Ruby-Throat Hummingbirds Vol. IV

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

I'm among the very first to see R.T Hummingbirds migrated back North from their wintering home down South. Yesterday was my first sighting. I saw a male on my honeysuckle vines. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo for by the time I returned with a camera, he was gone. I didn't see one today, but I know more are coming.

I did put my nectar feeder up last several weeks anticipating their arrival, but like I stated above, the 1st arrival prefer the 'natural resources' of the honeysuckle blooms. There are other blooming flowers to welcome these beautiful birds back. So to all the hummingbird enthusiasts -- Please get ready to welcome their return.

We came from here, last year thread when the birds migrated North.

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Marlton, NJ

Hi Lily, Congrats on seeing a hummer.

I'm confused though. There has already been a thread opened up by MajiA here.

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Pelle, it's my confusion, not yours. Please pardon everyone. Let's stay with MajiA's lead. I'll continue to post my hummingbirds sighting over there.

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