeysuckle as it is quite invasive. Ditto for wisteria and trumpet vine.

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

There are several fragrant clems. Sweet Autumn, 2 different rectas are fragrant and maybe someone else will chime in as to others, (sorry can't think of them at the moment, naughty me,lol).
Vines that are a problem in warmer areas of the country may not be a problem in colder areas, check with your local Extention Office listed in the government pages of the phone book, (under co. govmt).
Tori are you a zone 6, here in my zone 6, wisteria will grow but take a while to establish, trumpet vine is not that bad either. So like I say, find out locally. Personally, I just bought 6 honeysuckle vines (very fragrant), love em.
Fragrant varieties;Of those listed above the moonflowers and the Jasmine are fragrant, the rest aren't. Lathrus..sweet peas (the annuals), tho not the perennial variety. Many climbimg roses are fragrant, check out the web site for or might be for climbers or ramblers).

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