Please Help me save these bromeliads

Manila, Philippines

I love plants but didnt have enough space so i tried "vertical gardening" by putting my potted bromeliads in a wall. For three weeks everything's fine until last week when it started to rain. I didnt know that what i bought is called bromeliad until yesterday when i went to the mall. To make the long story short i googled it and did some research. I found out that bromeliads shouldnt be watered often. I was so shock so i check my potted bromeliads. I saw that the "tank"/ stem collected about half inch water which were stucked into it for about a week now coz of the rain. Their appearance is quite different now from the time i bought them. And that difference is quite alarming. Some have leaves with holes, one "stem" detached from its roots, some leaves seem to shrink in size, some flowers started to dry. Please give me some advice on what to do. Should i replant them? Should i remove them from the wall? If so, how should i arrange them. Thanks!

Id like to post some pics of my bromeliad's appearance now but the choose file button for uploading pictures is colored gray meaning i cnt post any.

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

Try to post on the beginner gardeners forum youll get a lot more help.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

I used to grow bromeliads when I lived in South Florida.

The roots don't like to be wet. South Florida has sand rather than soil, which is perfect for growing bromeliads.

The area between the leaves and the stem should contain water at all times - preferably rain water. Bromeliads are sensitive to chlorine in tap water.

Don't fertilized them EVER! Let leaves and other stuff collect in the leaf axles - it will breakdown and act as a fertilizer.

Having said all that --- some bromeliads are "air plants" - you don't need to care for them at all.

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