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Maybe a broken leg?

(Zone 6b)

I'm starting to wonder if this chicken's leg was broken instead of a spinal or brain injury. I just gave her a bath because she had some bathroom issues, you can imagine a chicken laying down for a week. One of her knees, for lack of a better word, is about twice the size of the other one. She still cannot stand but makes gallant flapping efforts to try every hour or so. She is a courageous little thing.

I even took her to the vet and he gave me injections for her for a spinal injury. He may not even have notice her leg.

Well, anyway she is still alive. I still give her water and food with a syring, no needle of course.

If it is a broken leg will it heal on it's own? Geeze.

Thumbnail by Light_for_Jesus
(Zone 6b)

No, I take it back. It is about five times as large as the other one.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

poor baby. I have no clue

(Zone 6b)

It seems strange doesn't it if she hit her head on the top of the cage, that is would have broken her leg? Unless she broke her leg when she fell.

Both of her feet seem to be paralyzed, but she has the ability to move at least one of her legs back and forth sideways. She may have injured her "knee" from all that motion, hitting the container she is in.

After her bath I halfway filled the container with shavings so she will be more comfortable.

Richmond, TX

Poor little girl, I hope she heals.

(Zone 6b)

Thanks Porkpal.

I fed her some malt-o-meal this morning because it was something that would soften and pull up in the syringe. This afternoon I was reading they like sour cream and molasses, so I tried that. She seemed to perk up after that. So I put a bowl of chicken feed in there and she started eating like she was starving. I hope that is good news.

I'm going to take her with me tomorrow to Amarillo, so I can make sure she is getting water. Not sure if I want to take her back to the vet or not. I might. It is an option.

I also read that someone soaked their chicken's leg in epsom salt and it helped them. I may try that tonight. She is such a sweet little thing.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Having had a similar experience, what I found helped was to get the chicken into something that allowed them to move their legs without having to support any weight. I made a cardboard sling, that kept the bird upright, and let the legs dangle. The back was open at the bottom so they don't accumulate poop, and the food and water were at chest level in front of them. Sounds more complicated that it is, it really wasn't difficult. Maybe you could find some way to get her off the ground, and in a more natural position.
Can't hurt, might help :)

Is your Vet an Avian Vet, or even familiar with chickens? I asked my primary Vet if she'd treat a chicken, and her response was "Not if you want it to live". She said the same for rabbits :(

Still, she did agree to let me research and bring her articles on chicken medicine, and would be willing to prescribe from that.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

didn't someone here last year make a cart of sorts out of lego blocks for a chick that was having difficulties walking?????

Richmond, TX

I think that was smedgekles (sp?) son.

(Zone 6b)

Update, Chicken Chloe is able to hold her head up occassionally, and has her feet under her with limited balance. It is an improvement from her prior stance of feet sticking straight out in front.

The vet gave her Baytril after seeing her joint, but has little hope she will ever walk. He suggested that she be put down.

I give her water and food with a syringe, but she eats some chicken scratch on her own too. She is definitely a fighter.

Richmond, TX

Could you suspend her from the top of her coop with a sling much like is occasionally used with horses?

(Zone 6b)

I would try it if I knew how Porkpal. Sure would.

Wish you could see her right now sitting on my carpet in the living room, feet under her, not falling over, and eating chicken scratch. Peeping. There is hope. If my batteries were charged in my camera, I'd do a video. It is really amazing after where she has been.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

The chicken I spoke of is now doing fine. I'm pretty sure it was Marek's, but as I said, keeping him upright and off his feet, while still being able to eat and drink seems to have allowed him to recover. He went through a later issue with apparent blindness,(possibly also Marek's related) which has also resolved.
Both took time. I think he was seperate from the others for over a month the first time, and two weeks the next.
I'm always amazed at just how much they can survive :)

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

happy to hear she is doing better LFJ

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