Poultry leg bands

Batesburg, SC(Zone 8a)

Does anyone have any good DIY ideas for leg banding? I tried the tie strip thingy. The hen got it off of her leg pronto. Not sure what else might work at this point. I just have the one hen to band at the moment, so I hate to spend alot of money.

Bridgewater, ME

go to ebay and look for leg bands for chickens and they have a package of spirals differant sizes and colors in one bag for 4.99 and free shipping.Thats were I got mine.

Richmond, TX

I use zip ties, but you have to replace them as the chickens grow.

Batesburg, SC(Zone 8a)

We had to mark her today. DH found some copper tubing from a water pipe job here at home, cut a band about 3/4"....slit one side, smoothed the ruff edges. It's been on her leg all day long so far. The zip tie, I used one a few months ago....the hen took it right off.

(Zone 6b)

What I want to know is how to get them off.

Richmond, TX

I cut the zip ties off with fingernail clippers.

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