My delphiniums are up and growing - what next? Part Two!

Wanganui, New Zealand

Who sprays their delphiniums? What with?

Delphiniums attract few pests and diseases. Some folk have problems with army caterpillar and slugs can be a problem early in the season, but neither of these pests are likely to devastate the plants entirely. Careful inspection for caterpillars in the spring can prevent the majority of damage from cut worms. If molluscs are likely to be a problem then placing a few slug pellets actually on the crown of the plant in fall and again a couple of times in very early spring should deal to these. Mulching with something sharp like sawdust will help keep them away too. Do remember though, slugs like delphiniums just as much as hostas, which is a lot. Always put slug pellets down before you plant new delphiniums.

Powdery mildew is minimized by keeping the plants well fed, watered and mulched. Remember to give them plenty of space too, so that the leaves have air around them. Warm, humid weather encourages the disease so make a pact with your local weatherman! A healthy New Millennium Delphinium rarely gets powdery mildew. SA sulphur based preventive spray applied when the plants are six inches tall, again when knee high and maybe once more as the flower spike forms will go a long way to preventing powdery mildew

So, who has problems with pests and diseases in delphiniums? What do you do and what would you advise gardeners in your area? Any takers?

Image - New Millennium "Purple Passion"

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