Soaker Hose Irrigation

Lucerne Valley, CA(Zone 8a)

Hi!! I live in the High Desert of So. Cal and use a soaker hose system for my vegetable garden. I see a lot of reference to drip lines, but I use the porous hose that sort of just seeps. All of my raised beds are double dug and heavily amended with home made organic compost. I bury my soaker hose about 4-6" deep in a long slow loop around the bed and I LOVE it! Does anyone else do this? I still need to do a little top watering during high summer (which I do in the early am or evening). I tried the drip type hoses, but found they didn't work well buried (they get clogged- d'oh!). I do use various drippers (I prefer the flag type) for my big garden (Mostly squash and melons) and for much of my landscaping; trees, etc. I couldn't grow anything here if I didn't have drip irrigation. I'd be hand watering from dawn 'til dusk!

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